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(PHOTOS) Junkanoo Summer Festival 2010 the best yet!

Photo © 2009 Lyndah Wells

By Nathaniel Lewis, The Freeport News

Freeport, Bahamas - The final night of Junkanoo Summer Festival took place on July 29th of what was said to be the best night yet. The annual favourite for locals and tourists keeps getting bigger and better since moving to the idyllic location of Taino Beach in Grand Bahama Island.

Over the four week event patrons of the Festival enjoyed a nature trail; bush tea tasting; excursions out to the Ghost ship which was featured in the German production of The Sea Wolf (Der Seewolf); live entertainment in the way of Junkanoo rushoout, marching bands, the Bahamian sounds of KB, Stileeto, Ancient Man, Terez Hepburn and many others; Bahamian folk dancing; and the best tasting Bahamian food.

To quote The Freeport News , General Manager of Business Development at the Ministry of Tourism on Grand Bahama, Betty Bethel said,

"The response was excellent. The move to Taino Beach made for a much better experience, not just for the visitors but also the local residents that attended.

"The response has been awesome and every year we try to make the event even better than the year before," said Bethel.

"Our Nature trail takes place out on the Taino Beach Park. They are taken on tour by our People-to-Peole volunteers."

"They are able to get an appreciation for the type of foliage that grows here in The Bahamas and the various uses of some of the foliage."

"They are shown the five-fingers and the fever grass and in the end they are told what some of the medicinal purposes of those herbs are and they also get to sample some of the bush tea drinks at the end of the tour" she said.

The Ministry of Tourism is holding the event over the weekend with Jazz Music Night on Friday, July 30th hosted by Cool 96 FM DJ Paul 'CWM' Francis (Crazy White Man) and the park and vendors will again be open for visitors on holiday Monday, August 2nd for the finale day of Junkanoo Summer Festival.
Visit to see photos by Natalia Gonzales

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Police Force employs new crime fighting initiatives

BIS Photo by Vandyke Hepburn


Freeport News Reporter

Freeport, Grand Bahama- The Grand Bahama District of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) is working on several initiatives to help in the fight against crime on the island.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Quinn McCartney, while addressing members of the Freeport LIONS Club on Tuesday evening, told attendees that the district has been relatively successful in living up to its mandate in making The Bahamas a safer place to live.

While he acknowledged challenges within the district, including a one-officer-to-100-residents ratio, McCar-tney said that with the committed and dedicated officers they will continue to make a difference in our community.

McCartney revealed that plans are presently underway to establish a "Tex-A-Cop" program that will allow residents to submit information to police via a cellphone text message.

"This is the technology that young people are using today and we would then be able to respond to what is being sent to us so we need to use methods that the young people use.

"They may not have the courage to call but they can send us a text message and this would be much more effective," he explained.

Additionally, McCartney said that the Police Department has recently established a victim support unit as a part of the outreach in the community.

"Victims and survivors of crime are counselled and supported by officers attached to that section," he said.

"Oftentimes when a loved one is killed, officers now go and sit down and talk with the family during this time. The victim might have even been a criminal but we still go and offer that support.

"This would hopefully lessen their pain and strengthen them. We are able to get valuable information in addition to providing support. We are finding that to be a very effective tool."

He informed that this support service has garnered positive feedback and helped to strengthen the police presence in the various communities.

McCartney also disclosed that there is an effort to increase the number of foot and mobile patrol on the island as this serves as a preventative mechanism to crime.

"Studies have shown that persons are less inclined to commit a crime if they know the police is nearby.

"While we cannot be everywhere on this large island, we believe that if we can make our presence felt on a consistent basis and if persons can estimate the time when police will be in their area, hopefully the criminals will not be as brave, daring or bold to try and enter your homes or commit crimes."

He noted that the addition of the new and improved vehicles will enable officers to better serve residents and allow the police to be more visible.

"We will also be able to respond more quickly to the calls. This is a constant complaint that we get and we are hoping to be able to respond quickly and increase patrol in those hot spot areas to minimize and reduce the fear of crime."

The force he said is taking nothing for granted especially during these times and a proactive approach is being taken on "intelligence-led policing' with greater emphasis being placed on information gathering through the use of informants, crime analysis, suspect surveillance and community partnership.

"The information you provide is analyzed and categorized. We hope that as a result of this we can turn that information into intelligence which can help to guide our investigation and devise our strategies.

"This has been a critical pillar of our organization and we have seen marked increases in our success in better crime protection, also crime prevention," he said.

McCartney told LIONS' club members that everyone is responsible for policing the communities that they live in and all must do a part to keep this island safe.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Hallelujah!' Peace is official for Grand Bahama Port Authority as Court of Appeal hears all parties agree to end feud

By Scott Armstrong / Nassau Guardian Business Editor

"Hallelujah, hallelujah!" Those were the words which signaled the end of the four-year legal battle which has raged over the Grand Bahama Port Authority. It's a feud which has racked up tens of millions of dollars in legal bills over the years, but finally yesterday the Court of Appeal gratefully received the news from counsel that all parties had signed a consent order ending all litigation.

It puts Grand Bahama and its port authority in the undiscovered land that is a future clear of legal threats and counter threats and it means that now Sir Jack Hayward and the St George family can move forward as one to seek a buyer to revitalize Freeport's fortunes.

Yesterday was the final part of the peace process which started back in April when Sir Jack and the St George family agreed to put aside their differences and seek a common solution.

The prospect of the Court of Appeal reopening the whole can of worms, and the ensuing millions more in legal bills, was one of the unifying factors, with Sir Jack describing the whole affair as "bloody stupid." Justices Christopher Blackman, Sir George Newman and Stanley John were told that all parties involved in the multi-layered litigation had now signed the consent order ending the fight.

Those parties included Sir Jack Hayward and the Hayward family trust, the estate of Edward St George, the Grand Bahama Port Authority itself, former Port Authority chairman Hannes Babak, Port Group Limited, the Cayman Island's based holding company Intercontinental Diversified Corporation which holds Sir Jack's 50 percent stake in the authority, Fiduciary Management Services, which owns 50 percent of shares in the IDC and Seashells Investments which owns the other 50 percent of IDC.

