Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bahamas Aviation Chief Gets Nod to Head International Aviation Body

By Jeannie Gibson
FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – The Chief Aviation Specialist for The Islands of The Bahamas has been named chairman elect of International Federal Partners (IFP) Federal Pavilion for the premier aviation event, EAA Air Venture Osh Kosh, which takes place this year in Osh Kosh, WI, July 25-31, 2011.

Leader of the Aviation Department for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, Mr. Greg Rolle, has accepted the position to chair the prestigious aviation group that includes, The United States, Canada and The Bahamas. When Mr. Rolle commences his chairmanship at the conclusion of this year’s show, he will serve in the post for two consecutive years. He will assume the reins from current IFP chairman, Aaron Sauer, a Senior Air Safety Investigator with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.

“It will be my privilege to serve as the chairman of the IFP,” Rolle said on acceptance of the position, adding, “I will do my utmost to use my skill set, abilities and talents to ensure that the Federal Pavilion continues to prove to be an effective arena for the private pilot to be educated, enlightened and provided with up-to-the minute procedural and other information necessary for a seamless crossing of the borders.” The aviation executive further noted that, “over the years, The Islands of The Bahamas have benefited greatly from our mutual relationship, and it is my belief that acting in the capacity as chairman of the IFP, will add depth to our partnership.”

The prestigious honor being placed on Rolle, means that he will be the chair of a body that plays a major role at the Annual EAA Air Venture Expo, which attracts hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts annually from across the globe.

“We (International Federal Partnership) are honored to have you representing The Bahamas to serve as Chairman for the upcoming years,” chairman Sauer said while welcoming Rolle to his position. “We appreciate your service and all the years you have dedicated to the IFP and The Bahamas representation at Air Venture!”

U.S. Federal Agencies and Canadian Government departments in 1990 began participating together at the EAA Air Venture in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin and came to be known as the International Federal Partnership. In 1998, The Islands of The Bahamas with its Civil Aviation departments joined the group. The IFP annually contracts with EAA for a massive 21, 000 square foot hanger - The International Federal Pavilion - and from this space the member countries with their various government agencies and departments, display exhibits as well as provide booths with information.

The Chairman of the IFP is responsible for facilitating the collective efforts of the members in achieving the Partnership’s goals. Duties of the chair include, facilitating meetings and teleconferences of the group; facilitating staff meetings and special engagements during the week of Air Venture and mediating differences that may arise between the members to the extent that the differences affect the Partnership.

Mr. Rolle is a veteran Ministry of Tourism employee who has been with the organization for some 25 years. During his years with this important ministry of the Bahamas Government, he has served in various capacities including Director of Bahamas Sports Tourism. A licensed private pilot, Mr. Rolle returned to the leadership position of tourism’s aviation department in 2008. Under his recent leadership, The Bahamas has stepped up its marketing initiatives against the lucrative aviation market. Signature programs include Bahamas Preferred (FBO) Gateways, Bahamas Flying Ambassadors, and Bahamas Day. The inventive strategies being undertaken by the country’s aviation department, has thrust The Islands of The Bahamas into the spotlight of the International aviation arena.

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