Saturday, April 21, 2012

Agent Cathy MacLeay Leads Community Clean Up Effort

Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty estate agent, Cathy MacLeay, has sparked a community cleanup campaign by taking initiative, donning gloves, and urging her family and friends to spend an hour on Saturday mornings picking up trash along various local roads and highways. During the drier winter months in Grand Bahama, bush fires develop naturally and can burn away undergrowth and shrubbery in the pine barrens—leaving all sorts of glass bottles and carelessly misplaced trash visible among the charred bases of the trees.

Wanting both local residents and visitors to see our island looking clean and well cared-for, Cathy organized a small clean up crew the first week, and has watched the volunteer team grow this week.  Cleanups will continue on Saturday mornings at 9 am until the rainy season regrows the underbrush.

Congrats, Cathy & Crew for taking responsibility and acting to keep our island green, clean, and pristine!

For more information on the cleanup efforts, click here or call Cathy MacLeay at 351-9081.

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  1. Wow, keep up the good work, guys! I really admire people who volunteer on cleaning up the trashes in their community. Where do you dump the trashes you’ve picked, btw? I hope you all pursue this task and get everyone to join you. Nature would be really thankful… as well as the people in your place. :D