Thursday, July 30, 2009

Authentic Bahamas- One to watch- Ryan Lightbourne

I came across this exquistely shot footage that's been generating a big buzz amongst the young creative industry in The Bahamas.

"Ryan Lightbourne (film maker) is a 20 year old Bahamian prodigy and describe this short film as "This is a collage of some of the footage I shot during my most recent trip home. A big thanks to my brother, Colin, for flying me around and giving me a chance to finally film something in the Bahamas. Some of the footage will be used in the upcoming website, "Authentic Bahamas".

I'll also be using some of the aerials as establishing shots for my horror/action/comedy feature, that begins shooting in Jan. 2010."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Interviews On Board The Forbes Magazine Yacht, "The Highlander"

Paradise Island, The Bahamas - The Bahamas Weekly brings you an exclusive glimpse on board FORBES Magazine's Highlander Yacht from their "Celebrating The Bahamas" event on Saturday, March 15th. The festive occasion began at the Atlantis Marina, and continued on a mini-cruise around the harbour area.

Watch James Sarles of Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty give a great interview!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

History of the Bikini: Happy 63rd Anniversary!

In honor of the upcoming Miss Universe Swimsuit competition here in Grand Bahama and because it's Saturday and I'm going to the beach, I thought it would be fun to blog about the History of the Bikini!

The month of July is the anniversary of the unveiling of the first bikini! The bikini is a fashion enigma that will forever remain a mystery. How can a bikini be tasteful, subtle, simple, and classy, yet also be totally sexy and wildly provocative? It is the Eighth Wonder of the World. It is an essence worth capturing and bottling.

A bikini may be the only article of clothing that interests men as much as it interests women, if not more. Going shopping for a bikini is probably the easiest way to trick the hubby or the boyfriend to endure a shopping trip at the mall.

July 5 marked the 63rd anniversary of the two-piece bikini being with us. It is the swimsuit that took the bellybutton public and prompted worldwide interest in navel maneuvers. It "officially" was introduced at a fashion show on July 5, 1946. Louis Reard and Jacques Heim are recognized as the creators who first introduced the shockingly revealing suit to the world of fashion. Since Reard and Heim could not find anyone willing to appear publicly in such a scant outfit, the model of the first publicly displayed bikini of the 20th century was a professional nude dancer, Micheline Bernardini.

Although the bikini was officially introduced in 1946, Parisian women were photographed while wearing bikinis by Life Magazine for an issue published nearly a year earlier. Despite the bikini catching on in international waters upon its introduction, it was not until the 1960s that bikinis took off in the U.S. However, everyone didn't readily embrace the little two-piece swimsuits. In 1951 bikinis were banned from the Miss World Contest. It was fashion martyr and French film star Brigitte Bardot who warmed up society's cold shoulder toward the ostracized bikini when she wore one in the 1957 movie And God Created Woman. It was only the beginning. In 1960 Brian Hyland's pop song Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini prompted a global warming to the bathing suit.
It prompted a bikini-buying frenzy in the previously prudish USA. Raquel Welch also was a brazen pioneer who bravely exposed herself for the advancement of fashion by wearing a scruffy, Flintstone-type bikini in the classical black and white film One Million B.C. Speaking of the Flintstones, didn't Wilma and Betty's pre-historic beachwear include bikinis? Yabba-dabba-doo!

Check out one of my fave Swimwear Designers Rosa Cha

Read The Full Original Article HERE

Thursday, July 23, 2009


By James Sarles

Believe it or not according to many top economists around the world there are signs that the world economy may be emerging from the worst recession in five decades. As I have always stated whatever happens to our neighbors across the pond is always a great predictor of our future in Freeport since we are so closely tied to the US. The US housing slump, now in its fourth year is stabilizing according to experts.

From the local perspective our housing market is very slow as I’m sure everyone is aware. The number of real estate transactions is down almost 30% and prices for homes actually sold are down almost 15%. That is not great news, but if you are selling your home this does not mean that you can’t or won’t sell your house… but it does mean that you have to be smart and deal with the reality of this tough market. There are houses selling and it appears that interest in real estate is coming alive again as the Freeport market is showing some signs of recovery. So if you are a seller in this market and you want to be one of the sellers whose house does sell, you have your work cut out for you because it’s a buyers market. Buyers have a lot of options in Freeport so it is very important to make sure your house is ready for sale.

Think of a potential buyer as going on a date with your house and it’s your job to get your house ready for the first date. What does it take to sell a home in a buyers’ market – a fresh coat of paint or a kitchen overhaul? Lowering the asking price or offering incentives? From cosmetic to strategic, smart sellers can take advantage of a few simple tips to get the most out of their properties to help sell your house. Here are a few strategies to securing a “sold” sign:

Boost Curb Appeal. Though they may be obvious, cosmetic upgrades like painting and planting can truly go a long way to forming a fantastic first impression of a home. And be sure to clean, clean, clean!

Make Big Fixes Where Possible. If budget allows, invest in bigger improvements. Focus on “make or break” rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, because nothing says “uninviting” like an unattractive cooking space. If budget is limited think about smaller home improvements in these areas which could help close the deal..

Transparency is Golden. Getting a preliminary professional home inspection and sharing it with potential buyers may help them understand a home’s condition and reinforce that everything is being done in a trustworthy and responsible manner. Make sure to be clear about recent improvements that have been made, and provide estimates on other optional upgrades – especially ones that can be included as part of the agreement.

Go the Extra Mile. Have the home pre-inspected and follow up by making necessary repairs. Allow potential buyers to see the report and receipts for the work. Do whatever you can to make your house stand out. You usually only have a few minutes to make the first impression so make it count !
Be Realistic with price. Selling in a buyer’s market takes skill and strategy. In Freeport, increased inventory has given buyers the opportunity to be selective in the home they want and the price they are willing to pay. Properly priced homes are selling and a good agent will help determine what that price should be. Also understand that it normally takes a bit longer to sell a home in buyer’s market than in a seller’s market. Sellers often take great pride in their homes, but it is important to set a priced based solely on factors like location, condition and size.

