Monday, November 1, 2010

Freeport Players Guild hold Spooky Halloween treat

The Freeport News
Freeport, Grand Bahama- From spider webs, to witches; and from ghosts and ghouls, the backstage of Grand Bahamas's premiere theatrical venue was spookily transformed from the "Regency Theatre" to the "Theatre of Terror."

One of the major highlights of the evening was set backstage.
When guests arrived, they got a scary thrill in a dark hall filled with dimmed violet light.

Entering the room, evil screams and laugher was heard, followed by a surprise greeting from the "Wizig a ghost of quizzes" and mystery.

Continuing, out came the claws of a Werewolf, followed by more evil laughter.

Finally, when one would think it was all over, the voice behind the laughter was revealed as out running came a very angry bride from the dead.

 President of the Freeport Player's Guild, Angela Hackman explained the event.

She said that every year, the Guild tries to put on at least three socials and considering it was Halloween, she said that was the perfect event to put on for both members of the guild and the community.

Reaching out to the community, she encouraged persons to join and become a part of the Freeport Player's Guild.

"While the guild is for theatrical productions, I want to remind the public that joining the guild doesn't mean you have to perform, but there are many other areas in which you can get involved; including behind the scenes, bartending and the technical department. She also noted that there were many trained professionals that are a part of the guild who would be willing to train and work with persons in that area.

After a tasty appetizer of chips and dip, the tables were set on the stage (literally), and guests were treated to a delicious Halloween roast-beef dinner including a tender roast-beef, tossed salad, rolls, potato salad and coleslaw. After dinner, guests were then allowed to indulge to sweets including a mousse with rum cake, cupcakes and down-home Bahamian guava duff. The evening then continued with dancing to the latest 2010 jams as well and old tunes from the 80's.

The Freeport Player's Guild was founded in 1961 to give those in the community with a love for theater a platform to produce and present. Meetings are held every first Monday in the lobby of the Regency Theatre at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

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