On Monday, Seashells indicated it was refusing to sign the consent order because of some disputed wording but after the justices warned that they would close the matter without their involvement they relented.

Damian Gomez, brief for Fred Smith, and acting on behalf of Caroline St George, told the justices: "I am happy to report that peace has broken out and that the entirety of the parties have agreed to sign the draft order. I am hopeful this accords with the bench's wishes and we can now close the book on this."

By way of response Justice Blackman said: "The consent order initialed by the parties is approved hereby and adopted as an order of the court. Hallelujah, hallelujah."

Sir Jack and Sarah St George are now working together as equal partners in a bid to bring "a new era of cooperation and prosperity for Freeport and the island of Grand Bahama".

SOURCE: Nassau Guardian, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tornado Struck Port Workers Minutes After Warning

Labour Minister Dion Foulkes (Journal file photo)


Workers at the Freeport Container Port (FCP) were only given a three-minute warning before that deadly tornado hit Grand Bahama on March 29.

On Monday, Labour Minister Dion Foulkes tabled a 33-page report compiled by International Labour Organization (ILO) expert Jacques Obadia.

According to the report, the Port was not made aware of possible tornado activity on the island until 11:17 a.m.

"The tornado struck the FCP at approximately 11:20 a.m. and was gone before 11:30 a.m.," the report added.

Despite finding major shortcomings, deficiencies and downfalls at the FCP, an investigation by a renowned occupational health and safety expert said there is no telling if the deaths and injuries that occurred in the March 29 Grand Bahama tornado could have been avoided.

Following the tornado, the Ministry of Labour commissioned an independent investigation to review the incident.

Despite a cloud of controversy surrounding his involvement with the investigation and claims that he "would not be fair in the investigations," Mr. Obadia conducted his probe from May 10 to 14.

Almost immediately after the tornado FCP owners were blamed for the deaths.

Many cited unsafe working conditions.

In the report, Mr. Obadia noted major inefficiencies and shortcomings on the FCP’s part.

"In the case at issue, the emergency preparedness and the FCP’s safety organisation were geared to cater to extreme weather conditions in the form of hurricanes and other storms and not for sudden events such as the tornado incident at issue," the report said.

"Among the facts that the expert (Mr. Obadia) has been able to determine as a result of the investigation, reference is made to the absence of an inefficient system for detecting and relaying adequate and appropriate information to the workers in the FCP regarding the relevant weather conditions. This is regrettable and should be avoided."

But he said due to the unpredictable nature of tornadoes, "it is improbable that the existence of a more efficient weather relaying system could have had a significant impact to prevent the events on March 29 in the FCP."

Around 11:20 that morning the tornado ripped through the island and was gone in less than 10 minutes.

In the aftermath, Container Port workers, 45-year-old Cleveland Lowe, 41-year-old Michael Young and 23-year-old Shawn Saunders were killed and several others were injured.

The report said according to prescribed safety procedures, the weather conditions were such that the cranes should have been pinned down, but they were not.

Mr. Obadia’s report added that, again, given the random acts of tornadoes, it is "impossible to determine whether the outcome of the incident would have been less or more severe in terms of injuries to employees and property damage if all or at least two of the cranes had been pinned down."

The report also found that there were shortcomings in the communications systems, the emergency response equipment was partially deficient, all required safety training apparently had not been carried out and the nature and severity of the incoming thunderstorm reached the FCP with insufficient time to fully secure the terminal.

"These shortcomings need to be addressed as a matter of urgency, as they may have an incidence on the general level of emergency preparedness in the port," the report said. "In the case at issue, however, it is the view of the expert that due to the brevity of the incident these shortcomings did not have any significant impact on the outcome."

Mr. Obadia noted that although it might be difficult to significantly increase the level of preparedness for a tornado passage and to mitigate its impact, a strong emphasis on prevention might improve the FCP’s safety level under normal or less extreme weather conditions.

The occupational health and safety expert also made other recommendations.

"The availability of a focused and well promoted regulatory framework, as well as the establishment of effective social dialogue, the provision and effective carrying out of occupational safety and health training, the development of skills and timely access to reliable knowledge are critical elements in a successful management of occupational health and safety and a building if a safety culture, both at the national and enterprise levels," the report said.

The report also made recommendations for the government.

"The Occupational Safety and Health is governed under the 2002 Health and Safety at Work Act. While the act has a good general framework, it can be strengthened by the development of regulations specific to different economic sectors," the report said.

"Consideration should be given to amending the Health and Safety at Work Act in order to more closely accord with the provisions of the ILO’s Safety and Health Convention, The Bahamas should formally ratify the main Occupational Safety and Health Convention 198 and Protocol 2002 related to recording occupational accidents."

The report said The Bahamas should also develop a set of technical regulations defining occupational health and safety requirements for particular occupations and hazards and strengthen and expand the Occupational Health and Safety training of labour inspectors.

"The Bahamas should participate in regional occupational safety networking systems which are designed to exchange information," the report said.

The report also suggested that government officials advance the professional certification of occupational health and safety practitioners in order to ensure that skills and experience in this area are updated periodically.

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VIDEO!!! 6 Pine Island, Old Bahama Bay, Listing 5560, Listing ID: 5560
Price: $3,450,000

Address: #6 Pine Island, Old Bahama Bay
Subdivision: West Grand Bahama
City: West End
Lot: 6
Beds: 5
Baths: 3.5
Square Feet: 5,000
Zoning: Single Family

Picture Perfect


Tribune Features Writer

WHEN Detroit natives, Duke Wells and his wife Lisa Wells, came to the Bahamas and settled in at Popop studios Centre for the Visual Arts residency program nine months ago, they didn't just want to take a few photos of the beautiful landscapes and scenery.

They wanted to initiate a plan that would change the way photography is classified in the Bahamas. On that note they came together with a group of Bahamian photographers to put on a photo exhibit at the gallery. The exhibit intends to raise the awareness of photography in the Bahamas.

The photographers all share a common goal and hope to raise the standard of the craft. The showcase makes a bold statement, and is validation that photography should be taken seriously as a fine art in the Bahamas.

This is the first time a group of Bahamian photographers have come together in an collaboration like this.

Mr Wells is very passionate about taking the craft to another level. He told Tribune Arts that the exhibit displays photography in a light not usually seen.