A house in a exclusive area may be appealing to some buyers, while others will want to be closer to schools and shopping. What is the physical condition of the home? Is it a fixer-upper? Does it make a good first impression (or have “curb appeal”)? Will it appeal to a growing family, or is it better suited for empty nesters? These are all things that need to be considered when pricing a home.

These are a few tips to help you sellers get prepared for this buyers market. So even though things may be looking pretty dismal in Freeport right now hang in there because I believe that we are on our road to recovery and your house can and will sell. Good Luck to all you sellers. Until Next week.

Farmers market - Coming Soon to Freeport!!!

Photo by Lyndah Wells


Freeport News Reporter

A location for the proposed fish market being constructed by the Grand Bahama Port Authority has finally been revealed by GBPA Chairman Hannes Babak, who has also reclassified the facility as a farmers' market.

During a press conference at the GBPA headquarters yesterday, Babak disclosed that the site chosen for the project will be on West Atlantic Drive.

"We have decided in our last board meeting that the location will be when you drive up West Atlantic Road before you come to the circle of the Home Centre, on the left-hand side," he explained.

Sir Jack Hayward, honorary chairman of the GBPA Ltd., who was also present at the press conference, noted that the final location was determined based on a vote taken among the local fishermen who were invited to present their suggestions for the market.

"It was a fairly substantial vote in favour of putting it there. The fish wholesalers obviously wanted it down at the Fishing Hole Road where they bring the fish in and they can sell it, but people don't want to drive down there," he said.

Babak said when the GBPA sought the input of the fishermen, approximately 80 percent of them indicated that they would like the location to be downtown.

"...They have to give the chance to any employee who wants to take his lunchhour to go there, pick up whatever he likes and come back, which is not possible if he has to go all the way from downtown out to the Fishing Hole Road," he said.

"This and other arguments persuaded us to say we will take a bit more expensive land, because downtown is our most valuable land, and donate that for that project."

Hayward said he liked the idea of it being not just a fish market, but rather a space that vendors can sell fruit, vegetables and prepared seafood dishes as well.

"We want to bring the fruits and vegetables and other products from the rest of The Bahamas... We need to be able to access all the many products and flora and fauna of The Bahamas," he said.

It was perhaps not the best move to introduce the project as a fish market, he furthered, agreeing that a farmers market would be a much more suitable name.

"I think we should call it a farmers' market and we should encourage all the farmers in the whole of The Bahamas to send their produce to the farmers' market."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Miss Universe Swimsuit Competition comes to Grand Bahama

Plans announced for new bridge across Grand Bahama Waterway

Freeport, The Bahamas - By GBPA/DEVCO

The Grand Bahama Development Company (DEVCO) and The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) are pleased to announce plans for the construction of a new bridge across the Grand Lucayan Waterway. Construction of this new bridge will continue DEVCO and GBPA’s vision for Grand Bahama’s future development and complete the Grand Bahama Highway (GBH) making travel to the eastern end of the island easier. The new four lane bridge, inclusive of sidewalk and utility path, is necessary at this time as the existing Casuarina Bridge is almost 40 years old.

The bridge will begin at the intersection of GBH and Fortune Bay Drive; it will span the channel opening and continue on the east side of GBH. This bridge, when completed will be of great benefit to all of the residents of east Lucaya and the eastern end of Grand Bahama. Most importantly it will provide a very necessary alternative route across the Grand Lucayan Waterway.

We anticipate that construction will commence in approximately three (3) months. The new bridge will be of concrete construction and will allow the safe transport of heavy equipment, machinery and materials to east Lucaya and east Grand Bahama for future developments. The planned construction of the new COB campus and similar projects are prime examples of why the bridge is necessary at this time.

This new project is anticipated to provide approximately 45-50 new construction jobs for the duration of the project and will provide a stimulus for the local economy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How To Properly Stage A home

Here are some great tips for Staging your home for home sellers.

For help in staging your home and/or professional photography email us

Video- Pelican Bay's New Rebranding Logo & Construction of new building

Remember we blogged about One of our fave hotels on Grand Bahama last week?
Well thanks to The Bahamas Weekly Team, We have excellent footage of the Press day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Video of Author Marina Gottlieb Sarles

Marina Gottlieb Sarles is a storyteller who grew up in The Bahamas. Her stories draw inspiration from her childhood in the islands, where her immigrant parents were the village doctor and nurse.

Video by The Bahamas Weekly

ESPN produced a special feature segment for their True Outdoor Adventures series based on her short story Peter and The Shark. Her short story, The Circumstantial Dentist, was published by Macmillan Caribbean in the collection, Under the Perfume Tree.

She is a regular contributing writer of feature stories for Grand Bahama ISLAND Magazine, and a regular contributor to the online magazine, Wild River Review,

Formally trained in Europe and the United States, Marina studied physical therapy and energy healing. She has conducted personal enrichment seminars in Japan, America and The Bahamas.
Watch an exclusive interview of Marina by The Bahamas Weekly

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer TO DO: Visit the Exhibition at the Glory Banks Gallery‏

By Del Foxton, GBAA

Freeport, Grand Bahama- Summer is a great time for parents and children together to experience Nature and Art living happily side by side at the Rand Nature Centre

Just minutes from downtown Freeport is an oasis where residents and visitors alike have the opportunity to walk quiet trails through native plants and birding sights.

Although this oasis, the Rand Nature Centre, is known to many, what many not be known is that off the nature trails and into the refreshingly cool Rand’s Visitor Center, there is much to see.

Well known for its award-winning contributions to cultural and educational programs, the Rand Nature Centre has large story boards about Grand Bahama and its eco systems, books and gifts for sale and an Art Gallery.

