Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lights turned off for Earth Day

KGBC CELEBRATES EARTH DAY KFC mascot, Chicky , visited primary school students on Earth Day.

THE Keep Grand Bahama Committee observed Earth Day with a ten-minute lights off exercise on Thursday morning. Businesses and residents on Grand Bahama were invited to join in a show of solidarity whilst conserving energy at the same time.

Along with observing lights off, all of the island's primary schools were invited to submit Earth Day pledges on behalf of their various schools. Local radio stations cooperated with Keep Grand Bahama Committee (KGBC) by airing the school pledges throughout the day."

"We were extremely pleased with the schools' responses to our invitation. The pledges received were heartfelt and meaningful to the institutions and represented their commitment to protecting our environment," stated KGBC chairman, Nakira Wilchcombe.

She also thanked the broadcasting stations who willingly offered to assist with the complimentary live reads.

The KGBC committee also lent a helping hand to the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation who presented Earth Day and National Coastal Awareness Month messages to scores of students gathered on Thursday morning.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) serves as an official corporate sponsor of the 'Keep Grand Bahama Clean' initiative, and the KFC mascot, 'Chicky', made a special surprise appearance, along with KGBC, to students of Bishop Michael Eldon, Freeport Primary, Sunland Baptist and Walter Parker Primary Schools assembled in the BME gym.

In the days leading up to Earth Day, KGBC made several school visits, including a visit on Monday to Grand Bahama Academy of Seventh-Day Adventists as they sought to spread their Earth Day message. Addressing the students was KGBC Committee Member, Rico Cargill.

"Think of the animals, flowers and trees that make up the environment - they are all a part of our eco-system. What role do you play in protecting the trees and animals that God has blessed us with?" Mr Cargill asked the group.

He further challenged the youngsters to become guardians of their environment. "Here on Grand Bahama we have a clean environment, one that's intact with proper planning, fresh water and clean air. Everything we do to our environment will come back to haunt us or future generations and I think we owe it to them to keep it clean and pristine for their future," Mr Cargill advised.

Monday also saw the launch of the new 'KGBC Talk-in Trash' radio hour on Love '97. According to Ms Wilchcombe, "listeners are invited to tune in every weekday, during the 3pm school drive-time, for tips on going green, how to reduce, recycle and reuse, protection of the environment and much more."

Other KGBC initiatives in celebration of Earth Day included a no Styrofoam cups day on April 19, along with carpooling and a drive-less lunch planned for April 29.

Additionally, KGBC seeks to continue its preservation efforts with the relaunch of its aluminum cans recycling programme and the initiation of a 'Keep Grand Bahama Clean Junior Club' amongst the island's primary schools.

"After reviewing the various Earth Day pledges received from our youngsters, we're pleased by their eagerness to become ambassadors for the protection of our surroundings and communities," Ms Wilchcombe said.

Following are the 2010 Earth Day Pledges submitted by some of the Grand Bahama primary schools:

Freeport Primary School

"Freeport Primary School pledges to work together and make every day Earth Day by recycling, and conserving energy."

St Vincent de Paul

"St Vincent de Paul pledges to reuse, recycle and dispose properly so our environment can be free of debris."

The Beacon School

"We pledge to keep our environment clean in sunshine, wind or rain." - Mrs Rahming's Reception Group

"We pledge from this day on to be cool and keep our planet clean." - Mrs Rolle's Group

"The Beacon School is keeping Grand Bahama clean and pristine." - Mrs Adam's Group

"Semple and the Beacon students say keep our world clean to save lives." - Mrs Semple's Group

"Sweeting's Beacon students pledge to keep the environment clean minute by minute." - Mrs Sweeting's Group

Lucayan International School

"Acting responsibly green to preserve our precious resources."

Grand Bahama Academy of Seventh-Day Adventist (Grade 5)

"Grand Bahama Academy pledges to keep our earth clean for future generations."

Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic School

"We will wisely use resources, increasing energy conservation and green-living."

Freeport Gospel Chapel School

"Freeport Gospel Chapel School is committed to conserving energy and preserving our natural resources."

Sweeting's Cay All-Age School

"Sweeting's Cay All-Age School pledges to preserve and protect the environment for future generations."

Holmes Rock Primary School

"Holmes Rock Primary pledges to:

1) Place trash in the garbage bins at all times.

2) Conserve power by turning off lights when rooms are unoccupied.

3) Conserve water by lathering our hands first and only turning on the water while washing.

4) Reduce paper wastage by using all pages in our notebooks and using both sides of loose sheets."

Tabernacle Academy Primary

1) "We pledge our allegiance to the earth, we morally promise to do everything in our power and might to enhance, conserve and protect our environment and the earth."

2) "We at Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy pledge our loyalty to preserving, conserving and protecting our earth from this day forward. One Body, one earth."

McClean's Town Primary School

1) Surrounded by the evergreen: We pledge to keep McClean's Town clean.

2) I, McClean's Town Primary, pledge to be a cleaner, greener Me.

Hugh W Campbell Primary School

"Enjoy Nature's Beautiful space - Leave No Trace."

Free Town Primary School

"Free Town Primary pledges to preserve and protect our beautiful Bahama land.

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