Monday, August 23, 2010

Boats rescue 6 from plane that crashed off Bahamas


By The Bahamas Weekly News Team

The Bahamas - After experiencing engine trouble on a charter flight between Walker's Cay and Grand Bahama Island today, August 23rd, 2010, captain Fritz Cambridge made an emergency water landing into the shallows in the vicinity of Water Cay. 6 persons were on board including the skilled captain. BASRA, the defense force and local police were called in to assist..

BASRA's Colin Rose speaks to the police after the successful transport of the 6 passengers to Dover Sound, Grand Bahama. Photo: Derek Carroll

After the successful landing, some of the passengers stood out on the plane's wings until they were rescued some two and a half hours later. They were transported to Dover Sound where they were met by an emergency team and ambulance from the Rand Hospital and and were transferred there for examination. Mrs. Jennifer Bullard, who is pregnant and was accompanied by her three children Tamacio, Terranique, and Tania, suffered a gash on her head and was the only one hurt. A Mrs. Gibson was the only other passenger besides the pilot and the Bullard family.

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