Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Helping Grand Bahama - Update: Post Hurricane Dorian - Thank You & We Still Need You


​Dear Friends,

I want to personally thank EVERYONE who has been so supportive in the Dorian Hurricane Relief Efforts. With your help we were able to be the 1st Responders immediately after the Hurricane to help those in dire need.  We delivered water and supplies to so many that were in shock and suffered devastation from the Hurricane. I was able to support our Rotary Club Relief Efforts through your donations with cash on the ground to set up logistics for gas for delivery vehicles, security for warehouse, volunteer food, inflatable mattresses for shelters, blankets, pillows, gas stoves, generators water filters, tarps and more. There is still so much need on Grand Bahama. There are many Relief Organizations on the ground now and the government is taking an active role but we are still filling the gaps everywhere we can and our next important objective is to supply basic building materials for those who have lost so much and don't have the means to rebuild.  The hardest hit parts of the island were the East End, the downtown area and over the bridge. Unfortunately we now have a water crisis as our water table has been compromised with salt water by the 22 foot surge and is not healthy to drink. We are all doing what we can and with your help we will  keep working to make Grand Bahama Island Grand again!
If you want to continue to help me help others please send donations to PayPal:  ​Your generous donations will be put to good use.

Thank You so Much...

James Sarles