Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Joining Forces to Introduce The Bahamas to The Hamptons

Joining forces: James Sarles, broker, and Nikolai Sarles, estate agent for Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty, along with Christine Matthäi—a U.S. sales associate with Dering Harbor Real Estate—are joining forces to introduce properties in The Bahamas that are an ideal warm-winter playground for Matthäi’s clients in Shelter Island, The Hamptons, and New York.
Photo by Adrianna Joskowiak

Shelter Island and The Hamptons residents will be discovering The Bahamas as a winter get away, thanks to a new partnership between Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty Bahamas and premier Dering Harbor Real Estate Associate, Christine Matthäi, based in Shelter Island, New York. Together with her brokers, Angelo Piccozzi and John Catrambone, they will be introducing unique properties in The Bahamas to their clientele in The Hamptons and New York.

Matthäi, a Shelter Island & New York City resident for 25 years, sees an opportunity for her clients in Shelter Island and The Hamptons to take advantage of the quick two-hour flight from New York to The Bahamas to beat the cold weather blues. Hopping aboard a jet to the clear turquoise seas of Grand Bahama Island—and the nearly 700 islands and cays of The Bahamas—is a short trip to a world where the summer fun of The Hamptons keeps spinning in a tropical winter.

Matthäi first became acquainted with Grand Bahama when she followed friends from Manhattan who made the island their home. She fell in love with both the warmth of the community and all the warm-winter charms of the island’s sunny shores, white sandy beaches, unspoiled crystal clear aqua waters, and easy travel—finding that a flight from New York’s La Guardia airport to FPO (Grand Bahama) often takes less time than the several hours that can be spent on the iconic “Hampton Jitney” bus between New York and The Hamptons on an average weekend.

“I see the relaxed elegance of The Hamptons & Shelter Island in the summer beautifully reflected in The Bahamas in the winter”, says Matthäi, who enjoys boating, snorkeling, magnificent coral reefs and underwater bounty here in Grand Bahama. “Swimming here feels like being in “God’s Pool”, enjoying these amazing waters, naturally warmed and abundant, even in the winter.”

“The community here is also such a great plus for second home buyers and seasonal renters,” says Matthäi, who finds that “ …  it is easy to make new friends and enjoy feeling at home here right away. I love meeting new people from the island and around the world.”

“We’re so pleased to be combining our longtime experience and local knowledge of Grand Bahama with Dering Harbor Real Estate, notes James Sarles, President of Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty Bahamas. Sarles will be working alongside his son, Nikolai Sarles on acquainting The Hamptons with The Bahamas.  Christine Matthäi looks forward to helping her clients find a Bahamas winter playground version of Shelter Island and The Hamptons in the winter, and to helping her clients with real estate rentals and sales in Shelter Island in the summer.

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