Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking for Musical Instrument Donations for Columbus House Big Brother/Big Sister Youth Mentoring Program

Rotary Club Of GB Sunrise Big Brother/Big Sister Youth Mentoring Program for Columbus House music program is in full swing now. Thank you Steve Persaud, Marina Gottlieb, Larry Lewis for donating their time to bring music to their lives. Following Jujitsu with Professor Moss at Jaguar School of Juijitsu every Saturday, it's … Music Time!

Thanks to all who donated guitars to the program. We are now looking for an electronic keyboard, bongos, or any used instrument you have. The kids want to start a band! Please call Jamie Sarles at 351-9081 or 727-8888 and I will pick up the instruments.

The Music sessions have been really fun as you can see on their faces. These at risk kids who have been abused and abandoned need activities like this to make their life richer.  Watch the video below and you will know that "Every Little Thing is Gonna Be All Right …"

Please share this post by email or Facebook with anyone you think might be able to help.  THANK YOU!!