The Visitor Centre is home to the Glory Banks Art Galley. Glory Banks, herself an artist, was anxious to give Grand Bahama, her adopted home, a centre for art. The Glory Banks Art Gallery was officially opened in February 2008 at the nature preserve on East Settler’s way and has become the Centre for many cultural, educational and artistic exhibits.

Continuing in the Glory Banks Gallery is the exhibition launched June 10th. The Regional Branch of the Bahamas National Trust and the Grand Bahama Artists Association partnered for the “Can Grand Bahama Go Green?” event that celebrated local businesses, artists and committees who are working towards the development of environmental responsibility on Grand Bahama.

The members of the Grand Bahama Artists Association (GBAA), including Environmental Artist Del Foxton, who spoke at the presentation, invite everyone to view their special artworks that present the beauty of our island. To learn more about the initiatives for environmentally friendly art and the GBAA Art Exhibition please call 353 4333.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fancy A Pub Lunch?


Sometimes there's nothing that quite hits the spot as a Good old Pub Lunch.
Imagine it, Bangers & Mash or Shepherds pie washed down with a crisp cold half pint of cider.
Even though we are over 5000 miles away from British Isles, We in Freeport can count ourselves amongst the lucky few, in fact, we can count ourselves as the "The Chosen Ones" as "Shenanigan's: Irish Pub and European Eatery Bahamas, is the first and only Irish Pub in the Islands of the Bahamas.

Located in The Port Lucaya Marketplace, the food is consistently gratifying & delectable.
The building itself is Green ( Really?) and deceptively small from the outside.

Once you enter in, there is a sense of comfort in the wood furnishings and large oval bar. Serving a large number of beers on Tap, 'The Pub is designed as an authentic Dublin Pub with an exclusive on Guinness and Harp Draught imported directly from Dublin. Guinness®, Bass, Killians, Becks, Boddingtons, Warstiener, Courage, Fosters, Heineken, Grolsch, Labatts, Budweiser, Pilsner Urquell, Coors, Corona, Red Stripe, Black & Tans...our Specialty. Plus all of your favorite Island drinks.'

The Menu offers 'The finest foods from all over the world! And includes all your Irish favorites such as Irish Potato Soup, Mulligan's Irish Stew, Irish Smoked Salmon, Guinness Steak Pie, Indian Lamb Curry, Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, Shrimp & Pasta, Rack of Lamb, Irish Mixed Grill, Rickie's Hot Wings, Ice Cream, plus nightly specials, and a full children's menu!'

I highly recommend attending the St Patricks Day event here. The beer's are green and so is pretty much everything else on that day.
For More information or to view pictures of Shenanigan, Visit their site HERE

Bahamian scientist's turtle research to be published in major science journal

TENNESSEE, USA -- A young Bahamian scientist’s groundbreaking study on freshwater turtles has earned him the opportunity to be featured in one of the world’s leading international journals. Stefan Moss, who spent two years collecting samples and data from the reptiles he encountered in the Tennessee River will now have the findings of his research documented in Chemosphere.

Chemosphere is a well-known international journal focused on disseminating information related to all aspects of environmental science, especially important new discoveries or further developments in important fields of investigation related to the environment and human health.
Hard work has certainly paid off for Moss who was born in Grand Bahama but raised in the capital city of Nassau by his parents Keith and Sylvia Moss Greenwade.

He double majored in Chemistry and Biology and plans to duplicate his efforts on the Tennessee turtles to the endangered freshwater turtles in his native Bahamas, particularly on the islands of Inagua, Cat Island and Eleuthera.

“It didn’t start off as me with aspirations of getting published in a respected journal like Chemosphere,” admits Moss. “As an environmental scientist, I was more focused on figuring out what chemicals were in the river and their affects on the environment, and possibly human health. Instead, it seems I uncovered - and documented - a lot of valuable information in the field of herpetology, which is the study of reptiles and amphibians.”

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cakes on a Plane!

Grand Bahama is always a favorite for Destination Weddings, and what is a wedding without a wonderfully stunning & delicious Wedding cake.
There are many cake companies in the world & Prudence of The Glass Slipper Cakery, which serves all of Central Florida should be a choice for many with her wonderfully designed Wedding cakes.
"We (Glass Slipper Cakery) are motivated by constantly challenging ourselves to create cakes that are not only beautiful and delicious, but out of the ordinary! "
So imagine her surprise when in February she met Dayl, the wedding co-ordinator from Old Bahama Bay.
"Way back in February at a local Bridal Show, I was introduced to one FAB lady, Dayl, who is the Director of Weddings and Group Sales for the Old Bahama Bay Resort on Grand Bahama Island. We hit it off immediately! She asked if I could fly a couple of cakes down to the resort on their private jet for a photo shoot they were planning with award winning photographer, Teri Lowery. Yep, PRIVATE JET! Oh, I jumped right on that one!!"
Read the ORIGINAL article here

Bahamas Destinations Visits Iries Restaurant, Grand Bahama

By The Bahamas Weekly News Team

Grand Bahama Island - The Radisson at Our Lucaya has 13 restaurants on their property, and Iries Caribbean Island Restaurant is one of their more upscale offerings to visitors and locals.

The Bahamas Weekly and GBI Tourism TV (Channel 56) bring you a look into Iries Caribbean restaurant which has recently changed its focus of cuisine to offer more Bahamian and seafood selections by request of locals and visitors.

Watch the Video here

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sabor Independence Day Party- Photos

Friday 10th July The Bahamas celebrated it's 36th anniversary of Independence.
All over the island of Grand Bahama, People were out celebrating dressed in the Colours of The Bahamian Flag, Aquamarine, Yellow & black.

Sabor Restaurant & bar hosted another of their monthly parties, with Excellent views overlooking the Marina, guests enjoyed the sounds of DJ Dustin & DJ Say My Name whilst savouring delicious Bahamian Delicacies.

Platters of Conch Fritter, Grouper Fingers & Cracked conch were on the Specialised menu that night.
Guests lounged on the VIP Beds whilst sipping champagne or mingled amongst each other.
The highlight of the night were the spectacular fireworks display given by The Port Lucaya Marketplace, which guests at Sabor luckily had first class views to. If You missed out on this months party they will another hosted in August. We will Keep you posted.