"My wife and I have been at Popopstudios for about 8-9 months and we wanted to come together with other artists to bring awareness. We want to show people that there is more to photography than taking friendly photos like the ones you put up on facebook, or using them as decor," he said.

The photographs on display are not the usual fare. They are artistic and show the photographer's mastery of the craft.

The show features powerful emotionally stimulating images from Roland Rose's vibrant black and white images, and Richard Hokmier's captivating "Angel" to Ben Jamieson haunting image of a carnival lot at dusk.

"The exhibition demonstrates that the power of photography is ever increasing in the Bahamas."

Mr Wells said evidence is all around of the way photography is regarded. And he said , that perspective is what he wants to see changed more than ever.

"I understand that government spent $2 million dollars on the project at the airport and photography wasn't a part of that. Even the murals on Bay Street, photography wasn't a part of that. And that just goes to show where photography is at in the Bahamas."

"We thought Popop Studios should raise the consciousness toward fine arts photography. We want to get it out of the box and we want to take it up a notch so that it can take it's rightful place next to visual arts," he said.

The work of photographers including Lyndah Wells, Roland Rose, Richard Hokmier, Ben Jamieson, Sabrina Lightbourn, Patricia Vazquez, Dede Brown, Lisa Wells, and Duke Wells will be on display.

The opening reception will take place tomorrow evening at Popopstudios Center for the Visual Arts located 26 Dunmore Avenue, Chippingham. The exhibit will be up until August 6.

For more information contact 322-7834.

Ginn West End Foundation sponsors West End Youth at Sailing Camp

The campers were taught the protocol of sailing and the race rules, before their final race held on Friday. Photo: V.I.P. Services Ltd.

24 participants from the West End Eco-Fishing camp were selected to attend the sailing classes, which included 2 former Eco-Fishing campers from the Eight Mile Rock Boys Brigade. In order to accommodate this large group size, two separate training sessions had to be scheduled. The first session ran from July 12th – July 23rd and the second group of 11 West Enders will commence on July 26th and run until August 6th. The camp runs for a two week period, Monday to Friday, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 3:30 p.m each day. The curriculum includes the fundamentals of sailing, a different and most exciting sport activity.

The first thirteen children selected for the 1st session of the sailing camp were - Trevesia Rolle, Cameron Grant, Donta Taylor, Deandre Moxey, Jacob Garvey, Patriquo Hanna, Thomas Rolle, Kenneth Davis, Travontae Cooper, Travay Cooper, Travis Russell, Tyrell Lawrence and Brandon Simmons.

 The campers were able to take command of their sailboats, thus achieving a milestone victory! Photo: G.B. Sailing Club – Camp 2010

Two sailing instructors from Texas A&M Matthew McBride and Katie Bodolus, offered excellent instruction to the youth. They are members of their university sailing teams. Ms. Bodolus serves as the Women's Team Captain. Both McBride and Bodolus hold Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid certificates and have taught Opti sailing at Lakewood Yacht Club. They were assisted during the camp by three teenagers from Grand Bahama.
Hands-on sailing lessons were given in the Discovery Bay canal whereby participants’ abilities were tested. Activities assigned were based on observed abilities and designed to challenge the youth to become comfortable on their sailing vessel.

“Overall, 77 children will benefit from the sailing camp, 50 of which received sponsorships. Other participants won their spot by winning an essay competition stating ‘Why do I want to attend the sailing camp’?” stated Sarah Rolle, organizer of the camp and GB Sailing Club executive member.

Back row – In the back row are Sailing Assistants – Zari Rolle, Andrew Hindley, Tiffany Mucklow, Alex Ferguson. Third row - Chris Paine - G.B. Sailing Club, Jerreth Rolle – Ginn West End Foundation, Linda Barry-Cooper- West End Eco-Fishing Camp, Travay Cooper, Carol Moxey, Thomas Rolle, Keith Cooper –West End Eco-Fishing Camp, and Katie Bodolus and Matthew McBride - Sailing Instructors. Second row- Sarah Rolle – G.B. Sailing Club, Travis Russell (8 Mile Rock, Boys Brigade), Donta Taylor, Deandre Moxey-showing his 1st Place Award, Travontae Cooper First row -Kenneth Davis, Trevesia Rolle, Patriquo Hanna, and Cameron Grant Photo: V.I.P. Services Ltd.

When asked what they thought about the sailing camp, 12 year old Deandre Moxey stated, “ I think it is a great idea to help the West End children and find something different to do this summer. I have enjoyed the camp very much.”

Travis Russell who is 13 years old was eager to say, “The camp is fun; I have learnt plenty things about the water and have seen many animal life in the ocean from the boat. We have learnt all the parts of the boats and how to sail them”.

Trevesia Rolle, the youngest camper at age 8, went on to name and describe all of the parts of the laser boats. “This is exciting”, she said and with the smile on her face, you knew she meant it!
Camp ended Friday, July 23rd with a race, followed by a pizza party and then an awards ceremony, honouring the camp’s high achievers!

1st Place Optimus Regatta Winner was West End Camper Deandre Moxey.

In addition, he received the Sir Jack Hayward Sportsmanship Award---the highest Award received by any Camper

1 st Place Laser Winner was Tom Paine

2 nd Place Optimus Winner was Eric Nabb

2 nd Place Laser Winner was Max Paolini

3rd Place (Bronze) in Laser Competition was Thomas Rolle, Bonefish Foley's Grandson

3rd Place (Bronze) in Optimus Competition was Travontae Cooper, West End camper

The following is a Thank You Letter from Travis Russell of West End:

Name: Travis Russeli Date: 18th, July 2010 In Appreciation To The Ginn Company

Hi, My name is Travis Russell, and I'm one of the boys you sponsored to attend the G.B Sailing Camp.

The young sailors had full responsibility for the opti boats assigned to them, which included getting them ready for launching. Photo: V.I.P. Services Ltd. 

 I'm writing to express my gratitude that you have shown to us here in Grand Bahama and in particular The Boys Brigade

I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience about sailing over the past week that I can use to benefit me in my later years, and for this I am very grateful to you.

The first day I went to the G.B Sailing Camp I was really confused with everything about sailing but later that day they explained several things to us which began to make it clearer.

