Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review of Bishop's Bonefish Resort

"Beautiful, secluded beach!"-July 2010, Anejo-y-Coca, Las Vegas

"Cracked Conch and Grouper Worth the Drive"-March 2010, castletonroad, Pinedale, Wyoming

by TheInveterates

"Seclusion, Good Food, Fantastic Location, Great Value - I have visited Grand Bahama several times during the past year, and once you've hung around Lucaya it frankly gets pretty old. Bishop's is a wonderful break from the expensive tedium of Big Hotel life in Freeport. You'll need a car or at least a scooter, as it is about 30 miles east of town on the main road. (Get a map). When you get to High Rock, look for the small sign on the right that says "Bishops" and turn right. (Don't be afraid to stop at a shop and ask for directions. People are very friendly and helpful.) If you get to the big oil tanks, turn around and go back about 3 miles and turn left into the settlement. At the shore, turn right and Bishops is all the way to the end of the road. Bishops has 7 rooms, each with two queen beds. Room # 1 is best.

>Clean tile floors, cable TV and WIFI (spotty) are standard, and a unique outdoor beachside gazebo is often frequented by locals and tourists alike. His food menu is limited but good, with cracked conch being a specialty. Lobster ($18 for a full dinner at this writing) is available in season, and even out of season if you give him notice. (Out of season will have been frozen in town.) Do not plan on eating late, as unless he has a crowd (defined as four or more), he will shut the restaurant down at about 6:30. The bar is open until the throng leaves, but you aren't here for the nightlife. The beach is absolutely beautiful - you can walk for about 4 miles before you see any development. It's usually deserted. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and the peacefulness. Take a few days off from the Lucaya bustle and come out to Bishops for a nice tropical and typical stay.

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