KB, Terez, Funky D & Stileet bring in Independence at Port Lucaya GBI

Photos By Derek Caroll

Freeport , Bahamas – By Port Lucaya Market Place
As the sun set on our now 36th year old Bahamaland, the heat was just beginning to rise at Port Lucaya Marketplace. Once again Burns House, and Kalik partnered with the Port Lucaya Marketplace Team, to create yet another momentous Independence Day celebration, this year entitled: Raken n Scrapen in Da Square with Kalik!

Proud to be Bahamian: Funky D gets all the kids involved at this year’s Independence concert at the Count Basie Square , sponsored by Burns House and the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

Photos By Derek Caroll

At the stroke of 8 ‘o’ clock pm, Count Basie Square was flooded with patriots modeling a sea of national colours, in personalized combinations of blue, black and gold. Rake ‘n’ Scrape is what we came to do and the Deep South Island Boys did not hesitate as they rocked the crowd with the best in down home Bahamian cultural music. Amac, a new kid on the block, shook up the crowd with his hit, ‘Sleepin’ On the Man Job!’ while Ira Storr and The Spank Band took centre stage.
Read Full Article & View Photos Here



When is the best time to buy a house? With so many homes on the market and a sluggish market, now might be one of the best times in recent memory to buy a home. While buyers have the advantage in today’s real estate market, they still need to be savvy in order to get the best deal. Throughout history there have always been business cycles of recession and recovery which correlate to great real estate markets and soft markets. In other words, the direction of economic activity eventually changes so now that the market is down you have to be prepared for the market to recover. Many times in these past cycles, the world economy started to recover well before anyone really realized that the recession was ending.

If you keep a watchful eye on the news even when the statistics show high unemployment and it looks like a vicious downward cycle that will never end, the economy could actually be on its way to recovery. In Grand Bahama we are directly influenced by the world economy and as things get better in the world investors will return to the island and we will get back on track. I truly believe that Grand Bahama has an opportunity to meet its potential even though we sometimes feel that it will never get ahead. If the Government, The Port Authority and all of the members of the community do their part in being productive and make good decisions things will turn around. It only takes a small shift to get the magic back in the magic city.

When the world economy begins to rebound, and the projects on the drawing board like The New Cruise Port, Medical Tourism, Better Airlift, Attracting More Foreign Investment through new Industry, Efforts to attract Second Home Owners, Re-opening of Xanadu and Royal Oasis, Refurbishment of the International Bazzar, Expansion of Ross University, New Maritime University and more amenities for visitors comes to fruition.... you will see a dramatic shift in our local economy which directly effects every individual and the real estate market.
So here are some things I urge homebuyers to keep in mind while the market is soft and it is a buyer’s market with a lot of property on the market and good deals all around:

Don’t Try to Time the Market: When home prices are low, it is very tempting for buyers to wait as long as possible in the hopes that prices will decline even further. This strategy can be detrimental. Once a home is priced to what the current market will bear, buyers will make offers. It is best to to make an offer based upon the prices at which similar homes in the market are selling for. In a buyer’s market, there are more opportunities for negotiations, but making an offer is the right step. If you find a great deal on a house that has great future potential if you wait too long you might miss the opportunity and the market may climb and the owner may raise the price. So now is the time.

Take Your Time…To a Degree: The increased supply of homes on the market gives homebuyers a great opportunity to evaluate a variety of properties. However, this does not mean that homebuyers can procrastinate. Don’t be a” Wouldof couldof shouldof” Be a proud owner of a great house at a great price. If you find a great deal go for it.

Homes Are Selling: Properly priced homes are selling. The # of transactions in Freeport have decreased but there is property selling for realistic market prices and buyers are getting great deals that they will be proud of in years to come.

Watch the Mortgage Rates: While it is true that mortgage rates have risen over the past few years, the increase has not been so dramatic as to significantly impact a monthly mortgage payment. Be sure to watch the rates and do the math carefully, because changes in mortgage rates are not necessarily cost prohibitive.

Negotiate on the Incentives: Sellers eager to move their homes may offer a variety of incentives such as cars, boats furniture, and other deal sweeteners. Before accepting an incentive, make sure it makes sense.

This is one of those moments in history where a savy investor has the opportunity to do very well in real estate. I wish you all great success in your real estate hunting. There are many skilled BREA ( Bahamas Real Estate Association) agents in Grand Bahama who can help you make your dreams a reality. So call them and get your piece of the rock ! Until next week.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is Home Staging and How Might it Help Sell My House in Grand Bahama

Photo : Lyndah Wells

By Jim Reed
Full Article:

In the last few years, home staging has become an increasingly popular method of preparing a home for sale. However, home staging involves far more than the cleaning and minor repairs required to put your home on the market. The process of staging a home is actually an in-depth dressing of a home to make the property seem as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. Home staging professionals use a variety of methods to help homeowners sell their properties, incorporating both amenities already inside the home and a number of special products. When preparing to sell your home, you may want to think about some of the home staging methods outlined here to help you find the right buyer.


At its most simple, home staging is about setting the right mood for prospective buyers. By decorating and arranging a home’s interior to present an ideal way of life, buyers are assisted in visualizing themselves in your home. Whether you undertake the process of staging your own home or decide to consult a professional, there are a number of different “props” that may be used around the home. For example, to add a vibrant sense of life to the home, many home staging professionals recommend using different types of potted plants and arrangements of flowers and fruit. Throughout the home, they tend to utilize soft, luxurious fabrics ^ such as satin, lamb’s wool and silk ^ to create an atmosphere of comfort. This process can also extend to the exterior of the property, where patio furniture can be added in the backyard and colorful flowers or unique accessories outside the front door.

