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Ginn West End Foundation sponsors West End Youth at Sailing Camp

The campers were taught the protocol of sailing and the race rules, before their final race held on Friday. Photo: V.I.P. Services Ltd.

24 participants from the West End Eco-Fishing camp were selected to attend the sailing classes, which included 2 former Eco-Fishing campers from the Eight Mile Rock Boys Brigade. In order to accommodate this large group size, two separate training sessions had to be scheduled. The first session ran from July 12th – July 23rd and the second group of 11 West Enders will commence on July 26th and run until August 6th. The camp runs for a two week period, Monday to Friday, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 3:30 p.m each day. The curriculum includes the fundamentals of sailing, a different and most exciting sport activity.

The first thirteen children selected for the 1st session of the sailing camp were - Trevesia Rolle, Cameron Grant, Donta Taylor, Deandre Moxey, Jacob Garvey, Patriquo Hanna, Thomas Rolle, Kenneth Davis, Travontae Cooper, Travay Cooper, Travis Russell, Tyrell Lawrence and Brandon Simmons.

 The campers were able to take command of their sailboats, thus achieving a milestone victory! Photo: G.B. Sailing Club – Camp 2010

Two sailing instructors from Texas A&M Matthew McBride and Katie Bodolus, offered excellent instruction to the youth. They are members of their university sailing teams. Ms. Bodolus serves as the Women's Team Captain. Both McBride and Bodolus hold Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid certificates and have taught Opti sailing at Lakewood Yacht Club. They were assisted during the camp by three teenagers from Grand Bahama.
Hands-on sailing lessons were given in the Discovery Bay canal whereby participants’ abilities were tested. Activities assigned were based on observed abilities and designed to challenge the youth to become comfortable on their sailing vessel.

“Overall, 77 children will benefit from the sailing camp, 50 of which received sponsorships. Other participants won their spot by winning an essay competition stating ‘Why do I want to attend the sailing camp’?” stated Sarah Rolle, organizer of the camp and GB Sailing Club executive member.

Back row – In the back row are Sailing Assistants – Zari Rolle, Andrew Hindley, Tiffany Mucklow, Alex Ferguson. Third row - Chris Paine - G.B. Sailing Club, Jerreth Rolle – Ginn West End Foundation, Linda Barry-Cooper- West End Eco-Fishing Camp, Travay Cooper, Carol Moxey, Thomas Rolle, Keith Cooper –West End Eco-Fishing Camp, and Katie Bodolus and Matthew McBride - Sailing Instructors. Second row- Sarah Rolle – G.B. Sailing Club, Travis Russell (8 Mile Rock, Boys Brigade), Donta Taylor, Deandre Moxey-showing his 1st Place Award, Travontae Cooper First row -Kenneth Davis, Trevesia Rolle, Patriquo Hanna, and Cameron Grant Photo: V.I.P. Services Ltd.

When asked what they thought about the sailing camp, 12 year old Deandre Moxey stated, “ I think it is a great idea to help the West End children and find something different to do this summer. I have enjoyed the camp very much.”

Travis Russell who is 13 years old was eager to say, “The camp is fun; I have learnt plenty things about the water and have seen many animal life in the ocean from the boat. We have learnt all the parts of the boats and how to sail them”.

Trevesia Rolle, the youngest camper at age 8, went on to name and describe all of the parts of the laser boats. “This is exciting”, she said and with the smile on her face, you knew she meant it!
Camp ended Friday, July 23rd with a race, followed by a pizza party and then an awards ceremony, honouring the camp’s high achievers!

1st Place Optimus Regatta Winner was West End Camper Deandre Moxey.

In addition, he received the Sir Jack Hayward Sportsmanship Award---the highest Award received by any Camper

1 st Place Laser Winner was Tom Paine

2 nd Place Optimus Winner was Eric Nabb

2 nd Place Laser Winner was Max Paolini

3rd Place (Bronze) in Laser Competition was Thomas Rolle, Bonefish Foley's Grandson

3rd Place (Bronze) in Optimus Competition was Travontae Cooper, West End camper

The following is a Thank You Letter from Travis Russell of West End:

Name: Travis Russeli Date: 18th, July 2010 In Appreciation To The Ginn Company

Hi, My name is Travis Russell, and I'm one of the boys you sponsored to attend the G.B Sailing Camp.

The young sailors had full responsibility for the opti boats assigned to them, which included getting them ready for launching. Photo: V.I.P. Services Ltd. 

 I'm writing to express my gratitude that you have shown to us here in Grand Bahama and in particular The Boys Brigade

I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience about sailing over the past week that I can use to benefit me in my later years, and for this I am very grateful to you.

The first day I went to the G.B Sailing Camp I was really confused with everything about sailing but later that day they explained several things to us which began to make it clearer.

The second day we learned how to flip the boat back over once you've capsized and how to use the Bailer to take out any water in your sail boat. We also learned about Luffing and going into Irons, they're both mostly the same thing because both mean going directly into the wind. We also learned about ail the parts of a sail boat such as: The Rutter, The Tiller, Dagger Board, The Boom, The Main Sheet, Your Bailer, and many more.

The third day we were taught about the sails how to hook them up and how to assemble your own boat and were taught many more things. Later they let us go in the pool for the rest of the day.

The fourth day we were taught towing. Towing is when a boat carries another boat with one rope tied to each boat. Later that day they towed us out to sea to try and catch better wind for our sails but the current was too strong and I was pulling us back, and during that time we saw dolphins a little far off all we could have seen their heads just bursting out of the water.

The fifth day was the best of all. We went tubing, swimming and sailing. To me the tubing was the highlight of the day. Matthew (Instructor) was going really fast and the tube twisted and everyone fell off of the tube into the water that was exciting and really funny to watch.

And In Conclusion I Just Want To Say Thank You for What You've Done.

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