Friday, January 2, 2015

Rotary of GB Sunrise Bring Together Young at Heart during Holidays

The Big Brother / Big Sister program of youth mentorship for the teens of Columbus House for Girls  & Boys, spearheaded by Rotary Club of GB Sunrise President, James Sarles, held a touching holiday gathering and concert recently at the “Home Away from Home” Old-Aged Home on Grand Bahama.

As a Christmas treat for the elderly residents, the children put on a holiday concert which was well received by all the young at heart. The children enjoyed performing for the senior residents and they did an excellent job. The teens also brought gifts for each elderly resident and spent time talking with them, feeding them holiday party fare, and spreading good cheer.

As part of the Columbus House teens’ weekly group outings, ju jitsu classes, and life-skill development activities, the teens have been taking guitar and music classes with master guitar teacher, Steve Persaud, every Saturday morning with the assistance of members of The Rotary Club of GB Sunrise.

Their teens’ musical concert enchanted one and all, as did the touching time the youth spent making connections that expands the family of the heart.

“Home Away from Home” Old-Aged Home Director, Mervie Knowles, shared her thoughts “… it was beautiful to see how the two worlds of Columbus House and the Old Age Home came together to bring life and caring to each other. The  wonderful music, simple smiles, and caring touches do so much to stir the spirit and share the true joy of connection that Christmas is all about.”

Special thanks to Marina Gottlieb Sarles and Steve Persaud who worked with the children to prepare for the concert, and to mentor them in their music each week.

To support or assist this ongoing youth mentorship program, which includes job placement assistance and ongoing mentoring to ensure self-sufficiency once the teens come of age, or to see other activities sponsored by the Rotary Club of GB Sunrise, see their Facebook page online. Giving is a great way to start off the new year!

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