Visual Suggestions

Many home staging professionals come from interior design or art-related backgrounds. Hence, when working on staging a home for sale, these professionals utilize a number of visual tricks to capture the attention of potential buyers. For instance, furniture is always arranged very carefully to simulate the ideal living space. In living rooms, home staging professionals often use loveseats and ottomans in lieu of large couches to create the illusion of added space. Likewise, mirrors are often placed throughout a staged home to make the living area seem larger to potential buyers. In areas where you hope to focus a buyer’s attention ^ like a remodeled kitchen ^ staging professionals can place unique artwork or accessories to catch the eye.

Don’t get Personal

One of the most important steps in home staging is the exchange of your personal decorations with more neutral furnishings. Beyond replacing family pictures with more design-friendly items, a successful home staging will attempt to eliminate any idiosyncratic tastes and represent a living space that has broad appeal. Though this process may feel like a slight on your family’s home, you should hardly take offense. This commonly used tactic simply helps potential buyers view the property not as someone else’s home, but as something they can call their own.
Most real estate experts claim that home staging is especially important when the home is empty. Without any furniture or amenities, even a home for sale in the most attractive area can make potential buyers feel uncomfortable. If you are trying to sell your home and have already moved out, you may want to consider working with your Coldwell Banker agent to stage the home’s interior. With the assistance of your agent and a home staging professional, you could quickly transform a lifeless house into dream home.

Put it All Together

In the end, home staging is about making the most of your home’s potential. If the staging of your home is completed effectively, it is also possible that your home may receive better offers from potential buyers and spend less time on the market. By minimizing the flaws of your home and making the living area seem larger, brighter and more appealing, home staging may be one of the most important steps in selling your home quickly and at the right price.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Working as a family to meet Rotary's challenge

By Dan Nixon
Rotary International News -- 9 July 2009

Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge for polio eradication is drawing broad support from the family of Rotary. The challenge is Rotary's response to the $355 million in grants received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Rotary is committed to raising $200 million in matching funds by 30 June 2012.

Around the world, Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Foundation alumni, and others raised about $78.3 million in cash, District Designated Fund (DDF) allocations, and pledges in the 2008-09 Rotary year as of 15 May. Here is just a sample of their efforts:
* Rotarians in more than 200 cities and villages in Switzerland sold packets of sunflower seeds on 13 September, National Day Against Child Paralysis, raising more than $669,000 with support from the general public.

* A helicopter golf ball drop/raffle sponsored by District 6990 (Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas; part of Florida, USA) netted $45,500.
Read The Full article here

Pelican Bay Hotel repositions and presents new logo

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island By Marva Monroe
Pelican Bay at Lucaya announced today its repositioning to a hotel with the focus on visitors and meeting facilities coming on stream early 2010.

“ Increasingly, Grand Bahama Island is becoming more of a destination where we have visitors rather than tourists. It makes every sense for Pelican Bay to embrace this situation and reposition itself to cater to this market, ” said Magnus Alnebeck, general manager of Pelican Bay.

Alnebeck continued: “ The repositioning of the hotel marks the completion of a strategy that commenced five years ago. We want every business person to know that Pelican Bay is the hotel of choice when visiting Grand Bahama Island.

Further, he pointed out that “ Pelican Bay enjoys close partnerships with businesses in The Bahamas, Grand Bahama Island in particular, and excellent word of mouth referrals from the community. ” Alnebeck added, “ We thank every company and local person who recommend our hotel to clients, friends and family. ”

With the repositioning has come the launch of Pelican Bay‟s new logo, which is tagged “ Meet Happy. ” The new logo portrays the hotel‟s brand promise “ to create happy experiences for meetings, weddings and guest stays at the hotel. ”
To complete the repositioning, The Canal House, a US $7.1 million five-storey building with a total of 30,680 sq ft (2,850 sq m) and total meeting space (including balconies) of 15,600 sq ft (1,450 sq m) will open early 2010. The building will comprise a breakfast/special function restaurant of 3,120 sq ft (290 sq m), a big meeting room (including balcony) of 3,110 sq ft (289 sq m) and four meeting rooms, each 655 sq ft (61 sq m) of which two can be combined into one room of 1,310 sq ft (122 sq m), “ back of house ” and administrative space of 8,935 sq ft (830 sq m).

The Canal House will cater to small meetings and conferences and Destination Weddings. Combined social/sleeping room packages will be offered. The hotel will continue to offer vacation experiences to the individual leisure guest.

The repositioning of the hotel brings unusual experiences and happenings around Pelican Bay. Amongst these is the blowing of a conch shell as the Bahamian flag is lowered from its pole each evening and an amenity of a gold fish in a bowl available to extended stay guests wishing to have this during their stay. Other niceties include complimentary Mimosas at the hotel‟s Sunday Continental Breakfast, mangoes and servings of Bahamian coconut tarts for guests to sample in the hotel‟s lobby.

Pelican Bay is smoke-free and boasts 89 waterside rooms and 93 waterside state rooms, three outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi and Sabor Restaurant and Bar,

located in the garden overlooking the bay; high speed wireless internet connectivity is featured hotel wide. Four acres of colourful, lush tropical gardens with heliconias, bamboo, bananas, palm trees, a butterfly garden, gingers, climbing vines, unique shrubbery and ground covers grace the property.
A big community supporter, Pelican Bay is a major National Trust sponsor for the rebuilding of the foot bridge, sponsor of hotel rooms for Korath Wright, first Bahamian Olympian snowboarder, instructors who teach summer camp at the Grand Bahama Sailing Club, the Premier League summer soccer camp at The Freeport Football Rugby Club and The Devard Darling Football Summer Camp. In addition, Pelican Bay has sponsored Miss Grand Bahama pre and post events, hosted Jeffrey Poitier, who wrote the documentary Voices as the documentary was shown on Grand Bahama Island and was the venue for the taping of VoiceIt, a new youth television programme. Pelican Bay’s lobby is home to a display of art by Bahamian artists.

