Thursday, August 5, 2010

Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championship; this week on Grand Bahama

By Tony Smith, chairman - Bahamas Golf Federation Junior Northern Division

The Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championship is being hosted by the Bahamas Golf Federation from 3rd to 8th, August 2010. The venue is Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort. This tournament involves nine countries, which are Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, U S Virgin Islands, Trinidad and The Bahamas.

We are expecting approximately twelve players from each country, in addition to numerous followers. This is proposed to be a huge event – one of the largest Junior Golf Championships hosted on Grand Bahama Island in the past ten years. The tournament will hopefully bring great recognition and revenue to the island.

The Bahamas Golf Federation and its committees are working diligently in the planning of this tournament. Arrangements have been made with the Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort for exclusive use of the property. The Port Lucaya Marketplace will also be involved, and will benefit greatly from this event.

The magnitude of hosting the Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championship and making it, a resounding success, require the involvement of many partners. The Bahamas Golf Federation is hoping to work closely with your company, in order to provide maximum exposure and benefits to Grand Bahama Island and the entire Bahamas.

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