Monday, April 11, 2011

Video- Delicious Bahamas by our friends at

Delicious Bahamas from TheBasicCookBook.Com on Vimeo.
I've been meaning to write a short post about the great work Chef Volli ( pronounced Worly) Had been doing at Sabor Restaurant and Bar and also to write and let everyone know about his wife's Thora's Blog, which is a foodie blog filled with delicious recipes and video tutorials by Chef Volli. They have a Facebook page which you can like HERE and of courses their site. So go ahead browse the delicious recipes and I see that they've just posted some drinks recipes, perfect timing as the weather here in Freeport, Grand Bahama, is now about 80F.

A Little bit about the Basic Cookbook

Who are we…
Well – were do I begin. First off – let me introduce my self. I´m Thora – the self proclaimed voice of The Basic Cookbook. I am a happily married mother of two – originally from Iceland. I am as culinary/domestically challenged as they come but fortunately the man of my dreams happens to be the most talented and amazing chef I´ve had the pleasure of meeting.

His name is Volli – or Volundur S. Volundarson if you prefer. Tall and handsome he captured my heart six years ago and today we are blessed with two incredible children – Baldvin, who was born in 2008 and Moey, born 2010. Life is as hectic as it can get with various projects going on. We have a restaurant where we live in the Bahamas, we also love books – and we just finished Volli´s second book – which is dedicated to fish and seafood, called Silver of the Sea. Volli´s previous book Delicious Iceland was published in 2006 (the day before our wedding!) and has since then received international awards – and was chosen by Gourmand one of the 100 best cookbooks published in the world for the past ten years (that was in 2007). We are also busy with or TV production company and our latest endeavor was Delicious Iceland – tales of unique northern cuisine where Volli traveled all over Iceland – to some strange and amazingly beautiful places and cooked delicious food as well. If you go to the Delicious Iceland site you can see clips from the show.

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