The second day we learned how to flip the boat back over once you've capsized and how to use the Bailer to take out any water in your sail boat. We also learned about Luffing and going into Irons, they're both mostly the same thing because both mean going directly into the wind. We also learned about ail the parts of a sail boat such as: The Rutter, The Tiller, Dagger Board, The Boom, The Main Sheet, Your Bailer, and many more.

The third day we were taught about the sails how to hook them up and how to assemble your own boat and were taught many more things. Later they let us go in the pool for the rest of the day.

The fourth day we were taught towing. Towing is when a boat carries another boat with one rope tied to each boat. Later that day they towed us out to sea to try and catch better wind for our sails but the current was too strong and I was pulling us back, and during that time we saw dolphins a little far off all we could have seen their heads just bursting out of the water.

The fifth day was the best of all. We went tubing, swimming and sailing. To me the tubing was the highlight of the day. Matthew (Instructor) was going really fast and the tube twisted and everyone fell off of the tube into the water that was exciting and really funny to watch.

And In Conclusion I Just Want To Say Thank You for What You've Done.

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Featured Listing-15 Duchesses Place, 300 sq. ft, 4 Bed, 4 Bath

  • #15 Duchesses Place
  • 3,300 sq. ft.
  • 4 Bed, 4 Bath
  • $463,000
  • Listing ID#5131

Gorgeous Home situated in residential neighborhood. Cathedral ceilings complete this gorgeous home along with 4 bedrooms and four bathrooms, Ideal home for a family. Large pool with a covered patio area is ideal for entertaining or casual evening dinners. A large oversized yard gives plenty of space to roam. The home is fully furnished.

Featured Listing-Fortune Bay Single Family Lot 21,184 Square Feet

  • Fortune Bay Single Family Lot
  • 21,184 Square Feet
  • $219,000
  • Listing ID#5544

Canal lot located near the beautiful white sandy beach of Taino Beach, you can enjoy the comfort of only being minutes away from the Port Lucaya Marketplace, grocery stores and downtown

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LeBron James Takes His Talents to the Bahamas

7/19/2010 4:03 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

With his self-promotion tour now complete, LeBron James ventured down to the Bahamas with his girlfriend for a little R&R ... and showed off a shockingly relevant tattoo on his body.

Bahamas Society of Engineers tours industrial plants in GB

FREEPORT - The Bahamas Society of Engineers travelled to Grand Bahama where they toured various industrial plants and met with Freeport-based engineers to explore issues of common interest.

The group of Nassau engineers visited Goldrock, The Grand Bahama Shipyard, Vopak (BORCO), Polymers International and the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co.

Michael Moss, chairman of the professional Engineers Board, addressed members of the BSE at a luncheon held at Ruby Swiss Restaurant.

Mr Moss stated that, after four decades, engineering registration in the Bahamas is now a reality for the profession.

Although an act to regulate the engineering profession was first passed in 2004, no board was appointed. The act was amended in 2006 and a board was established. Finally, a further amendment was passed in 2009, establishing a new transitional board.

According to Mr Moss, a substantive board will be appointed by the minister with responsibility for the act to replace the PEB (transitional board).


The minister, he said, is required to secure two recommendations each from the Bahamas Society of Engineers and the Bahamas Institute of Professional Engineers.

Mr Moss reported that 131 individuals were ratified for registration by the transitional board.

He noted that of the 131, there were 93 single disciplines, 26 double disciplines, nine triple disciplines, and three quadruple disciplines registration ratifications.

"It is also noted that a number of individuals applied for registration in five disciplines. I suppose, in the medical field, this would equate to individuals specialising in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, and paediatrics all at the same time," he said.

Mr Moss noted that registration ratifications for civil engineering were far more than in any other discipline. There were a few ratifications for Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, he said.

The PEB chairman also reported that there were more rejected applicants for registration in marine engineering than in any other discipline.

Mr Moss stated that there are three issues that demand immediate attention - the issuance of seals, registration certificates, and the establishment of appropriate examination criteria to facilitate registration of applicants.


He revealed that the transitional board has already completed a seal design and secured pricing for the seal.

The board had also contracted the service of a reputable agency to design a suitable logo for the registration certificates, he added.

Chairman Moss also stated that assistance has been sought from NCEES to ensure that appropriate examinations can be put in place.

As major provisions in the act should now take full effect, Moss warned that individuals who have not been registered and who seek to engage in the practice of professional engineering in the Bahamas will be practising illegally.

He said the board will ensure that government agencies, such as the Ministry of Public Works, the Water and Sewerage Corporation, the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, and quasi-government institutions such as the Grand Bahama Port Authority as well as major enterprises engaged in engineering in the Bahamas are made fully aware of the act's implications.

Minister Neko Grant noted that the term of transitional board expired on June 30, 2010.

He thanked chairman Moss, the Registrar and other members of the transitional board for their efforts and contributions to advance the implementation of the Professional Engineers Act and its amendments to this stage.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bahamian Brewery & Beverage celebrates High Rock Gold Quality Award

By Sarah Kirkby - Barefoot Marketing

Pictured proudly showing off their High Rock Gold medal from the 49th World Quality Selections are some of the Grand Bahama Bahamian Brewery & Beverage team; Hazel Springer, Lab Manager, Dieter Stich, Brewmaster, James 'Jimmy' Sands, CEO, Lorenzo Johnson, Assistant Brewmaster and Donny Delahey, GB Brewery Manager. "This team and my Grand Bahama staff are the real reasons behind the gold award,” noted CEO Sands. “They are on our line everyday ensuring that each time we brew we match the standards we have set. This award shows that what we are brewing here in Grand Bahama is a consistent product that meets the standards of international brewery's around the world. My team here have exceeded my expectations!” (Photo by Erik Russell for Barefoot Marketing)

 Freeport, Grand Bahama – The Bahamian Brewery & Beverage team were in HIGH spirits over the July 10th weekend, not just for the Independence celebrations, but also in celebration of their GOLD win from the Monde Selection Committee.
“I’m elated,” said James ‘Jimmy’ Sands, CEO of Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co., “I knew we could do this! I’m so proud today that Bahamians won a gold. This is quite an achievement for a small country! To achieve a gold on our first submission, its fantastic!”

