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Happy New Year to all our readers

From James Sarles & Lyndah Wells

Freeport, Grand Bahama- Over this past year, Taste of Grand Bahama introduced itself to the virtual world and on the 8th of March 2009, we published our first post.
Taste of GB was far from created that day. It was a vision James had had, numerous years before, and stemmed from his marketing days and love of this Island, Grand Bahama. To date, this year we have posted 292 articles and received numerous comments and ratings, THANK YOU!.
We have all heard stories of Freeport, actually, Grand Bahama and in particular, The West End in it's hey days.
When Stars like Frank Sinatra, recluses like Howard Hughes and past US Presidents Like Richard Nixon, choose to fly over for a decadent weekend of entertainment, Bonefishing or simply to recoup in the penthouse of ones own hotel.
Grand Bahama was a world of opportunity and vibrant happenings, day to day & week to week.
Today Grand Bahama offers something else to a different demographic of people, Second home ownership for those who are wealthy enough to own second, third or fourth homes scattered around the world. But it is also home to a new generation of Grand Bahamians. When I first arrived here in Freeport, It was my first time visiting the Caribbean, I came as a young but relatively well traveled 24yr old girl.
I arrived at FPO International airport at 8pm with 2 other girlfriends. We we here simply, for some R&R and a lot of fun.
The Evening was already too dark to decipher the Island clearly, the only real noteworthy event was that there were far fewer cars on the road than in my home town of London.
We checked into Xanadu Hotel, but with all the excitement we could hardly sleep and therefore stayed up talking on the balcony till the sun came up.
And this was when,I fell in love With this Island.
As the sun rose gently over the horizon there seemed to linger in the air, a misty blue haze, that shrouded even some of the boats that were docked down seven stories below our balcony. The three of us sat on the balcony and an unusual but peaceful aura enveloped us.
To this day I remember the surprise within myself as I started to cry, It was something so beautiful, so unexplained and so unexpected, that it made me, a tough girl from Lagos, Nigeria, who had grown up with 3 older brothers in London, cry like when my father used to leave home for business trips.
But I'll never forget that day and so slowly Grand Bahama took over my heart and won me, and here I am almost 10 years later, married and living here in Freeport, Grand Bahama.
The beauty of Life here for me and a lot of my friends and maybe even you, is that unlike a lot of people who visit or maybe even live here, I truly find this land a one of opportunity, I grew up hard and maybe even a little privileged, but I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Make or Break has been my silent motto since I can hardly remember, Sink or swim. So we make it or we break it, We develop new ideas, new businesses, new plans, and when those that seek some sort of outwardly assistance- for use of a better word- I think, Do it yourself, Don't wait, don't listen to the negativity, Do IT YOURSELF!
And so with the end of 2009 in our sites, I look around our beautiful Island and I smile because I finally see people Doing it For Themselves.,
New businesses opening all around the Island , but not only that, Entrepreneurs that are finally listening to the cry that visitors and resident have been shouting for decades. Treat us like you would like to be treated, customer service! Gives us variety!
Thompson's Deli, Sawyers Food Market, Antoni's Pizza, Italian Specialty store, Magnolia cafe, 196, M15, Basheva Eve designer couture, the reopened Pier One, The Bahamas Weekly, 99/1 catering, Grand Bahama Heritage Foundation, LYTS & other that I haven't mentioned.
I came here as a student, I returned as graduate, I thought I'd never find a job- so I created one, a niche market all of my own- I sell what inherently cannot be bought or retained from another- I sell what only my eye sees, what my heart feels, some people like it, some don't, but that's not a problem- there will always be admirers and there will always be those that don't see your vision.
I would like to thank all those that have encouraged & supported me, have taught & have guided me.
I thank God that he put me on a path that led me here, I didn't see it at the time but He in His infinite wisdom led me here. And so I want to say to all of you that have visited this site since Day One, 8th March 2009, and those who might be reading this blog for the first time because Google accidentally led you here.

Happy New Year, Wishing you ALL the best life can offer in 2010, Remember sometimes things may seem unclear and life may seem to take you to roads unpaved & seemingly risky. But God always has a purpose for our Lives, and if we acknowledge him and let him, Untold opportunities, love & laughter will ultimately follow. BRING IT!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Supermodel of the Bahamas to Open Call in Abaco - January 2, 3

Contestants from Grand Bahama Island at the International Bazaar. Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography

 Nassau, Bahamas - Supermodel of the Bahamas invites residents of Abaco to an Open Call on Saturday, January 2nd and 3rd from12pm until 4pm at the Abaco Beach Resort. Supermodel of the Bahamas is now in its third year and the event is searching for young men, women and children (ages 3 - 21) for their 2010 competition in April 2010. The competition has grown to become the number one Model Search in The Bahamas, and with the event branching into a reality television show in 2008 with JCN network, channel 14, the Model Search has quickly become a favorite show in The Bahamas. The show has been confirmed to begin airing on January 16th on JCN running to the finals on April 24th.

Founder of Supermodel of the Bahamas, OilinSha Coakley says, "The Supermodel of the Bahamas Organization is excited to host our Open Call in Abaco and we can't wait to see the talent there. If you desire to become a contestant, review our details, show up prepared, and call our office before hand if you need further details at 242-325-5288".

Contestants from Grand Bahama Island at the International Bazaar. Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography

 Do you have the looks, the style and grace to become a winner?

In the year 2010 the organization has expanded its event with a Children’s Category, looking to find children ranging in ages from 3 years through to 13 years of age and from 14 through 21 years of age. All individuals will be given the training and the tools to compete in front of seasoned professional judges from New York, Los Angeles, Florida and Jamaica; from agencies like Elite Model Management, and Pulse Models.

The title categories that will be awarded are; “ Little Supermodel Bahamas” which will go to one lucky boy and girl. “ Commercial Model winner” will be given to one male or female with the best voice, looks and personality. “ Supermodel of the Bahamas” will be awarded to one male and female. Supermodel of the Bahamas is the overall title and the winners will be awarded with cash and prizes worth $3000.00, a complete portfolio, representation with OilinSha’s Models & Talent Agency and the opportunity to compete in the “ Top Model of the Universe” competition in Europe.

The overall title winners, Supermodels of the Bahamas will be flown to New York and accommodated in the OilinSha’s Models & Talent agency apartment.


