Monday, February 1, 2010

99/1- A New Wave Catering Company Launched

Tim & Rebecca Tibbitts have launched a new wave catering business. The creative Tibbitts have moved away from Asian fine dining they served at East to a company called 99/1 Food Service Management.

According to the chef, Tim Tibbitts, "focusing on in-home and in-office catering addresses a niche market that has been in need of attention. The positive response we have gotten is just great".

Rebecca & Tim can meet all your in-home and in-office catering needs: intimate home dinners, cooking classes, executive lunches, wine tutorials & guided tastings, prepared meal delivery, menu planning, cocktail parties, homemade sauces, soups & stocks, cooler packing for a day on the beach or boat and private dining. Whether you need extra items to supplement your own menu for a dinner, a whole meal made and delivered, a gourmet meal prepared in your kitchen or someone to run your party, 99/1 can help. Rebecca can give guided wine tastings for a work group, Tim can run cooking classes for you and a few friends, or together they can create an experience you won’t forget. Out-of-Office lunches are time consuming and leave you checking your watch for how much time you have left, ordering lunch for the office and having it delivered makes sure you aren’t constantly checking the time.

When it comes to catering great food, the possibilities are endless- and don’t always cost you a new mortgage- great excuses to call for catering!

Great food, service and education are what the Tibbitts provide. Not only will they provide lessons and tutorials, 99/1 even offers an “ask the chef” section on the website if you have questions about something you are making or want to make.

"Wouldn't it feel great to feel like a guest at your own event or in your own home?" asks Rebecca Tibbitts. 99/1 hopes to help you achieve that feeling.

For more information about 99/1, contact Rebecca or Tim at 242-553-2426 or browse their website