Thursday, May 24, 2012

World Class Toronto Jazz Pianist Steve Koven to Perform in Grand Bahama Tomorrow (May 25, 2012)

The Grand Bahama Performing Arts Society is treating the island to an evening of classic jazz starring Toronto jazz pianist, Steve Koven on Friday, May 25th at the Canal House at Pelican Bay. This world class musician, composer and teacher has traveled the world, performing with his trio and in solo concerts, and conducting workshops for musicians where ever he goes. 

This is not the first time Steve has performed in The Bahamas, but it is his first visit to Grand Bahama, and he couldn't be more excited. Not only will he get to enjoy some of what the island has to offer, and do what he loves best, but he gets a chance to perform with some of the islands most talented local musicians, Ozzie Hall, Patrick Russell, and Clarence Green.

Many are already familiar with the wonderful musical talents of Ozzie and Patrick, but Clarence Green is new to the local music scene. Green—who happens to be Grand Bahama's newest chiropractor—plays the upright double bass, an instrument that does not get much play time on the island, because until Green arrived, there wasn't one. Green 
was raised by very musical parents and has played various instruments, his first instrument being the trumpet. He played electric bass for many years, but took on the challenge of the upright double bass about 12 years ago. And believe it or not, this is not his first time performing with Steve Koven. The two have played together in jazz concerts several times in Barbados (where Clarence lived prior to moving here) and also at the Canadian High Commission.

Proceeds of this concert support the youth in arts in Grand Bahama. For additional information on The Grand Bahama Performing Arts Society and ways to support their ongoing events, click here.

The GBPAS wishes to thank their members, patrons and sponsors who make these programs possible. Special thanks go to Pelican Bay Hotel for not only accommodating Steve Koven, but for also providing a wonderful venue for this concert;  Karen Clarke and John Gehr, of Thayer's Natural Remedies, The Bahamas Weekly, Keen i Media, and Mackey Media.

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