Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Image of Cristina Zenato by Arek Pers

The summer month of August is characterized by wonderfully warm weather, the daily one-hour thunderstorm and the even more amazingly warm weather right after the storm.
It is the month of flat-calm warm seas, little current and great visibility. It is the month to travel further out to explore the remote areas, such as Sherwood Forest, Mt. Olympus, Sugar Wreck and Buddha Heads, which are not so accessible during winter storms.

Each dive site has a story and offers a unique profile and an incredible array of colours. Here the reef, fed by strong ocean currents and away from the day-to-day visitors, has a chance to grow bigger and stronger. Everything seems magnified in size—the sponges are bigger, the soft gorgonians are taller and hard corals wider.
Diving these areas requires a slightly more experienced diver, one used to a longer boat ride, experience with currents and deeper depths.

Local dive stores offer vessels geared for diving, complete with emergency equipment needed for this far from shore, and certified Dive Masters capable of providing the best sightseeing tours, as well as responding to any issues that might arise, equipment-wise or diver-wise, during the trip.
These remote areas are protected. Moorings have been installed to avoid anchoring. Fish life is regarded as precious, and breeding grounds for some species are not uncommon.
When planning your next Grand Bahama diving adventure, consider these fantastic sites. The longer travel time to and from the site, will be worth it!

Forecast by: Christina Zenato,
Dive Department Supervisor,

The International Underwater Explorer’s Society, Ltd (UNEXSO),
Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.
www.UNEXSO.com (242) 373-1244 or (800) 992-DIVE

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