High Rock, which only launched in November of last year, received the prestigious Monde Selection Gold Quality Award in May 2010. The 49th World Selections, which tests consumer goods throughout the world, awarded High Rock this rare honour on its first submission.

The Monde Selections have been testing quality products since 1961 and their criteria for testing have been compared to Michelin stars for restaurants worldwide. The stamp of approval from Monde means you are producing international recognized quality products measured for quality, taste and successful branding.

This year 2,400 products were submitted for testing from over 80 countries and 850 different companies. According to the Monde Selection Committee, products receive points, and depending on the number of points earned, products will receive the according quality award, either a Grand Gold Quality Award, a Gold Quality Award, a Silver Quality Award or the Bronze Quality Award.”

Now, with High Rock's first gold award, the brewery team has decided to change the beer's label to incorporate this win. “We have just approved the new label with the gold award on it,” noted Sands. “These new labels will start going on our product in short order and we will use them in our advertising straight away.”
This new symbol of quality has really put a great cap on the success of the High Rock brand, the fourth beer launched by the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company in Grand Bahama. “This award puts us in line with brewery’s that are both well known and Internationally recognized,” added Sands. “The gold quality rating shows that our product meets the high standards set by the seven independent experts in the food and beverage field.”

To say that CEO Sands is proud of his staff is a real understatement. “Our Brewmaster, Dieter Stich, Assistant Brewmaster, Lorenzo Johnson, Hazel Springer, the brewery’s Lab Manager and Donny Delahey our Brewery Manager are the real reasons behind the gold award,” he noted. “They are on our line everyday ensuring that each time we brew we match the standards we have set. This award shows that what we are brewing here in Grand Bahama is a consistent product that meets the standard of international beers around the world. My team here has exceeded my expectations!”

The new High Rock bottles will hit the market in the near future and will showcase the Monde Gold seal on all the bottles. The Monde recognition is a highly coveted rating that companies seek to have for their products. “Grand Bahamians should be really proud today, one of their own products, named by Bahamians and brewed by Bahamians has TRULY succeeded!”

Brewery INFO:

Grand Bahama’s “Truly Bahamian” brewery opened in 2007 with the launch of its first beer SANDS. The 20-acre brewery is located at the intersection of Queen’s Highway and Grand Bahama Way and is a 100% Bahamian owned business. The brewery also produces Triple B, a natural malt drink, sold via Asa H Pritchard Distributors, as well as STRONG BACK, SANDS LIGHT and HIGH ROCK. Bahamian Brewery and Beverage team currently employs just over 60 staff and expanded its operation into Nassau in 2008, opening a capital-based distribution centre at Kelly’s Liquor Store on Wulff Road. All Bahamian Brewery & Beverage products are also available at Bristol Wines & Spirits locations, Simms Brothers, Jimmy’s Liquor Store and truly Bahamian restaurants and bar locations.

Going Green: Support foreign economies or keep the green right here? The choice is yours

By Cheri Wood / Bahamas National Trust

If there was a product that many of us use that was manufactured right here on the island and was made from 100% Grand Bahama waste, would you buy it or would you prefer to continue to contribute to the profits of a foreign country?

We all know that Grand Bahama has a lot of opportunity for improvement in the Green arena. The amount of waste that ends up in our local landfill is unacceptable and down right depressing. However, there are business practices, people, and companies who are making a huge difference when it comes to our environmental and economical sustainability, so why not support them and keep the Green right here.

Bahama Organic Mulch is a local product that makes sense for our environment and our pocket books. This product has eliminated thousands of pallets, tons of post-construction scrap wood, and piles of pine forest waste from ending up on our roadsides and in our landfill. The mulch is produced locally by DAPL Farms which creates jobs and keeps money on Grand Bahama. The product is being carried by local suppliers including Kelly’s and Dolly Madison and the consumer cost is no greater than other mulches being imported from foreign countries.

Every step in the process of producing Bahama Mulch benefits Grand Bahama. Businesses who previously paid to have their pallets dumped in the local landfill have been able to reduce or completely eliminate this expense. The same goes for construction sites that accumulate piles of scrap wood. Same deal- DAPL will take the scrap wood and turn it into a useful product that people buy every day. There is no catch. Everybody wins.
The process used to convert wood waste into mulch is quite fascinating. Everything is recycled, even nails! The machine that grinds the pallets also separates the nails which are then put in containers and filled with salt water. Over time, the salt water disintegrates the nails and produces a liquid solution that is high in iron. Once cured, this solution is used to supply the soil at the farm with much needed minerals. Nothing is wasted and nothing ends up in the bush or the landfill.

Bahama Organic Mulch is a local product that makes sense for our environment and our pocket books. This product has eliminated thousands of pallets, tons of post-construction scrap wood, and piles of pine forest waste from ending up on our roadsides and in our landfill. The mulch is produced locally by DAPL Farms which creates jobs and keeps money on Grand Bahama.

 In addition to manufacturing Bahama Mulch from local waste, DAPL Farms is constantly looking for other opportunities to recycle and re-use. Recently, they partnered with the Bahamian Brewery to assist with the brewery’s cardboard waste. It should be noted that the Brewery has phenomenal processes for reusing and reducing the waste they produce, including donating all of their clean cardboard to local schools. The one waste item that has been a challenge for them is the used cardboard cases that are brought back to the brewery as part of their bottle return program. These cases are usually in poor condition and they are not clean enough to be re-used. Over 5000 cases of bottles are returned each month, so you can imagine the pile-up of used cardboard. DAPL Farms is now using this cardboard as a soil additive. The cardboard eventually disintegrates, but in the process it provides fill and moisture to the soil. And the Brewery, well they just eliminated the costs associated with bringing this waste to the landfill, while adding one more positive note to their long list of green business practices.

In addition to manufacturing Bahama Mulch from local waste, DAPL Farms is constantly looking for other opportunities to recycle and re-use.

Lucaya Nursery is also on board with supporting Bahama Mulch. They stated that it makes good business sense to support local partners versus going outside the country when we have a viable economically sensible choice right on the island. The mulch also fits in well with the nursery’s existing organic product line of pest control products and fertilizers. Lucaya Nursery also encourages customers to return their plastic pots from previously purchased plants instead of throwing them away. So don’t throw out your plant pots, just bring them back to the nursery and they will gladly accept them as part of their environmental re-use program.