Must be between the ages of 3 to 21 years

Must be Bahamian, or permanent resident * (see bottom note for non-Bahamians)

Bring a comp card or portfolio if you have one, otherwise photos will be taken

No tattoos

Must have smooth skin

Must have a great personality and a great attitude

Dress in fitted jeans and a white or black t-shirt

Girls, no makeup and hair must be pulled in one pony tail (unless short hair) - no weave

Calls for Grand Bahama have already been completed. Nassau dates will be January 2nd, 9th, and 16th at Bally Total Fitness from 1pm to 4pm.

Preliminaries begin in Nassau on March 28th with the finals set for April 24th. Supermodel of the Bahamas wishes to thank The Bahamas Weekly, Lyndah Wells Photography, the International Bazaar, Basheva Eve, the Abaco Beach Resort and SkyBahamas Airlines.

Workshops begin March 15th ; Event Preliminaries are March 28th ; event Finals are April 24th; and are ALL in Nassau, Bahamas.

Supermodel of the Bahamas holds successful open call in Grand Bahama

Supermodel of the Bahamas OPEN CALL in Grand Bahama, November 29th. (Intl Bazaar)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Exclusive Listing- 601 Oceanview, Freeport Grand Bahama

Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty presents OceanView. An Exclusive 3 bedroom 3 bath Listing in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Located on the 6th Floor, This property provides 180 degree view of the Atlantic Ocean with wraparound floor to ceiling windows.
With Private gym, Tennis Court and Swimming pool, OceanView is one of the most desired properties on Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas.
Call 242 351 9081 for further details and viewings.

Freeport Container Port one of 100 busiest

Director of the Freeport Container Port Godfrey Smith said the company has excelled among the top 100 busiest container terminals in the world, during the 12 and a half years it has been in existence.

The port is moving to add to increase is size with the construction of a new building.

"Today, the terminal is around four times its original physical size of some 12 hectares, with three times as many cranes and more than 12 times as many team members with payroll expanded around $3M to as high as $31M annually," Smith said.

His comments came at a dedication ceremony for its new amenities building, which was named in memory of the late Gregory Rodgers.

CEO Gary Gilbert noted that the building is the heart of FCP operations.

"As we look to the future, we are hopefully going to see this place doubled as we also bring in the mega ships from MSC, our great partner. We are so fortunate to have 56 feet of water making us the deepest harbor in the hemisphere. This is a wonderful thing."

Prior to the construction of the building, employees had to work from different locations on the FCP property, at times utilizing trailers to get the job done. The new structure now allows the divisions of the company to be under one roof.

Human Resources Director Malvese Capron said the company took into consideration that not only did its employees need more room to work, but more room was also necessary for partners like the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Bahamas Customs and Immigration, US Customs and Immigration, the Department of Energy, and its Customers.

"We did not just need more physical space, we needed more secure space with technological capabilities," Capron said. "Within these walls, we have all that and more. This new facility and the team members, who spend most of their waking hours in it, hold the potential to create an even greater payoff of a broadly-based rise in working standards over the longer run."

Merry Christmas From James Sarles And Family.

Jamie Sarles and his wife Marina, author of Sand In My Shoes ( Snorkeling on Christmas Day in the Bahamas.  Its Better in the Bahamas !

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Celebrate New Year's Eve at Sabor - No Admission Fee

Freeport, Bahamas - Enjoy New Year's Eve in style at Sabor Restaurant and Bar. Sabor is now taking dinner reservations for between the hours of 6:00 to 10:30 pm on December 31st. $65 per person (a non refundable $25 deposit is required to secure your spot) Music by DJ President.

Reserve a table by the pool (4 - 6 persons) for $50.

Delicious hors d'oeuvres plates available for $25.

Enclosed is our full New Year's Eve MENU...

VIDEO- Christmas Eve shopping at Sawyers Fresh Market

I've been meaning to post a short video of the various food stores we have on the Island, so today I took my camera out with me as I went to Sawyers Fresh Market to pick up some last minute Christmas items for our Christmas day Lunch. sorry it's a little shaky but i was multi tasking.
Wishing all our readers a Very Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


2010 is the Year for you to Finally Sell your Property

It’s Christmas Eve and this is my last Let’s Talk Real Estate column for 2009. This year has flown by and I can hardly believe that 2010 is only 7 days away.
I appreciate all the feedback I have received from the articles I write each week and I hope in some small way I have helped you with my real estate advice this year.
I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy Prosperous New Year. In the New Year we all will make New Year’s Resolutions, some of which we keep and others which we won’t.
The top New Years Resolutions every year include: Spend More Time with Family & Friends, Exercise More, Tame the Bulge, Quit Smoking, Enjoy Life More, Quit Drinking, Get Out of Debt, Learn Something New, Help Others, Get Organized, AND BUY OR SELL REAL ESTATE TO CHANGE YOUR LIVING CONDITIONS.
As 2010 is just around the corner and if one of your New Year’s resolutions includes selling your home to change your living conditions you probably want to know “How can I get potential buyers to notice my home next year with many similar homes on the market and the current Grand Bahama Real Estate market conditions. That is of course a very good question for 2010. There are many factors to be aware of when you sell your home particularly with market conditions changing.
You must decide on a price, which involves an analysis of properties that have recently sold and homes that are currently on the market. It is useful to get an objective opinion of value from your realtor. Do not list your property at an unrealistic price based on what you want or you think it’s worth. Your opinion and wishful thinking is not what the real market value is in our market.
I think you will all agree many homes are over priced in Freeport and properties just sit on the market for years.
Placing your property on the market at the right price is perhaps the single most important requirement for making your home stand out among local listings next year. Potential buyers will ask the price of your home first and then decide whether it measures up to their requirements. Homes that are priced competitively appeal to qualified buyers and draw a larger response from ads and word of mouth. Avoid overpricing your property! A fair list price will encourage offers that are closer to the asking price, and can even initiate a bidding war if buyers feel the price is right! An attractive listing price will keep your home fresh on the market and safeguard against “seller’s stagnation”.
Once you establish the right price you have to prepare your home before you list it. Get your home into prime showing condition by investing in fresh paint and yard work. If you decide to repaint the interior, choose a neutral palette that will provide a generic background against which homebuyers can visualize their own furniture. Remove all clutter, excess furniture, dust and grime. Repair or replace whatever makes the home look shabby—cracked windows or walkways, sagging porch steps, chipped plaster, missing roof shingles or drawer pulls. Refinish your deck if the wood looks worn or faded. Ask for staging advice from your real estate agent. What most home shoppers want to see are well-groomed landscaping and an immaculate, clutter-free interior. These simple and relatively inexpensive improvements will go a long way in a potential buyer’s eyes.
Homes that are energy-efficient also have a market advantage – they promise attractive savings on monthly utility costs
Next year please be willing to discuss any and all offers with your agent, and be as flexible as possible relative to the terms of the sale. To all the Let’s Talk Real Estate readers I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year where all your real estate dreams become a reality. Until next year.

