Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer TO DO: Visit the Exhibition at the Glory Banks Gallery‏

By Del Foxton, GBAA

Freeport, Grand Bahama- Summer is a great time for parents and children together to experience Nature and Art living happily side by side at the Rand Nature Centre

Just minutes from downtown Freeport is an oasis where residents and visitors alike have the opportunity to walk quiet trails through native plants and birding sights.

Although this oasis, the Rand Nature Centre, is known to many, what many not be known is that off the nature trails and into the refreshingly cool Rand’s Visitor Center, there is much to see.

Well known for its award-winning contributions to cultural and educational programs, the Rand Nature Centre has large story boards about Grand Bahama and its eco systems, books and gifts for sale and an Art Gallery.

The Visitor Centre is home to the Glory Banks Art Galley. Glory Banks, herself an artist, was anxious to give Grand Bahama, her adopted home, a centre for art. The Glory Banks Art Gallery was officially opened in February 2008 at the nature preserve on East Settler’s way and has become the Centre for many cultural, educational and artistic exhibits.

Continuing in the Glory Banks Gallery is the exhibition launched June 10th. The Regional Branch of the Bahamas National Trust and the Grand Bahama Artists Association partnered for the “Can Grand Bahama Go Green?” event that celebrated local businesses, artists and committees who are working towards the development of environmental responsibility on Grand Bahama.

The members of the Grand Bahama Artists Association (GBAA), including Environmental Artist Del Foxton, who spoke at the presentation, invite everyone to view their special artworks that present the beauty of our island. To learn more about the initiatives for environmentally friendly art and the GBAA Art Exhibition please call 353 4333.