Grand Bahama might have a long way to go when it comes to being considered Green, but we ARE getting there. Together people ARE making a difference.

So here’s your green challenge for the week. If you are gardening make sure you are buying local mulch and returning all of your plastic pots to the local nursery. If you’re not gardening, at least make sure you’re supporting green businesses and our local economy by buying beer from the local brewery. So plant a garden or sip a Sands, is that too much to ask?

Cheri Wood recently retired from Bank of America and has now permanently relocated to Grand Bahama. Her career of over 20 years in corporate America included serving in various capacities including training, marketing, sales, quality control, risk assessment, communications and operational management. While performing her regular job responsibilities, Cheri also served several years as the president of the Environmental Network for the Bank of America in the State of Rhode Island. Her experience in the environmental arena includes project management and coordination of volunteer events on local and national levels throughout the United States. Over the years she has worked closely with organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, the Audubon Society, the Rhode Island Rivers’ Council, and in 2010 Cheri was elected as secretary of the GB Branch of the Bahamas National Trust. Serving in her voluntary role with the Bahamas National Trust, Cheri is involved with increasing recycling on the island, promoting green practices with local businesses, educating the community on the importance of preserving the environment, and serving as a resource for those who wish to participate in environmental opportunities on local and international levels.

BORCO Foundation Announces Progess on Welding School

Freeport, Grand Bahama - The BORCO Foundation Board announces the signing of a contract with a local construction company for the renovations of two buildings which will be the home of the BORCO Foundation Technical School which is expected to commence operations on September 6th, 2010. The Technical School will be located in the Old Hawksbill High School complex.

The Board further announced that an agreement has been concluded with a US based company for the acquisition of two fully equipped containerized mobile units for the training, testing and certification of welders that will support the training program.

The six month program will be free of charge. The application process and entry requirements will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

About BORCO International Ltd

BORCO provides storage of petroleum products for a number of international clients with a present capacity of 21.4 million barrels. BORCO also offers blending, transshipment and bunkering services. The terminal is located in Freeport,
Grand Bahama, just 80 miles off the coast of Florida, and is the largest storage terminal in the Caribbean.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Makes up a "Real Bahamian"

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Came across a post this Independence weekend that I thought I'd share about what makes someone a "Real Bahamian"
Mix Up Conch Salad

Bahamas Provides a Tropical Haven for Professional Athletes

Travolta own a home on Grand Bahama Island

The Bahamas has become a prime destination for professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball and other leagues and sports to call home. The Paradise Is Mine Company, a global real estate marketmaker, has developed a program to provide discounts to current and former athletes up to $100,000 off its projects in The Bahamas. The close proximity to the United States, English as its official language and its currency being pegged to the US dollar make the island nation a very attractive home for athletes and celebrities from around the world.

Many athletes are purchasing second homes, winter homes and retirement homes in this picturesque island nation. The year-round tropical temperatures, its accessibility and significant tax advantages are also cited by many as the primary reasons for the sudden migration. Many athletes and their families are discovering what Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, Clyde Drexler, Ray Lewis and Ernie Els have long since come to know.

Rum Cay, a lush, tropical, picturesque destination in the southern Bahamas, in particular, has been recently been pinpointed as the new locale for athletes and celebrities alike. Located 180 miles from the mainland United States, just off the southern coast of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, the island has become a favorite for current and former athletes looking for peace and quiet. Rum Cay is widely considered one of the most beautiful Bahamian islands and is located on the continental shelf. It is known for its serenity, picturesque vistas, beautiful salt water ponds and spectacular fishing. Recently, there has been a tremendous surge of pro athletes and celebrities who have acquired real estate on this 40 square mile island. Rum Cay’s landing strip provides for commercial and private airlines to land and is just off the beaten path providing them the freedom to enjoy their hobbies in relative obscurity.

Paradise Is Mine is at the forefront of the gaining popularity of Bahamas real estate amongst celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Its promotion has been so successful that the company has considered the creation of a “Pro-style Athletes Village”. Prices for lots range between $450,000 and $1,000,000 US dollars which is significantly less expensive than US and other Caribbean alternatives. Paradise Is Mine is known for naming streets after some of its famous athlete property owners.

George Washington once called the islands of The Bahamas “the isles of perpetual June.” On top of the founding father of the United States, Royal Families and the heads of state including Prince Charles, Prince Edward and the late Lady Diana frequently visited The Bahamas. Notable celebrities such as Shakira, Johnny Depp, John Travolta and Oprah Winfrey live or have homes in The Bahamas and take advantage of its preferential tax benefits. Canadian buyers have found Rum Cay particularly appealing given the tax advantages provided to its citizens.

“Many athletes love fishing, scuba, boating and other water sports. Rum Cay has it all,” states Yul Frenkhal. “Many of my celebrity buyers seek anonymity, peace and quiet. Rum Cay and other outer Bahamas islands provide them just that,” Frankhal continued. Frenkhal is a private celebrity realtor based in London who has developed an international private clientele of celebrities and athletes from around the globe.

Frenkhal points out that “many athletes have been relatively unaffected by the economy and can take advantage of the low real estate prices while they are still available. I would imagine that it would be appealing for them to live with like minded people. Now that LeBron James is in Miami, it would not surprise me to see him live like a king with a place in The Bahamas too. It’s just so close and so beautiful. How fitting would that be? It just makes sense.
Click HERE for Original Article”

Featured Listings!!! 40 Fortune Bay Point USD 1,640,000 Listing ID-1927

#40 Fortune Bay Point 3,635 sq. ft. 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath $1,640,000 Listing ID#1927
Located on Fortune Bay Point, is an elegant three bedroom, two and a half bath home with gated entrance. This 3,635 square feet home features exceptional designs and luxurious details.

A breath taking canal front view, a great swimming pool, open kitchen with an island, Viking Range stove with a remote blower, subzero refrigerator and wine cabinet, whirlpool tub in master bath.