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Some Personal work, well just one;-)

This beautiful young lady is the daughter of a dear friend, I'd thought i'd post this as i'm finding out that quite a few people are searching me on Google, (you didn't know i could tell but i get alerts, LOL!)
If you want to see more of my work, please go to & of course, I also shoot events, so check out People in Party mode on Sabor Bahamas Facebook page

They have the power!!! (and all my money!)

The Power company annoys me, The monopoloy they hold on this Island, is one till this day I'm still finding hard to reconcile, especially in the year 2009. I cannot say I have ever had a pleasent experience there, afterall who would smile after being robbed. But I digress, Here's an update on what The Grand Bahama Power Company are planning for the new year- incase you're interested- We are hoping that lower bills will be part of this schedule.

By Scott Armstrong ~ Guardian Business Editor
Freeport, Grand Bahama- Completing a "historic" $12 million contract and investing nearly $4 million promises an energetic start to 2010 for the Grand Bahama Power Company Limited, its new president and CEO has said.

In his first interview since moving to the island for his new post, Alan Kelley outlined a number of projects which were expected to come to fruition next year, enhancing the company's performance and making life better for its 19,500 customers

These included:

*Moving to the company's new $2 million headquarters in downtown Freeport in mid-February 2010.

*Completing the $1.8 million creation of a 69,000 volt transmission loop which will mean improved reliability for customers.

*Completion in the second quarter of 2010 of the $12 million contract to provide a new power supply to the $4.9 billion Ginn Sur Mer development.

*Exploring the feasibility of wind power with data to be examined next year.

Kelley said: "Essentially the plan for 2010 is more of what we have done in 2009, which has been to take what has been a substandard service and turn it into one that is reliable and of a high-quality.

"Our new $2 million headquarters serves a number of purposes. It will improve the efficiency of our product for the customers as all our services will be centralized in one location. This is not only beneficial from a business standpoint but in our efforts to become good corporate citizens, it was the right thing to do.

"We have taken what was an eyesore for the downtown area and transformed it into a something Freeport can be proud of."

That new headquarters is the transformation of the former Gulf Union Bank building after 15 years of sitting derelict in the heart of downtown Freeport, located on the corner of Pioneers Way and East Mall.

Space currently rented from The Grand Bahama Port Authority for the downtown payment centre and administrative offices in the Lucayan Building will be used to accommodate the consolidation of The Grand Bahama Port Authority.

Last November, Grand Bahama Power Company Limited and Ginn Sur Mer signed the historic $12 million dollar contract for the twenty two mile 69 kv transmission line.

The $4.9 billion Ginn resort includes 4,400 condominium and hotel units centered around an18 story icon tower, residential homes, bungalows and the western hemisphere's largest man made mega-yacht marina.

Kelley said: "We expect the Ginn line to be complete by the second quarter in the year, maybe as soon as April, and that will be a milestone for us. That has been a major undertaking and already the infrastructure for 1,000 new homes is in place, and it will provide for all the homes when the project is finished.

"That will also make life so much better for customers in the Eight Mile Rock constituency which will benefit from a more reliable service."

The new line has seen new tubular steel and spun fiberglass poles installed and built to withstand 150 mph hurricane strength winds.

The company has also entered into a partnership with Emera Inc. on a wind data project for the Grand Bahama Island. In all, important

data about wind energy will be collected from five sites, East EndMcleans Town; Dover Sound; GBPC Communications Tower at High Rock; GBPC Communications Tower at Holmes Rock and Freeport Container Port.

Some of the results from the 12 to 18 months project will be known next year, and the power company is also in discussions about turning methane gas emissions back into power.
Read the Full article HERE

Unique East End art gallery holding Christmas exhibit

EAST END, Grand Bahama -- Adagio Art Gallery, located in the East End Grand Bahama native settlement of Gambier Point, is hosting the Artist Studio Christmas Exhibit through January 18th 2010. This unique exhibit in a unique location showcases artistic works large and small in a wide price range, with a special something for everyone. To make an appointment for a private showing please call the Gallery at 353 4333/727 4333 (cell) or visit

Directions to Adagio Art Gallery, Gambier Point, Grand Bahama:

From the Seahorse Road Traffic Circle travel east along East Sunrise highway for 10.1km/6.3mi to the Cassarina Bridge that crosses over the Grand Bahama Waterway. Continue over the bridge keeping to your left, for 2.4 km/1.5mi until the STOP sign at Grand Bahama Highway.

Turn right and travel along Grand Bahama Highway for 18.5km/11.5 mi to Lucayan National Park. Continue from the Lucayan National Park for 3.5-km/2.2 mi past the colourful Missile Base Library on your right. (END OF BONDED AREA)

Continue straight ahead following a gentle curve to the right for 3.0-km/1.8 miles. Continue past the native settlement of New Freetown until you see the sign welcoming you to GAMBIER POINT.

There are two roads for Gambier Point. Take the second road to the right just past the bus stop. Follow the road, paved, then dirt, right down to Adagio Art Gallery. If you pass a gas station on your left you have gone too far. Turn around and go back to the bus stop, turn left and follow the road to the end.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


As a lot our readers may know, I'm always trying to post interesting events & openings here on our beautiful island of Grand Bahama- So When I got an email alert telling me a Fabulous new resort- NANDANA- had opened in The West End, I was pleased and a little surprised that I hadn't heard of it before. But never the less, in my eagerness to spread the word and possibly attract more visitors here, I posted it up.
However, I received an email from the House manager clarifing details about NANDANA.
Firstly Nandana is NOT a resort. It is a private house, A vacation villa. There is not a group of villas. Rather there are five bedrooms. In one big house. Secondly, the house is not yet open for rental to anyone, It currently is only being used by the owner.
The Manager has promised that "If and when the house becomes available for rental clients I will let you know." So People, stay tuned as hopefully we will have the scoop when it opens, as it looks to be a welcomed haven(heaven?) right here in Grand Bahama.
So please STOP CALLING because he says, "I have gotten a few calls from people asking about hotel reservations and I have had to explain to them, that Nandana is a private estate, not a hotel and that only one group of people can be here at a time. I also had to explain that we are not open for rentals yet.
Once again, to the folks at NANDANA, I have taken down the article so as not to lead more traffic to your site, And can't wait till it's open, the best of luck & Happy holidays!

