Thursday, May 13, 2010

Traveller? Then you Need this, Self Weighing Suitcase!!

Being a blogger requires me to wake up at early early hours of the mornings and scan my google reader, my google alerts and my blogger Dashboard & of course my Twitter timeline for you never know just what you may find.
So this morning I present to you the smartest idea that I've come across in a little while.
In these days of travel restrictions, how many times have you been to the airport and whilst holding bated breath, you place your luggage on the scale only to hear those dreaded words "Maam/Sir, your luggage is overweight"

Well Fret no MORE, Intelligent Luggage presents the "World's first ever Free standing Self Weighing Suitcase" ( I think a drum roll would go nicely there)
Check out the pictures on the site, and the price isnt bad too, £65 or $105.
Just as long as the quality is good I'm sold, I expect my Luggage to come with a 10yr warranty like my Antler Lugagge (4 yrs and counting now- Thanks Madalaine!)

According to Intelligent Luggage and I quote...
"Pack Your Suitcase To Limit

Your suitcase is already bulging…should you squeeze in your final pair of flip flops or cram in some last minute souvenir shopping? Or will you fall into every airline’s favourite trap and have to pay an excess baggage charge?

Cut out the guesswork and pack your suitcase to the legal limit with Intelligent Luggages self weighing suitcases.

When checked-in hold luggage exceeds 20kgs in weight, you have to pay an excess luggage fee of £7 per kg up to a maximum weight of 32kg. Just a couple of kgs over the 20kg limit will result in you being charged! An unwanted fee, whether it's on the journey out or the flight home, can put a real downer on your holiday - don't let it happen to you! Intelligent Luggage's self weighing luggage is the answer. So cram as much as possible into your suitcase this summer without the fear of a penalty charge!

Visit their site HERE or Here

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