Sunday, July 15, 2012

UNEXSO's Shark Dive

One of the joys of living in Grand Bahama is being surrounded by lots of recreational options that many people only get to experience on vacation. We played tourist today and went on the Shark Dive with UNEXSO (The Underwater Explorers Society). That's my wife, Marina (Mikki), and me in the photo (on the far left), upclose with the sharks. The shark feeder was Cristina Zenato who performs her magic feeding the sharks. She is truly amazing and this is an exhilarating bucket list experience with a world class organization, right here in Freeport, that you must see. You will be amazed. Thanks to the UNEXSO staff for the wonderful experience. If you have not experienced this event, you'll love it. Learn to Dive with UNEXSO and if you have not scuba dived in a while they have a great refresher course in the pool to get you diving again. Mikki and I were certified many years ago at UNEXSO by Ollie Ferguson and we had not scuba dived for 25 years. What a thrill. Thanks, Cristina. Thanks, UNEXSO.

UNEXSO Dive Team Manager, Cristina Zenato, feeding one of the sharks on the dive. Her connection with these wild creatures is so loving and intelligent.