Grand Bahama International Airport welcomes additional air service

A GIFT FOR YOU. A young passenger, one of 58 passengers on the new Delta direct flight from New York making its inaugural trip to Grand Bahama, accepts a gift from Gary Gilbert, CEO of Grand Bahama Airport Company, Freeport Container Port and Freeport Harbour Company as they arrived on the island.

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama, - Grand Bahama International Airport announces the commencement of additional air services to Grand Bahama Island with the return of Delta Airlines’ Comair from JFK New York, and another Delta affiliate, Atlantic Southeast already providing service from Atlanta.

Atlantic Southeast currently has a presence in Grand Bahama operating two weekly flights between Grand Bahama and Atlanta. Effective Dec 12th Atlantic Southeast commenced daily flights. However, on Dec 26th, Jan 1st and 2nd, flights will be operated by Delta Mainline (MD80) with the following schedule:

5611 ATL- FPO 1000-1210 CRJ700/900 Daily
5610 FPO - ATL 1245 - 1445 CRJ700/900 Daily

Comair will resume services into Grand Bahama on Dec 18th with four flights weekly between Grand Bahama and New York as scheduled below:

6713 JFK - FPO 1100-1420 CRJ700/900 3,4,5,6
6668 FPO - JFK 1500- 1835 CRJ700/900 3,4,5,6

Gary Gilbert, CEO of Grand Bahama Airport Company, Freeport Container Port and Freeport Harbour Company said, “These two destinations have always been special to the tourism success of Grand Bahama and the Grand Bahama Airport Company is pleased to welcome the return of Delta to the island and the services from Atlanta and New York”.

WELCOME.  Gary Gilbert, CEO Grand Bahama Airport Company, Freeport Container Port and Freeport Harbour Company, welcomes Captain Gene Johnson and the crew of the Delta flight making its inaugural trip to Grand Bahama with over 50 passengers.  Left to right are Phil Carey, Director, GBAC; First Officer Thomas Richardson; Flight Attendant Crystal Wight; Debbie Huyler, Manager Tourism Services and Ports of Entry; Flight Attendant Kim Domokos; Sherry Brookes, GBAC Corporate Affairs Manager; Gary Gilbert; Karen Seymour, Director/Grand Bahama Tourism Office; and Don Cornish, Administrator, Office of the Prime Minister.

The Grand Bahama Airport Company joins in the forward move to re-position and re-claim the island’s competitive edge in the tourism market, and is in collaboration with all other marketing and developmental strategies to attract new services to the destination.

The Grand Bahama Airport Company looks forward to the co-operation that will make this venture a success, as the entire island of Grand Bahama is expected to benefit.

Grand Bahama Airport Company (GBAC) owns and operates the Grand Bahama International Airport, which is situated only 65 miles from Florida and capable of handling the largest aircrafts in the world. GBA is a joint venture between the Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Group and the Grand Bahama Development Company.

HPH, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL), is the world's leading port investor, developer and operator with interests in a total of 49 ports, spanning 25 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australasia. HPH also owns a number of transportation-related service companies.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jack Hayward Sells Freeport Stake

NASSAU (Reuters) - British businessman Sir Jack Hayward said on Wednesday he had sold his 50 percent stake in the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the quasi-governmental authority that runs the second-largest city in the Bahamas.

Hayward did not disclose the buyer of his interest in the privately held corporation that controls much of Freeport, citing a confidentiality clause in the sales agreement. The terms of the sale have also not been announced, but Hayward described the purchasers as having "a real zeal for investment and bringing loads of money into Freeport" in comments to Reuters.

Hayward has been locked in a three-year legal battle with the estate of his late business partner, Edward St George, over claims that he owned 75 percent of the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

The St George estate contends that ownership was split evenly between Hayward and his former partner, a position backed by a ruling from the Bahamian Supreme Court.

The port authority, or GBPA, has interests ranging from property development and municipal services to airport and harbour operations and shipyard concerns.

Government officials were not immediately available for comment on the deal, which Hayward said he had disclosed to Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on Monday.

But he said he was confident the government would not stand in the way of the sale, which could bring much needed new investment flows to the tourism-dependent Bahamas.

"These people should be very acceptable to the Prime Minister," Hayward said of the buyers. "It's probably one of the most exciting investments in the Bahamas' history," he added.

(Editing by Lincoln Feast)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Elegance With an Attitude Rocks Grand Bahama!!!- Photos

Organisers of Elegance With an Attitude L-R: Loren Wells -Madu- Freeport Jewellers, Susan Clegg- Missick of Clegg-Missick Events, Denise V. Smith-Planner, Lyndah Wells of Lyndah Wells Photography

Full house- Guests enjoy complimentary Champagne  hors d'oeuvres whilst watching the Runway shows 

 Full house- An Elegant night filled with spectacular jewelry, fashion and hair show wowed the guests.

L-R: Johnny Wells, Douglas Wells, Loren Wells-Madu- Of Freeport Jewellers

Guests James Sarles with friend

Controversial lighthouse on beer label to be withdrawn

Tribune Freeport Reporter

Photo courtesy of  Larry Myhre - Flickr

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company's owner, James Sands, announced that the controversial lighthouse image on the label of his newly launched beer will be withdrawn and replaced with a new symbol.
When Mr Sands produced and released a second beer called "High Rock" at his brewery in Freeport, he never expected it would cause a stir among some residents there.
The lighthouse in High Rock, which was built by a local pastor, was used as a symbol by the brewery in its label design.