Pelican Bay’s vision statement is “ The preferred choice for happy meetings and events in The Bahamas. ”

And, its mission statement is, “ With our empowered team, we provide extraordinary guest experiences through a passion for cutting edge service, understanding the needs of our stakeholders, making Pelican Bay the pride of our community and the pulse of The Bahamas. ”

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's not business as usual at the GBPA

The Freeport News

Positive indications have been emanating from the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) since management changes were made earlier this year that everything possible is being done to revive Grand Bahama's ailing economy.

This conclusion was reinforced on Tuesday in a speech delivered to members of the Rotary Club of Lucaya by GBPA President Ian Rolle, who was appointed to that position in February of this year.

GBPA President Ian Rolle

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It's not business as usual at the GBPA

History 101- Answers please.

As our nation (and Island) gears up to celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Independence of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, I thought it would be fitting to go back in time and see how Grand Bahama & in particular Freeport has changed over the decades.
Luckily for me I came across these vintage postcards from a vendor at the Vendors market downtown. 5 for $1!!! WHAT A STEAL.
As you can see things have definitely changed, But what I need is some identification of the people and places shown.
Leave your answers in the comment section. CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE
"Ring Ring, School's in session!"



By James Sarles

For most people, buying a home is the most significant investment of their lives. And in spite of the doubt and confusion clouding both the financial markets and news headlines, there are many genuine real estate opportunities in the Bahamas and Freeport specifically – especially for first-time buyers. Did you know that Permanent residents with the right to work or Bahamians are exempted from Government Stamp Duty on a home purchase if they are first time home owners and the home is of a value under $250,000. On average, housing inventory is up, prices are stable and historical data on our island demonstrates that purchasing a home has proven a sound long-term financial investment. However, first-time homebuyers are often understandably anxious when it comes time to making the purchase. Here is a simple “do and don’t” list to make the process easier for everyone dreaming of homeownership.

• DO utilize the internet to arm you with as much knowledge as possible. For example, research all the real estate web sites to see what’s out there.

• DO explore mortgage pre-approval. Getting this early green light will help others involved with your purchase that you are serious about home ownership – and well-qualified. Go visit the banks and find out what they are willing to lend you.

• DO line up your “all-star” team of professionals before game day. A team of experienced professionals will be key to making the home buying process simple and seamless. Start by interviewing and selecting a real estate agent who you “connect” with. That estate agent should also be able to help you indentify suitable lawyers, banks, home inspectors and others who play a role in the process. Make sure to explore the governments first time home buyers stamp tax incentives.

• DO anticipate your future needs and buy for lifestyle. Try to anticipate how long you’ll live in your next home and plan for major lifestyle changes when possible. What may make a perfect starter home for a couple might not work as well when children come into the picture. Remember, people move for lifestyle reasons and your first home will likely not be your last.

• DO hone in on your housing priorities. Your ideal home may have a porch, a pool, ocean views, a dock on a canal and five full baths. But before you start looking, make sure to separate your “must-haves” from your “nice to haves,” so you know where you can compromise to meet your realistic budget.


• DON’T fall in love with the first house or neighborhood you see. That grand colonial with the picturesque view may win your heart at first glance, but don’t fall in love too fast. You need to keep an open mind to make sure you find the right fit for all your needs. At the end of your search, it may turn out that the smaller home in the gated community is a better bet all-around.

• DON’T buy beyond what you can afford. It’s easy to fall into that all-you-can-eat attitude when it comes to your first home purchase. You “want it all” when it comes to size, amenities, location, etc. But remember that your eyes may have a larger appetite than your wallet. Make sure that the down payment, closing costs, and monthly expenses are truly within your income and savings range before you sign on the dotted line.

• DON’T expect too much. It’s unrealistic and unwise to expect your housing investment to appreciate overnight. Buying for lifestyle, as opposed to trying to turn a quick profit, will help ensure that you are viewing home purchasing and ownership in the right context.

• DON’T try to time the market. By the time most consumers sense a major real estate or financial market shift, the tables have typically already turned. Instead of waiting for a slim and unreliable window of time – and potentially missing out on the perfect home – buyers should focus on their own lifestyles and buy when the time is truly right for them. The markets is softer than it was now so this is a good time to buy. If you keep waiting for the market to get worst you might miss the perfect house.

• DON’T jump into an exotic or confusing mortgage. When it comes to down payments and mortgages, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to read carefully through every aspect of the proposed agreements to fully understand your end of the bargain. Consult your real estate agent and attorney on your deals. Don’t jump into a private Owner Financing Deal for what seems like an attractive rate now may balloon exponentially a few years down the road. So arm yourself with information and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

• DON’T underestimate the value of a trustworthy real estate agent’s on-the-ground expertise. While being a savvy buyer and doing one’s homework will help on the road to homeownership, a local expert with years of negotiating experience is invaluable when it comes to scouting out the perfect home – and closing the deal.

So now you know what to Do and What Not To Do when you buy your first home and for this upcoming weekend here is a little advice… Don’t drink or eat too much and Do Have a great Independence Day Holiday. Until Next Week.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Date announced for this year's 'Just Rush' Junkanoo parade!!!!

Photo by Lyndah Wells

The Freeport News:

Organizers announced late yesterday evening that the date for the much anticipated third annual "Just Rush" Junkanoo Parade is set for Saturday, August 15 along Explorer's Way in downtown, Freeport.

According to Peter Adderley, president of Creative Works and the creator of what has become Grand Bahama's signature event, this year's event will highlight the biggest showdown in junkanoo history, with the defending Boxing Day Champions ValleyBoys in a head-to-head match-up with the New Year's Day winners on Bay Street, Saxons Superstars.

