Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out of The Blue: A September 11th Anniversary Tribute

by Paula Boyd Farrington (via Paula's Paradise blog)

I wrote this poem in the weeks following the tragedy of September 11th. My heart wanted to wrap everyone in the healing waters here in The Bahamas—the starfish I saw was such a stark contrast to the horrific devastation, such a reminder of how amazing life can be when we’re not terrorizing one other. The poem originally appeared in Grand Bahama Island Magazine—a welcome digest my husband and I published for many years. I post it here with prayers and remembrance on this 10th anniversary of September 11th, and blessings of natural wonder and grace and hope.

The waters of The Bahamas
shine so clear and blue
reflecting a kind of peace
that is eternal and renewed

Catching sight of a simple starfish
resting of the sand beneath the waves
there’s wonder and a sense God put it there
as a natural tribute, just for you

For everyone who lost their lives
and those who labor still
to heal and defend
the freedoms we all hold very dear

Where do we go for comfort
to find the strength within
to fight the good fight without fear
to find the peace again?

We lift our eyes up heavenward
and then look here on earth
for reminders of a paradise unlost
where hope can be rebirthed

… and under the liquid surface
of waters that sparkle true blue
we gaze upon a simple starfish
and find the courage to love and live anew.

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