Two weeks ago, Rev Cecil Kemp, pastor of the Lighthouse Chapel in High Rock, and his lawyer Constance McDonald, demanded a public apology from the brewery for using the image of the lighthouse without his permission. Rev Kemp stated that the lighthouse was built as a symbol of a spiritual inspiration in the High Rock community. Mrs McDonald sent a letter to the brewery indicating her client's concerns that the lighthouse symbol on the beer was damaging to the reputation of Rev Kemp and the chapel, which was dedicated to God.
During a press conference held at the Brewery on Wednesday, Mr Sands, accompanied his lawyer Fred Smith, apologised to Mr Kemp.
"When we produced High Rock I never dreamed I would cause any ruckus in the community. Regrettably it has...and I truly apologise to Mr Kemp for putting the lighthouse on the label of the High Rock beer."

"I want to let everyone know it was not my intention of offending anyone in doing so, but we always thought the lighthouse was a landmark of High Rock," he explained.
Constance McDonald accepted Mr Sands' apology on behalf of her client.
Mr Smith said that Mr Sands felt it was the right thing do. He noted that there was no monetary settlement involved in the matter.
"The brewery was prepared to defend this because we did not consider it was libel.
"We are a brewing beer industry in the community and it is Mr Sands' desire to work with the community, and we really did not wish to cause offence, and since it is not that much big of a deal to us, it was a big deal for Mr Kemp and he is part of the community so a decision was made to withdraw the symbol - that's the story," he said.
"No damages were involved, an apology was requested and I think it is fair. We are right now looking at what the new label should be," said Mr Smith.
"I believe we will find something nautical or island-like that will continue to represent the beer produced from pure Bahamian spring water of Grand Bahama."
He also indicated the High Rock beer with the lighthouse label could be considered a collector's item. Mr Sands reported that sales for the new beer are doing well.
"It is a fine quality beer and it is doing very well considering it is only sold in Grand Bahama," he said.
"I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed, but we will adjust and move on," said the brewery owner. The Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company, $15 million investment, opened in December 2007 when it released its first beer, "Sands."
The company launched "A Name that Beer" competition to get residents involved. Sands was the winning name for the first of two beers.
In June 2006, the name "High Rock" beer was the second winning name selected. Ethel Bethel and Garnell Frith shared the cash prize $3,000 for coming up with the winning name.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

VIDEO- Florida Ice Dancer Calendar Shoot -Grand Bahama Island

In September 2009, The Florida Panther Ice dancers flew to Freeport, Grand Bahama to shoot their annual calender at The beautiful location of Garden of the Groves. This video by one of the photographic team shows the models and production team Flying in to Freeport International Airport, Checking in at The Pelican Bay hotel & Having a fun filled evening at Sabor restaurant & Bar. The 2010 calender is now in sale at
See related article

Smith delays filing Farmers Market injunction

Although attorney Fred Smith announced last month that he intended to file an injunction in the Supreme Court to stop the construction of the new Farmer's Market proposed by the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), he said yesterday that he has not yet done so at the request of the Minister of State for Finance Zhivargo Laing.

Smith, who represents a number of persons who own land in the area of the Bazaar, said he was contacted by Laing, who said the GBPA wanted an opportunity to persuade his clients and the community that the chosen location for the market — the International Bazaar — was an appropriate one.

"They specifically asked me if I would hold off while they consider other alternatives," he said.

In the meantime, Smith is proposing that the GBPA seriously consider the open lot of land on the corner of Logwood Road and Grenville Drive as an alternative location.

"It's already paved, it's owned by the GBPA and its smack dab in the middle of all the food distributors, all the water distributors, the juice distributors, right where it should be, not in the middle of a touristic location," Smith said.

He questioned whether the GBPA had fully explored all the potentially negative effects of the Bazaar location.

"What provision are they making for sanitary control and maintenance after? ... Have any environmental impact assessments been done? The conch vendors and the fish vendors- is that where they consider the most appropriate location to be?" he asked.

Smith said in his opinion, the decision of the GBPA to build the market at the Bazaar was not well thought out.

"Why are they spending my licensee money, my service charge money, all the other income they're getting to build a farmers and fish market at the Bazaar where nobody goes anyway because it's a commercial collapse... There's no more hotel there, there's no more casino there, you can't create something out of nothing," he said.

The GBPA recently ann-ounced that they would begin busing customers from the downtown area to the Bazaar for a month. Smith said he did not think it right that the money paid to the GBPA by the residents and licensees of the city of Freeport should be used for such a service.

"Why is it that the Port Authority... is spending money busing people from downtown to the bazaar? Someone should really sue the Port Authority about how and on what basis they're using money that they should be using for developmental purposes, for these commercial purposes," he said.

"I don't pay my fees for them to support other businesses, I pay my fees for them to promote business in Freeport so that all of us can get employment and the community can grow," he said.

During a town meeting in November at the Our Lucaya Resort, Smith said his clients were concerned that having a fish market there will mean there may be potential for rodents and an odour, as well as unsanitary conditions.

"Its going to decrease property values, its going to cause traffic problems, its not going to be well maintained and they just don't think that its the right place," he had said.

Smith said he and his clients have written a total of 17 letters to the GBPA but had not received a response.
Read the rest of the article HERE

Friday, December 11, 2009

Let’s Talk Real Estate By James Sarles

Top 1o Reasons to List Your Home For Sale during the Holidays

The question that sellers always ask around this time of year is “Should I list or keep selling my home during the Holidays? Many people would say NO you should wait until after the Holiday Season because everyone is too busy thinking about Christmas and not about buying homes or property. This may be true for some BUT here are 10 reasons why you should list and keep selling your home during the Holidays. I know that many sellers are very frustrated with our soft market but remember it only takes one buyer to make a deal and your deal might be just around the corner. Wouldn’t that be the BEST Christmas present this year? Over the years we have sold many homes during the Holidays and this year could be your turn ! Here are theTop 10 Reasons a Seller Should List During the Holidays!
1. People who look for homes during the Holidays are more serious buyers!
2. Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays and less competition means more money for you!
3. Since the supply of listings will dramatically increase in January, there will be less demand for your particular home! Less demand means less money for you!
4. Houses show better during the Holidays!
5. Buyers are more emotional during the Holidays, so they are more likely to pay your price!
6. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays than they do during a working week!
7. Some people must buy before the end of the year for Foreign tax reasons.
8. January is traditionally the month for people to begin new jobs. Since new people cannot wait to buy, you need to be on the market during the Holidays to capture that market!
9. Even though your house will be on the market, you still have the option to restrict a showing during a time that is really inconvenient. You can always schedule around your Holiday schedule.
10. You can sell now and close in the new year which is a win win for a both parties. You can Secure the sale of a buyer not ready to close until early next year but happy that they found their dream home this year.
So if your real estate agent calls you in the middle of your Christmas preparations and says they want to show your home, instead of saying not now….Count to ten and then say YES and remember this list of 10 Reasons….. Until next week

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

(Photos) Tree Lighting- Port Lucaya marketplace, December 5th


Job of The Week!

