Friday, April 15, 2011

Freeport native wins 100 JAMZ $17,000 Secret Sound

Freeport, GRAND BAHAMA- SECRET Sound winner, Dedre Stuart, is $17,000 richer thanks to 100 Jamz. Caller number 17, Stuart guessed the mysterious sound - a hammer hitting a traffic cone - during Special K's afternoon shift on Wednesday, April 13 to become triumphant in the popular promotion that has kept listeners on tenterhooks for the past 15 weeks.

A Freeport native, Stuart phoned into the Jamz studio on the toll free line hoping for a financial miracle to help her care for her six children, including her teenage son, a cardiac patient who has had three open heart surgeries. When Special K confirmed her suspicion, a triumphant Stuart became hysterical declaring to bystanders, "I won the money!"

Stuart, an unemployed cook, listened to the radio daily contemplating the mysterious sound and satisfying her genetically unquenchable thirst for music. She is a gifted singer like her late father, Bahamian music legend, Tony Seymour.

After paying her son's medical costs, Stuart plans to use the rest of the funds to bless others who have helped her along the way and to assist with her five grandchildren.

Stuart's success follows a $9,900 Secret Sound win on December 23, 2010 by Brittney Seymour who guessed the sound before the jackpot reached the $17,000 maximum. This time though, after almost four months and close to 300 incorrect guesses of every imaginable combination, 100 Jamz had to place Secret Sound clues in The Tribune each weekday beginning April 1 to help guide listeners to the correct answer.

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