"After all the years of heated rivalry, and the controversy that surrounded the last two parades, when the big boys hit the streets of Freeport, this is it," said Adderley.
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Stellar Reviews for Luciano's Restaurant-

Port Lucaya Marketplace, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
Tel: (242) 373-9100
Trip advisor is one of my favorite sites to visit when I'm planning a trip anywhere in the world. They provide "honest to God" reviews about everything a destination has to offer. These reviews are independent and unbiased, given by visitors to the destination.
So it was nice to see a confirmation of, what we living here on Grand Bahamas already know. Luciano's restaurant, a staple in the Port Lucaya Marketplace has received excellent reviews on trip advisor
Click the link HERE to read in depth reviews.
(No, I don't get paid for this;-))

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Talented Dentist & Photographer buys second home on Grand Bahama

Old Bahama Bay

Bahama Calms

I received a wonderful email in the Taste of Grand Bahama inbox yesterday.
It was from a Mr Kell Gallaher who had recently purchased a second home on Grand Bahama.
He writes "We (my wife & I)became friends with Jamie Sarles during our home search and just love the island as well. I used to make a living as a photographer, but now its just a hobby."

Attached to the email were these two wonderful images he shot in Grand Bahama.

Kell lives in the southeastern United States, just outside of Atlanta Georgia in a town called Gainesville,Georgia and will be visiting here often.
For more of his beautiful photography & information about him visit his site

They Get it in the

I am a big fan of great marketing efforts, and I wanted to share one that I find to be exemplary. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has one of the most comprehensive and well-targeted integrated marketing efforts I’ve seen, encompassing direct marketing and traditional advertising to create a strong integrated marketing communications program.
To make it even easier for people to remember how to find information online, they use the generic domain name – it doesn’t really get any better than that. The Bahamas Islands are a brand, and the Ministry of Tourism leverages their brand online nearly flawlessly.
Read the original article here:
They Get it In The
Please take the time to also read the comments posted under the original article
here's one I cut & Pasted

"Jay Lohmann

June 22nd, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Bahamas has been way ahead of the curve since the mid-90s. Our advertising agency worked with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism years ago and they proved themselves to be a very smart bunch. Glad to that they (and their current ad agency) are getting the recognition they deserve for their current efforts.

Their first site:

J. A. Lohmann

Friday, July 3, 2009

INDEPENDENCE DAY PARTY at Sabor Restaurant & Bar

Sabor Restaurant & Bar in conjunction with Clegg- Missick Events are pleased to announce the Independence Day Party. Guests should look forward to a sexy stylish night with Sabor's signature & sophisticated atmosphere.
Great outdoor nightclub experience without the uptight attitude.
SABOR, taking nightlife to another level.....SSSSSHHHHH IT'S ADDICTIVE!!!
MUSIC: Caribbean rhythm with a funky house mix of SOUKOUS, ZOUK, AFRO CUBAN, AFRO BEAT, CUMBIAN & KOMPA.
V.I.P BEDS AND BOAT DOCKING available only with RSVP
Call your host to RSVP.
DRESS: Dress to impress in sexy INDEPENDENCE DAY COLORS....Be your sexy self!!!
Below are pictures from June 2009 Champagne Summer party

Caption: Above, Promoter Clegg_missick (3rd from right) with guests

Great service by Sabor Staff

Grand Bahama- The 1st All-Inclusive Island

In February 2009, Dave Mackey of The Bahamas Weekly Interviewed the Director General, Ministry of Tourism. Mrs Vernice Walkine who spoke about the plans to develop Grand Bahama as the world's first All-inclusive island for vacationeers.
Now 5 months later the marketing is already underway and the pacakages are available for vacationeers.

Club Grand Bahama - Island Inclusive Experience! Feast on fresh local seafood and steaks at restaurants, snorkel and scuba dive top coral reefs, kayak through mangroves, sail and enjoy cocktails on the ocean at sunset and do it all without opening your wallet! Introducing Club Grand bahama - of the first all-inclusive island destination. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has teamed up with the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board to bring you Club Grand Bahama – a flexible, affordable vacation experience that has redefined the “all-inclusive” vacation.

To suit your budget, Club Grand Bahama packages have been divided into Silver, Gold or Platinum levels, with the number of activities and dining options increasing exponentially with each level. You receive a Club Grand Bahama Card that will be activated at check-in and swiped for meals and activities throughout the vacation.

Watch the interview here

Personally I like this idea & if I didn't already live here, I would book this. I also really like the fact that they are catering for a variety of travellers and are offering wide variety of over 35 tours & attractions that you can participate in. From Shark Diving with UNEXSO to Airboat tours by Bahamas Eco Ventures. Lets hope this works out well & recieves a positive response from businesses on the island and vactioneers alike.
For more information on Club Grand Bahama or to book your Island-inclusive vacation
click here Club Grand Bahama
The Bahamas Weekly also have a detailed post of the Launch which took place yesterday, July 2nd 2009.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Experience the Sizzle of Junkanoo Summer Festival

Experience the real flavor of The Islands Of The Bahamas through our annual Junkanoo Summer Festivals. Providing natives and visitors with a taste of the Christmas Junkanoo celebrations with just a hint of sizzle, this highly anticipated summer event features the best in Bahamian music, food, art and dance.

Pictures from Summer Junkanoo 2008 :Photos by Lyndah Wells

Experience the real flavor of The Islands Of The Bahamas through our annual Junkanoo Summer Festivals. Providing natives and visitors with a taste of the Christmas Junkanoo celebrations with just a hint of sizzle, this highly anticipated summer event features the best in Bahamian music, food, art and dance.

Junkanoo is a uniquely Bahamian cultural expression dating back to the days of slavery. Today, the celebration takes the form of an annual costumed parade held on December 26 and January 1. In this celebration, thousands of Bahamians from all walks of life come together to produce artful costumes, music, and dance routines which are then displayed with great fanfare in street festivals throughout The Islands Of The Bahamas. During the summer celebrations, these parades are peppered with musical acts, art displays, culinary competitions, native food offerings, marching bands and live street .

Following the success of last year's Summer Junkanoo Festival, Ministry of Tourism officials are gearing up for another dynamic cultural experience for the entire family to enjoy.