The Freeport News, Grand Bahama first news paper, is seeking a Reporter.

The Preferred candidiate must have a Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent experience in Journalism.

Should also have the following:

* Good command of the English language
* Be computer literate
* Have a clean police record

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications.

All interested persons are asked to submit resumes to:

The Human Resource Department
The Freeport News
Cedar Street,
Freeport, Grand Bahama

Please note that NO phone call will be accepted.

Donjon lifts cruise ship module

Freeport, Grand Bahama- Donjon Marine, Co., Inc. recently carried out a heavy lift operation on Grand Bahama Island for Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited.

The Donjon tug Mary Alice and derrick-barge Chesapeake 1000 assisted the shipyard with the lifting, transport and placement of a 375 ton prefabricated module for the Holland America Lines cruise ship Rotterdam.

Donjon and its subcontractor, PCCI (Alexandria, VA), worked with shipyard engineers to design a custom lifting frame and rigging arrangement to reduce module deflection during the operation.

Project Manager and Donjon VP Steve Newes said, "This job involved both technical and scheduling challenges. We are quite proud of the service provided."

Monday, December 7, 2009

Elegance with An Attitude- Dec 10th, Grand Bahama Yacht club

You know when the holiday season is upon you when you have about 20 invites to parties/events in the space of just a few weeks.
But if there's one event to attend, it would  be Elegance with an Attitude.
For the first time on our island, A jewellery store is shaking things up. Freeport Jewellers,  a family owned Bahamian company with branches both in the International Bazaar & The Port Lucaya MarketPlace,  are showcasing their most exclusive & Fashionable jewelery lines.
 Loren Wells-Madu, manager of Freeport Jewellers in Port Lucaya Marketplace  explains why she  created this event.  "Locals know that Freeport Jewellers is a store that has been around for a long time, and they mistakenly have a preconceived notion that  our jewllery Lines are  old, traditional & unfashionable.
What they don't realise is that we carry  many modern Fashion jewellery lines such as: Rebbeca, Casato, Mathias & Claire, Marahlago  as well as our stunning diamond and precious stone Jewelery Collections.
Visiting tourists have realised this and have been benefiting from our wonderful selections and make many repeat visits. They love our price range and our variety of styles. But the issue is that Bahamians, particularly Grand Bahmanians, don't realise this  and are effectly missing out on great deals.
So our event "Elegance with an Attitude" will allow residents to see that fashion truly starts at Freeport Jewellers. We realize that elegance is an attitude and that what we wear often determines how we feel, when you wear a piece from Freeport Jewellers it makes you definitely makes the wearer feel special."
We are working with Lyndah Wells Photography, Clegg-Missick Events, and Densie V. Smith- Planner, in making this the holiday event of the year!
Elegance with an Attitude, to be held at the Grand Bahama Yacht Club on Midshipman Road, on December 10th 2009, 7.30-12pm, will be the first time sophisticated Jewellery lines will be sent down the runway accompanied by  fashions from selected Local fashion retailers such as:
  • Bandolera,
  • Grand Bahamian Designer- Basheva Eve
  • Elite Loft
  • And Finally, hairshow by Kay Kay - (Labelle's Beauty Salon)
Watch the Models Rip The Runway and take the opportunity to select and win gifts for the Christmas season.

With Live film coverage on the night,  Excellent prizes & Giveaways, MC by Shelly Carey,  Performance by Dave Wallace, Music by DJ President, Event photography coverage & Special guest performances. Tickets are available at $35 regular  $50 VIP table seating- at the following locations.
  • Freeport Jewellers-373 2776/ 352 2004
  • Island Java-Port Lucaya
  • Elite Loft
  • Bandolera
  • Italian Specialty Store

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photos, Festival Noel, 2009

Freeport, Grand Bahama- Last night, Friday 4th December, dozens of people turned up at the annual Festival Noel to support The Bahamas National Trust . Festival Noel, held every year, gives Island residents the opportunity to sample Wines from Bristol Cellars, Bahamian Brewery Company and other local restaurants & caterers.
With the wine selections surpassing lasts years by far, Guests seemed pleased with the planning & organization of the highly anticipated night.
Although the night was balmy, Guests enjoyed live entertainment & delectable cuisine from restaurants such as ; Le Med, Shenanigans, Lucianos, Freeport High catering department, Social Butterfly Catering & Island Java, amongst others. Columbian Emeralds displayed stunning jewelery & other retailers dipslayed their art and other gifts, offering special discounts on purchases made on the night.

Guests had the opportunity to vote for their favorite restaurant and the winner of "Chef Noel" will be named in the next few days.

Supermodel of the Bahamas returns to GB Sunday December 13th, 2009

I first had the pleasure of meeting Oilinsha Coakley when I interviewed him at the Islands of The World Fashion Week in 2008. During the course of the interview he revealed his connections to the Fashion industry, A former model and dancer, he set up his own Talent agency Oilinsha Models

He quickly followed this up with a reality show titled- The Making of a Sumermodel- which aired Saturdays on JCN channel 14. Creator of Supermodel of The Bahamas, a model competition which is now in it's 3rd year. He held an open call casting here in Grand Bahama November 28th and 29th. Setting up in the International Bazaar, Aspiring models turned up in large numbers to see if they could meet the requirements and hopefully get a shot at being chosen to enter the competition.

Oilinsha Will be returning to Grand Bahama Sunday 13th December,where Approximately 40 persons who have been selected into the first phase of the competition will experience their first styling and photo shoot will take place.