Throughout the home it is graced with mahogany doors, baseboards and window trims, travertine floorings and Cathedral ceilings in living room and dining areas.
The tranquility of this home is embraced by your private landscaped garden, double car garage and a security system. Offered at $1,640,000 Or purchase Home and lot as a package deal for $2,102,000. Click HERE or Call to speak to an agent TODAY!!!!

Featured Listings!!! Bahamia-Single Family Lot-114’ Canal frontage USD 160,000

Featured Listing Of The Week!!!
Bahamia-Single Family Lot-114’ Canal frontage $160,000 -Listing ID#5545.
Situated in Bahamia on Edinburgh place this Single Family lot offers great potential. This canal lot in Bahamia is measured at 19,300 square feet and has 114 feet on the canal. Click Here or Call 351 9081 to speak to an agent TODAY!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bahamaian islanders take pride In 'Barefoot Bandit' arrest

Harbour Island Images ©2010 Lyndah Wells

By Vera Gibons

"The Island has been positively crackling with excitement of having bagged the 'Barefoot Bandit'," Trish Becker Chinitz, founder of Trish Becker Jewelry tells WalletPop.

As a child, Chinitz spent summers and holidays on Harbour Island. This small, popular vacation destination just off mainland Eleuthera -- frequented by the likes of Robert De Niro, Richard Gere, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore -- is a place she calls home. In fact, six years ago, she joined the ranks of Ron Perelman, Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg, and Elle MacPherson and bought a place there; just last month, she got married on the Island.

She and her husband recently returned for the holiday -- Bahamian Independence Day (July 10) -- to "chill" and enjoy a "mellow week."

Who knew so much would be going on?

Stolen planes. Powerboats. Cars. Reportedly over 100 burglaries spanning the course of two years -- allegedly committed by Colton A. Harris-Moore, aka the "Barefoot Bandit," a 19-year old international fugitive on the FBI's "Most Wanted List" -- and he's captured by the Bahamian police in the middle of the night following a high-speed boat chase? "We're accustomed to celebrity invasions, but not this," says Chinitz.

 Harbour Island Images ©2010 Lyndah Wells

There was screaming. Yelling. Running. Shots were heard in the final moments before the chase ended -- in the waters off the Romora Bay Resort & Marina. "At one point, the young man put a gun to his head and was going to kill himself, but authorities talked him out of it," resort manager, Anne Ward tells WalletPop. He eventually spent the night in the local jail (see photo above).

Ward and other locals had been on "heightened alert" ever since the lanky, 6-foot-5-inch teenager crash-landed a stolen $600,000 plane on Abaco Island -- one that he allegedly lifted in Indiana, despite a lack of formal flight training. So when Ward's security director, Kenneth Strachan, spotted this serial criminal out by the docks yesterday, it was obvious they had their guy. "We all rallied together and did what we had to do," says Ward.

And while many of Barefoot Bandit's Facebook fans (over 75,000, at last count) are disappointed by the arrest of their glorified Internet folk hero (There are even YouTube ballads dedicated to him!), and some fans are promoting T-shirts and tote bags with the words, "Free Colton!" and "Let Colton Fly!", victims -- and locals -- are relieved.

Some are celebrating. Last night the Afro Band, which plays every Sunday night at Valentines Marina, incorporated "We caught the "'Barefoot Bandit'" raps into several of their calypso songs, says Chinitz.

 Harbour Island Images ©2010 Lyndah Wells

A few locals are even "chuckling," says Ward. "This young man managed to elude FBI authorities and all their technology for over two years, and it's our good old-fashioned crime-fighting Bahamian police who capture him."

Adds Chinitz. "The exemplary police response and actions have inspired a great deal of Island pride!"

Harris-Moore, who was dubbed the "Barefoot Bandit" because of his habit of removing his shoes prior to break-ins (and sometimes leaving white chalk footprints as a calling card), is scheduled to appear in court later this week.

Experts say he will likely be extradited to the United States after he faces charges in the Bahamas.

Read more:

Kalik and Port Lucaya Marketplace host successful 2010 Independence Concert

The Independence Concert underway at the Port Lucaya Marketplace in Grand Bahama Island. TBW photo: Robbin Whachell

 By The Bahamas Weekly News Team

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - Hundreds of locals and tourists came out to Port Lucaya Marketplace to enjoy the ”Bahamian Diva Kalik Independence Concert” on July 10th. The event was in support of the Bahamas’ 37th Independence.

 A lead singer from the XXtra band from Nassau performs on July 10th at Port Lucaya Marketplace TBW photo: Robbin Whachell

On stage were performances by the Deep South Island Boyz, the Port Lucaya Dancers, the XXtra Band from Nassau, Sonovia Pierre, Nita, Veronica Bishop, Simply the Best, Trez & Da Juice and Raquel Oliver. The night culminated in a fireworks display by Brad Bethel and a Junkanoo rush.

Kwasi Thompson, Member of Parliament for Pineridge and family. TBW photo: Robbin Whachell

Locals, many dressed in their country colours along with tourist enjoyed the show or danced in front of the stage. Kalik representatives handed out Kalik gift items to persons enjoying their product at the surrounding bars of Port Lucaya Marketplace.

 Minister for Housing and MP for the High Rock Constituency, the Hon A Kenneth Russell (right) and family. TBW photo: Robbin Whachell

Attending the event along with their families was the Minister for Housing and MP for the High Rock Constituency, the Hon A Kenneth Russell ; Kwasi Thompson, Member of Parliament for Pineridge; Ginger Moxey; Vice President , Grand Bahama Port Authority; Don Cornish, administrator, Office of the Prime Minister; and many others.

Two from the Kalik Team offer free gifts to a visiting tourist at Rum Runners at Port Lucaya Marketplace for trying their product. 


An excellent career opportunity exists for Director of Security & Risk Management.

The successful candidate for this senior level position will work closely with the resort's executive team and law enforcement agencies and will be responsible for maintaining a proactive loss prevention program, designed to ensure a safe and secure environment for hotel guests and employee, and will train security officers and monitor harmful and/or unlawful activities. The successful individual must possess the following minimum requirements:

* Be knowledgeable in all security matters and programs including but not limited to CPR, fire and hurrican preparedness, evaluation drills, surveillance, safety inspections etc.
* Minimum of 5 years experience in a manageial capacity within the security field, preferably at a resort/hotel.
* A Bachelor's degree in law enforcement or a security related field.
* Current CPR certification and First Aid training required.
* Excellent interpersonal, communication and customer service skills.
* Technology proficient in computer programs, Microsoft Excel & Word.

