Monday, January 24, 2011

Dry dock collapses causing $5,000 of damage

FREEPORT - The dry dock at the Grand Bahama Shipyard collapsed early Saturday morning, resulting in the loss of equipment estimated at some $5,000.
The Tribune received reports that sometime around 5am, Dry Dock One had sunk into the water, however, a shipyard official said it did not sink.
The Tribune contacted Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes on Sunday, but he was not aware of the incident and said he would make some calls into it.
Rueben Byrd, senior vice-president of operations at the shipyard said that there was a trim problem and the dock fell and was partly submerged in the water.
Mr Byrd reported that there were no injuries. However, he said about $5,000 worth of equipment on the dock was damaged by the water.
He said the dock is not damaged.
"We had a trim problem and we are in the process of correcting it.
"The dock is stable and everything is fine," he said
"It did not sink, it was submerged a little bit at one end. The trim on the dock was not adjusted correctly and it fell down.
"We have corrected it and we are in process of bringing it back up slowly.
"The reason it is not up completely yet is because we are undocking and docking other vessels at this time and we don't have the personnel to deal with it," he said.
Mr Byrd said the shipyard is conducting an investigation into the incident.
The Grand Bahama Shipyard has three dry docks. The facility can handle some of the largest vessels in the world.
In 2001, the facility acquired its second dry dock - the largest in the Western Hemisphere - at a cost of a third dock was acquired towards the end of 2008.
The ship repair facility opened in 1999.

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