Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nassau stage production set for Regency Theatre

The 22-member cast of Virtue Dance Academy out of Nassau will take the Regency Theatre stage this Saturday, May 22, with two showings of the production "Diary of a Bitter Mother-In-Law."

Based on the biblical story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz, Diary is the latest instalment of the Academy's "Dance of the Scroll" series. Since the series' opening, two of its shows have graced the international stage in both New York and London.

This time around, choreographer, producer, and show writer Marilyn Deveaux has decided to preview the production closer to home.

"Everybody knows that Freeport has a very strong dance presence and a very strong dance industry and their artistry. Their technique is talked about in Nassau," she said of the decision to hold two performances of Diary in Grand Bahama.

In bringing the production to the Freeport stage, Deveaux said that, with this being the Academy's first visit, she hopes to impart a message of hope in a big way.

Noting that the character Naomi had suffered many losses — transitioning from "having it all" to losing her husband, sons and economic stability, yet still trusting in God — Deveaux believes the message is appropriate for Grand Bahamians during these dire economic times.

But this production is not only for those in need of uplifting, she quickly pointed out. Any lover of the dance should witness this "amazing" show, she said.

The theatrical production features the Virtue Dance Academy cast exploring this biblical tale through dialogue, music and various styles of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern.

"People think that when they come to a Christian production they're going to hear a bunch of choir-type/gospel songs, because that's normally the accompaniment for liturgical dance. Ours is different in that we are a Christian theatre group which means that we cover a wide array of music styles," she said. "There will not be one dull moment in this production."

While Deveaux says the group looks to impart and inspire, she added that they would be remiss to not seize an opportunity to also receive. Thus, the cast, who arrive on Friday, and will participate in masters class with local instructor Garret Seiler on Sunday.

Also, as many cast members have never visited Grand Bahama, the group will participate in island tours and other activities.

"Diary of a Bitter Mother-in-Law" will hit the stage on Saturday, May 22, at 3 p.m. and again at 8 p.m.

Deveaux advised that Grand Bahamians take advantage of group discounts that are available.

Recognizing that many community members are feeling the economic decline, she explained that any group of adults (five people or more) interested in seeing the production can telephone Tarah Storr at 687-2117 or 443-3232 on or before Friday to book their tickets and receive a $10 discount on the regular price.

Groups that do not book their tickets with Storr before Saturday will receive a $5 discount upon purchasing tickets at the door.

Other shows in the "Dance of the Scrolls" series include: "Beauty and the King," "The Seed of the Woman," "The Showdown at Mount Car-mel," and "The Prophet's Wife."

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