Biking in Grand Bahama

 Photo by JDM from
Freeport, Grand Bahama- I came across this posting on about bike routes in Grand Bahama and thought it was really cool.
There is also a blog called Grand Bahama Bike Routes - that avoid the main traffic roads.
It's written by a guy simply called Walt , Pay the blog a visit if you're thinking about exploring bike routes, not just here in Freeport but all over Grand Bahama Island.
He has google map images of our island and goes exploring wth interested bikers.
Give his blog a visit BIKE BLOG, Tell him we said Hi!
If you do decide to go out exploring, You might need one of these from Garmin

Outdoor navigation meets touchscreen simplicity in Dakota 10. This rugged, palm-sized navigator boasts touchscreen navigation, high-sensitivity GPS with HotFix™ satellite prediction, and a worldwide basemap in one affordable, power-packed punch.

(VIDEO) Islands of the World Fashion Week Bahamas 2009 Overview By The Bahamas Weekly News Team

Nassau, Bahamas - Islands of the World Fashion Week, in its second year was nothing short of stellar in presenting fashions from 'island nations' in a three day event hosted in The Bahamas and organized by Modes Iles.

The event brought participating designers awards in Eco-Fashion and Culture Fashion; as well as Seals of Excellence awards, and the coveted Next Gen award for best upcoming designer. New this year was The Muse Model Search which presented the best male and female model also from island nations.

The Bahamas Weekly brings you this comprehensive overview VIDEO coverage where you will hear from editor of The Bahamas Weekly, Robbin Whachell; Bahamian designer Philicia Ellis; Bahamian designer Kevan Evans; Bahamian designer Sabrina Stirrup; American designer Henry Jackson who has many of his pieces worn by first lady, Michelle Obama and who was the only designer to have a plus-size model, Chanel Clark; cover girl for the Henry Jackson line, Marisa Damallie; Bahamian model Ray Harif aka 'Ray Bay Bay'; supermodel Bobby Roache who modeled as well as judged in The Muse; judge and model Kirk Brown from Barbados who is also a singer with the Strategy Band; Jamaican Heike Wollenwebber of Axes Media; and photographer from The Bahamas Weekly Lyndah Wells.

You will also see the amazing eco-fashion designs of Patrick Lafrontiere. Designs by Spice Box and K-Bobby are also featured and you will hear from K-Bobby's stylist Mauva Gacitua. Bags from Bahamian designer Harl Taylor BAG are seen throughout the show with footwear from Bani Shoes of The Bahamas. You will also meet some hardworking volunteers who assisted at the international event.

The video wraps up at an after-party at The Marley Resort in Nassau where you will hear from the resort's operations manager, Rory Shepherd.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Treasure Bay Officially Opens Today

The Nassau guardian

Freeport, Grand, Bahama- Treasure Bay Casino will officially open its doors in Grand Bahama today, taking over operations of what is now the former Isle of Capri.

Isle of Capri announced in May that it would be pulling out of Grand Bahama.

Recently employees there expressed concerns about their future with the casino. However, they were later told of their options – either leave and take severance packages or continue employment under new operators.

It has been a week since Isle of Capri ended operations in Grand Bahama and today, tourism officials are hopeful that under the new Treasure Bay brand, the casino will become a thriving economic beacon in Grand Bahama once more.

In a telephone interview with Minister of Tourism, Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, who was on Ragged Island on Monday, he told the Journal that there is tremendous potential for Treasure Bay in Grand Bahama.

He said the casino’s principals were on the island yesterday preparing for today’s opening.

"The casino experience has always been a part of the Grand Bahama experience. So we have chosen – we think – correctly to have Treasure Bay be the new provider of casino operations at Our Lucaya. The principals are on the island and we expect the casino to open as promised (today) and we go on from there," he said.

Minister Vanderpool-Wallace said his ministry has been working arduously to ensure that more tourists are able to visit Grand Bahama, which he says, will bode well for the success of the casino.

"In addition to the marketing work that they will do themselves to bring casino patrons to their facility, their success will come primarily from a large number of people coming to Grand Bahama. That is why we have been working so hard to increase the number of flights coming into Grand Bahama," he said.

"You’ve seen us introduce WestJet for the first time in 30 plus years – coming to Grand Bahama non-stop from Toronto, and we also have additional service coming in on American Eagle. So, we see this is as part of what we need to do for the continued development of tourism in Grand Bahama, and the casino experience is very essential to that."

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham noted that the government has had to foot operational expenses for the casino, but Mr. Vanderpool-Wallace said there are other things that the government has had to do.

"We are continuing to make sure that we have the best possible business relationship with anybody coming into the country. From the Ministry of Tourism’s perspective, we have our marketing funds that we have on a co-op basis with all of the principal partners throughout The Bahamas – in Nassau, in Paradise Island and on Grand Bahama Island," he said.

"So we will find ourselves in the same kind of partnership there (Treasure Bay) as we have elsewhere in The Bahamas."

When the economy rebounds, Minister Vanderpool-Wallace said the resort will be able to reap all the benefits

"The tourism figures are not impressive anywhere in the world, but I think whenever anybody comes and takes a look at the potential that exists for Grand Bahama, they immediately begin to see the opportunities that are there. Treasure Bay obviously subscribes to that belief," he said.

"They are now beginning to recognize that in the medium term, business will turn around, conditions will turn around, the economy will turn around and when it does, they will find themselves, we are sure, in a wonderful position to take full advantage of that."

The minister also noted that there were no challenges or hiccups with regard to the licensing of Treasure Bay with the Bahamas Hotel Corporation nor the Gaming Board, as Treasure Bay is a reputable entity.

According to its website, Foxwoods – Treasure Bay’s parent company – is the largest casino in North America with 340,000 square feet of gaming space in a complex that covers 4.7 million square feet.

Original Article Source

More than 40,000 guests visit Foxwoods each day, according to the website.



Let’s say that you just listed your beautiful home in Bahamia or Lucaya for sale, and you withheld a few “little” problems from your real estate agent – the roof leaks, but only when it rains; the outlet in the back bedroom won’t spark unless something is plugged in; and there is a stain on the oak floor in the living room that is covered up by a rug. Will it be all right if you simply don’t mention these defects? Definitely not!
It is a mistake to think that your home will sell more quickly by concealing its little (or not so little) imperfections. I have seen these seemingly insignificant items escalate into major issues that have ruined sales.

Buyers have a right and must be informed not only about any structural problems, but also about any limitations imposed by a homeowner’s association. These could range from the obligation to join the homeowner’s association to a restriction on parking a truck overnight in your driveway! Homeowner’s associations can impose restrictive covenants governing use and occupancy that can include prohibitions against guesthouses or multi-family residences or the right to rent. You can see why failure to disclose could have disastrous consequences and even end up in court.