The festival will be held every Thursday on Grand Bahama at Taino Beach from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. beginning on July 10, and will run until August 8. performances.
Although down-sized "a bit" due to the economic recession, Bethel said the festival will offer some of the same attractions and will even include new and exciting elements for visitors and residents.
On Friday, July 10, the festival will open as an official Independence Day celebration event, featuring performances by the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) pop and marching bands.
Another new element for the festival this year will be an on-site Junkanoo Museum, where visitors can view Junkanoo costumes and even make a small costume to participate in the "Rush Out."
Read the Full Article here
Summer Junkanoo

Sign erected in Williams Town heralds imminent start of work on cruise port

The Freeport News


Government officials have already erected signs notifying residents of Williams Town of their decision to place Grand Bahama's new cruise ship facility in that settlement.

The sign, which has been in place for more than a week, reads: "Take notice that pursuant to section 4 of the Acquisition of Land Act... it appears to the Minister responsible for the acquisition and disposition of lands (Hubert Ingraham) that the land described ... is likely to be needed for the public purpose of promoting the tourist traffic of The Bahamas and providing increased harbour and dock facilities and for uses related hereto."

The sign went on to inform residents that persons are now authorized to carry out several activities including the surveying of the land, digging in to the land, clearing the land, setting out boundaries, and any other acts necessary to determine whether the land is suitable for the purpose outlined.

As the government moves ahead with its plans, residents appear to be in full support of the proposed cruise port being in that area.

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New GB cruise port may soon become a reality

The Freeport News - ‎Jul 1, 2009‎

Though talks of a new cruise port for Grand Bahama has been in the works for some time, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham announced this week that it may become a reality sooner than most thought.

During his address in the House of Assembly on Monday, Ingraham named Williams Town as the designated site for the proposed $100 million port and said the government is looking for a strategic partner to build it.

"My government is also pursuing the strategy of engaging a major strategic cruise line partner, with respect to the development of a new cruise port on Grand Bahama," he said.

Word of the new cruise port was introduced back in February during the Grand Bahama Business Outlook event at the Our Lucaya Resort, when Carnival Cruiseline executive Giora Israel revealed that the government was seeking a possible location.

At that time, Israel said Carnival Cruiseline would be happy to make whatever investment is needed to get the cruise port off the ground.

Israel said he has been in talks with the government since 1997, when he first shared his vision of the development of a new cruise port which would have the potential of establishing the island as a major new cruise destination.

He added that the passing of the late Edward St. George did slow down the progress of that development.

Watch the interview here.

Read the rest of the article by clicking this link

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Lucaya Resort, Bahamas, Affiliates With Radisson

GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND Radisson Hotels & Resorts today announced the addition of the Radisson Our Lucaya Resort, Grand Bahama Island, a 740-room landmark resort located in the heart of Grand Bahama Island. The AAA four-diamond oceanfront resort was converted to the Radisson brand, establishing Radisson's presence in the Bahamas and strengthening the brand's impressive resort portfolio in the Caribbean. Radisson currently operates two world-class resort properties in Aruba and St Martin.

The Radisson Our Lucaya Resort, Grand Bahama Island is owned by Hutchison Lucaya Limited, a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, based in Hong Kong. The resort is managed by Harbour Plaza Hotel Management Limited.

To celebrate the new affiliation, the hotel is offering a special $139 per night rate (plus taxes and fees) that includes green fees at either of the resort's premier, championship golf courses, good now through Sept. 7, 2009.

"Radisson is focused on building a vibrant new market positioning through the addition of major upscale properties such as this stunning oceanfront resort in the Bahamas," said Fredrik Korallus, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Radisson Hotels & Resorts. "The outstanding facilities of the resort, combined with our passion to deliver distinctive "Yes I Can!" service, will give travelers to the Caribbean an exceptional hospitality experience."

"We are delighted to be part of the Radisson Caribbean resort portfolio and look forward to building our reputation as a premier destination resort in the Caribbean," said Ms. Veronica Clarke, Resort Manager. "The strength of the Radisson brand in the Caribbean and globally will be key elements in building our future business success."

The Radisson Our Lucaya Resort, Grand Bahama Island features 740 elegantly designed guestrooms and suites with sweeping panoramic ocean and island views. The comfortable, contemporary resort is inspired by Art-Deco style and its own sun-drenched tropical location. The resort itself is divided into two different wings, each with a distinct personality. The main building, Breakers Cay, is at the focus of activities while the resort's exclusive Lanai Suites looks over its own private beachfront. Lighthouse Pointe rests at the end of the resort, providing even more privacy.

The resort is located just 55 miles off the Florida coast on a 7.5-acre white sandy beach where guests can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing and sailing. The resort is home to two of the finest golf courses in The Bahamas - The Reef Golf Course and Lucayan Country Club, designed by renowned golf architects Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Dick Wilson, respectively. Both 18-hole, par-72 golf courses have hosted numerous championship games, including the PGA's Bahamas National Open and the Senior PGA's Grand Slam.

The resort offers exciting options for night life at a Vegas-style casino, featuring 400 slot machines and 30 gaming tables. Nearby Port Lucaya Marketplace provides nightly entertainment, coming alive amid a flurry of bright local costumes and heart-thumping Caribbean beats. Resort amenities include four incredible swimming pools and Jacuzzis, as well as a 25,000-square-foot Spa & Fitness Center offering state-of-the-art equipment and fitness classes. The Spa offers relaxing massages and skin treatments, and also features a Beauty Salon.

The hotel provides 90,000-square-feet of flexible meeting space, inclusive of a 40,000 square-foot Convention Center, all featuring wireless Internet access. The Radisson Our Lucaya Resort Event Coordinators can organize all details of meetings, conventions and events.

The resort also includes nine unique restaurants and lounges offering Caribbean specialties, fine steaks and chops, and Pan-Asian cuisine. Other special offerings include an Infinity pool, lap pool, cigar bar, Plantation Coffee Kiosk, the Great Lawn, and wedding gazebos.
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