We offer exceptional pay and benefits
Deadline 2010-Aug-10

Interested persons are asked to forward resume to
or by mail to : Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort
P.O. Box F-42500
Freeport, GrandBahamas

Devard & Deaughn Darling As One Foundation Summer Camp

Grand Bahama, Bahamas - For the 5th year running, The Devard & Devaughn Darling Football Camp was well attended by just over 75 Children ages 11 to 17 on its first day at the Freeport Football Rugby Club. The final day of the 2-day camp runs on July 13th from 9am - 3pm . The camp moves to Nassau on July 15th and 16th.

Darling brought two NFL players Derrick Martin of the Green Bay Packers and Darrius Heyward-Bey of the Oakland Raiders, who will be assisted visiting and local coaches. Others involved are Quinton Coryatt, Rico MacDonald, Warrick Holdman, and Bobby Engram.

Darling was drafted on June 2nd by the UFL Omaha Nighthawks, but has made no decision to join the team, and continues to be a free agent.

“I have received medical clearance from my doctor’s and look forward to joining an NFL team in the near future. I have worked hard over the past few months rehabbing my torn ACL and conditioning myself to return to the NFL stronger, quicker, and more determined than ever to make an impact on the field. I have great respect for the UFL; however I will not be signing with one of their teams.” Devard Darling.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Local kids and coaches win high praise from soccer pros

Coach Jamie Godbold, on his third and probably last visit to the island, said: “I had a great time personally but the kids were absolutely fantastic."

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama -- The 150 local youngsters and volunteer coaches involved in this year’s Grand Bahama soccer camp have won high praise from the three professionals who flew from the UK to lead the fun.

All three wrote to organisers to say how impressed by the enthusiasm of the kids – despite the 90 degree heat – and the way their skills in the sport have grown with each successive camp.

Their leader, Jamie Godbold, on his third and probably last visit to the island, said: “I had a great time personally but the kids were absolutely fantastic. The local coaches who gave up their time to help also showed in their sessions they had taken on board some of the key areas we exposed them to last year and as the week went on they got even better.”

First-timer Sarah Green, who specialised in the younger children, said: “I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with some fantastic people, coaches & children. Everything and everyone was unbelievable. From the way the kids were organised to the way lunches were sorted out, I have never seen anything like it.”

Tom Hartley, who worked with the mid-teens, said: “It was what an absolute honour and privilege to come and coach at the soccer camp again this year. It was a great experience to spend the week working with the older groups, and felt very humbled from their approach to the game.

“When I asked them if they would like to go inside out of the heat and watch a World Cup game, as a group they made the decision, and I quote, said ‘We are at soccer camp, so are here to improve our skills, so maybe one day you can watch us in a World Cup.’
“That’s an attitude, I feel, that is excellent.”

The open-hearted generosity of a number of local businesses and a large number of private individuals meant that a record number of needy and deserving children were given free places this year. The former included: Argus Advisors, Bahamas Hotmix, Butlers’, Cafferata and Co, Columbus Communications, Crown Ice, G.B. Port Authority, GB Power Company, Millie’s Car Rental, NorthWestern, Paint Fair, Royal Star Insurance and Sanitation Services.

Lots of other companies helped with logistics including Antoni’s Pizza, Freeport Advertising, J. S. Johnson, Pelican Bay Hotel, Polymers International, and the Uniform Place.

The biggest supporter was former UK soccer club owner and GBPA chairman Sir Jack Hayward who the camp in now named after.“It was an outstanding week by any standard,” said organiser Richard Malcolm. “What made it so good was the unlimited enthusiasm of the children, who undoubtedly had a fantastic time."

GBPA Promoting Transportation and Logistics in China

GBPA VISITS CHINA - Business Development Manager-GBPA, Derek Newbold (right) actively showcases the advantages of doing business in Grand Bahama whilst attending a Transport and Logistics Tradeshow and Conference in China. IMG: 3068 GROWING INTEREST - Port Authority executives are optimistic about increased interest by companies seeking to expand into this region after a successful visit and participation in a transport tradeshow in China. Representing the company was GBPA’s Business Development Manager, Derek Newbold (right).

Freeport, Bahamas – In its effort to implement initiatives under a new Economic Development Strategy, The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) remains proactive in its approach to marketing Grand Bahama Island as an alternative destination for light Manufacturing, Industrial Transport, and Logistics related businesses and or services.

To this end, GBPA Business Development team members recently participated in a Transport and Logistics Tradeshow and Conference in Shanghai, China, June 8 – 10, 2010.

“As demand increases globally for inexpensive Asian manufactured products, activity in the Transport and Logistics sector is beginning to heighten, with China’s robust economy as the major driving force fueling production in the far east,” stated Business Development Manager-GBPA, Derek Newbold. “It is with this in mind that GBPA is actively promoting Transportation, Distribution and Logistics as major opportunities in Grand Bahama. Located at the gateway to the Americas, Grand Bahama is the perfect location for the housing of goods and merchandise in transit from China bound for the Americas.”

Grand Bahama was one of only 15 destinations participating in the show which took place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Attracting some 13,500 trade visitors from 67 countries, the event gave attendees a comprehensive look at the entire process chain in the Transport and Logistics sector, while providing a perfect opportunity to establish contact with industry decision-makers. It also gave exhibitors and visitors access to the budding Chinese market.

According to Newbold, GBPA is actively pursuing such initiatives as part of its strategic plan which highlights industries, like Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which are best suited to take advantage of synergistic opportunities offered by Grand Bahama Island.

“Tax exemptions and other concessions coupled with our proximity to North, Central and South America help to establish Grand Bahama as an attractive destination for companies looking to expand into this region, better service their customer-base in the Americas, and potentially reduce costs,” Newbold noted.

“After discussions with a number of executives attending the show, we can assert that interests in strategically located destinations, such as Grand Bahama, are extremely high in the Transportation and Logistics industry,” Newbold stated. “We are making an assertive effort to take our product, the Island of Grand Bahama, to the global market.”