Monday, February 7, 2011

Tripadvisor Review for “Calabash Eco Adventures - Best Tours on Grand Bahama"

Photo by Calabash Eco Adventures

By Lyndah Wells

I'm a firm believer in doing research, especially reviewing other regular Joe's reports on consumer based sites before packing my bags and heading off on vacation, especially to places I've never been before.
 So when I see consistently excellent reviews for a toursim product and especially when its based right here in Grand bahama, then I really feel a duty to highlight it.
 Grand Bahama's Calabash Eco Adventures Is the Highlight this week, Read the review below from a very happy customer and click on the link to read other positive reviews on this amazing Eco adventure!

Reposted from Reviewer  Panamerican299 on Tripadvisor

"Believe all of the excellent reviews about Shamie Rolle and his Calabash Eco Adventures and don't miss the opportunity to spend the day with Shamie. I have had many excellent guides in many countries around the world. But I have never met a more knowledgeable, friendly, and outgoing guide than Shamie. He was also extremely professional and made it easy to do business with him and his Calabash Eco Adventures. After exchanging a few emails, Shamie was on time and waiting for us when we arrived by cruise ship in Freeport.

My parents and I were looking for more of a culturally authentic experience while on Grand Bahama and we could not have asked for a better guide and tour. Once Shamie settled into the driver's seat and put on his hands free speaker set, we were off exploring on his West End Adventure. Shamie was an enclycopedia of information as he proudly recounted the history of his island and in particular, the West End. This went on virtually non-stop for five hours. But Shamie did not talk simply to talk. He recounted interesting stories that captured our itnerest and left us longing to learn more. Occasionally he would ask if we wanted him to continue to which we jubilantly told him, of course!

One of the advantages of going on a small tour with Shamie is he literally stops at many places where we were able to get out, walk around, and take in the scenery as he explained the fascinating history. And when we actually ate Lobster for lunch (included with the price of the tour) after I joked about expecting to have Lobster and Champagne for lunch, we were truly amazed.

The only bad part of the day was when the tour ended. Not only did we have a fantastic tour, but we had made a new friend at the same time. I highly recommend Shamie and Calabash Eco Adventures. I look forward to going back to Grand Bahama Island if for no other reason than to take another tour with Shamie."

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