Keep in mind that any home has its quirks. If something in your home is not working properly or needs to be repaired, fix it or make sure that your agent discloses it to the prospective buyers. Be absolutely candid with your agent and buyers about the condition of the property. It is unlikely that such defects will go undetected because more and more buyers are getting home inspections and after the hurricanes are paying more attention themselves on the structural and mechanical aspects of your home. If they don’t see what you are trying to hide on the first visit they may pick it up on the second visit and when buyers remorse sets in that spells trouble with a capital T.

So instead of having sleepless nights before or after the sale its better to disclose the major and minor problems upfront to save problems later.

Until next week.

Sabor Introduces Ladies Night!!!! Free Martinis

Freeport, Grand Bahama-
On Friday November 27, 2009. Sabor Restaurant & Bar at the Pelican Bay hotel, officially launched their Ladies Night and it was a fabulous affair.
Tonight- Friday 4th Dec. Susan Clegg- Missick, Sabor's Events co-coordinator Will greet the first 25 ladies with a Smirnoff Martini- A New Custom made Martini from the Sabor Cocktail List. If you are arriving with a group of 10+ Call Sabor in advance And receive a complimentary bottle of champagne

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

15th Annual Festival Noel Well On The Way!‏ -Friday Dec 4th

By Ysora Waugh

Bahamian Brewery staff

Sabor Staff

Freeport, Grand Bahama - ‘Tis the season to be jolly and for the 15th year of Festival Noel, the organizers are getting in high spirits and are well on their way to making this year’s event one to remember. Serving as the only fundraiser for the Grand Bahama branch of The Bahamas National Trust, Bristol Wines and Spirits has once again hopped onboard as an official sponsor; promising an even larger quantity and quality of wines and champagnes.

Noel Clarke- Agave restaurant

Del Foxton -Artist

Last year’s Festival Noel featured twenty-two wines and champagnes, this year, Bristol Wines and Spirits have stepped it up a notch and will feature thirty-two wines and champagnes from countries such as Australia, Chile, France, Argentina and Italy which guarantees to get everyone in the Holiday spirit.

Guests enjoying the night

Agave Restaurant- Winner of Chef noel 2008

“Bristol Wines and Spirits is proud to be a part of this year’s Festival Noel along with The Bahamas National Trust. We will feature more wines from the Old World and New World than ever before. We recommend that those in attendance enjoy the wines, music and activities of the evening as this year will truly be one to remember. We will bring the magic back to the second city, “said Bristol Key Accounts Manager, Jevon Butler.
Festival Noel is set to take place on Friday, December 4th from 7- 10pm and is often referred to as the event that kicks off the holiday season in Grand Bahama. This year Festival Noel is pleased to welcome back sponsors Colombian Emeralds International, Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Co., Freeport Advertising and Printing, Parfum De Paris and Cool96. Joining them this year will be Top Notch and Furniture Plus all making a combined effort to make this year’s Festival Noel, unforgettable for all of the right reasons.

For those die hard shoppers attending Festival Noel, the event will also allow them to see the newest lines and trends for 2010. Colombian Emeralds International will add sparkle to the evening by displaying many of their emerald, sapphire and diamond pieces and the newest favorite line, Pandora.Parfum De Paris will have several new fragrances including Bebe, Viva by Juicy Couture, Idol by Lancome, and Posh by Thierry Mugler. Furniture Plus will display their newest accessory lines, helping create the final touches on homes, especially for the busy holiday season.
“The Grand Bahama Regional Branch is excited about celebrating our 15th year of Festival Noel,’ commented Karin Sanchez, Chairman of the Grand Bahama BNT branch. “This is our one big fundraiser for the year and funds raised this year will revitalize the watchable wildlife pond and help make our park more of an attraction to our visiting tourists and students. I am hopeful Grand Bahamians will continue their annual support.”

Shopping gifts

Cars on display

This year’s guest artist is Anthony Morley, known as “Big Mo”, a native to Grand Bahama who currently resides in Nassau and will display his vivid artwork in the Glory Banks Art Gallery. Joining him will be several local artists such as Alisa Robinson, Ken Heslop, Del Foxton, Janice Corkery, Rupert Watkins, Caroline Anderson, The Grand Bahama Artist Association and an Abaco artist, Raquel Russell. These artists, who have a passion for art, will display their work at the event with styles ranging from water colour to mixed media paper-collage.
And what would a wine tasting be without a tasty treat or two? This year’s participating restaurants are preparing for the annual culinary competition dubbed “Chef Noel”. This year’s Chef Noel competition will add a youthful flavor by working with the Culinary School of The College of the Bahamas, where students will compete for the participating restaurants and in essence, run the kitchen with the restaurant staff to support and cheer them on.

Restaurants’ participating this year are retuning former Chef Noel winner, Shenanigans Irish Pub as well as attendee favourite Joe Ret, aka the “pig man”. Trendy Island Java will also be at the event with new comers Social Butterfly Catering Services, Livity Vegetarian Take-Out and Juice Bar and the Catholic High School Catering Team. The committee is also excited that the well known restaurateur Chef Boulet will also be submitting a team to the competition featuring tasty treats from Luciano’s and Le Med!

Guests on the night

Live Entertainment

Ysora Waugh, Barefoot Marketing Event Coordinator, for Festival Noel noted “I am very excited to join in the organizing of Festival Noel in a year where everything is developing in order to insure a beautiful and spirited event. An event that is sure to turn some heads and leave a positive impression with many Grand Bahamians”.

During last year’s event, multiple local musicians performed during the night, which proved to be a great success. Returning soloist Erik Russell will perform classic Christmas songs for guests and this year, two new musical acts have joined in the festivities. Joe Fox and his Trio will be performing jazzy and island sounds as well as well known vocalist Susan Jensen-Sweeting.

Tickets are on sale now for $50 in advance and $45 for Bahamas National Trust Members and will be available at Bristol Wines and Spirits, Barefoot Marketing and at the Rand Nature Centre. “We want to remind guests to purchase early this year as we have limited tickets available, ” noted Waugh “especially BNT members who can only get the discount before the day of the event.” Tickets will be $55 on the day.

Live Entertainment


So come out Grand Bahama and take part in this wonderful event and contribute to your community and its many beautiful national parks!