Thursday, April 22, 2010

Softball legends kick up a ‘lil dust’ in classic contest

SOME OF THE LEGENDS who played in the Celebrity Classic this past weekend, standing from left to right, Charlie, Churchill, Steve, ‘Muggy’, Leslie, Lorrie, Orville, Edney, Loretta, Suezette, Nell, Cash, and Reggie Dean. Kneeling left to right, Percy ‘Instigator’ Albury, Eugene Thompson, and Dennis Curry. Missing from the photo are Bernie Davis and Leona Roach.

Freeport, Grand Bahama- APRIL 21, 2010…What many thought would be an exhibition in ‘how not to play the game of softball’ turned into a clinic by the Legends of the sport as they showcased their waning talents in the Celebrity Classic this past weekend at the softball diamond of the Grand Bahama Sports Complex.

Yvonne Lockhart, coordinator of the event on behalf of the softball discipline of the Legacy Baseball/Softball Association said to the delight of the ecstatic fans the game featured players turning double plays, making great catches, and showing good hitting, forcing fans to asked for a rematch.

The Legends said they need a year’s notice before they do it again, said Ms. Lockhart. Reports are that the press is now issuing a challenge to the winning legends team.
EASY AS SUNDAY MORNING says Leslie Minus as she makes and out while playing third base in the Legends game. 

The Legends, led by ISF Hall of Famer Churchill Tener-Knowles and managed by Orville Saint demonstrated there ability to still compete with good defense and offense as they earned a lopsided win over the team led by Leona Roach. Legends featured in the game included:

* Former National Team infielder Nell Russell, still slick with the glove and deadly with her bat;
* Renowned infielders Suezette Basden, now coaching in Legacy’s Tee Ball Division, who is still smooth with the glove, and Margaret ‘Muggy’ Dames, whose aggressive infield plays, potent bat, and timely base running and slides to home plate brought the fans to their feet;
* Inspector Loretta Mackey, who showed that she can still patrol the outfield and make great catches;
* Percy ‘Instigator’ Albury’s prowess as a catcher of yesteryear was again on display as he controlled the home plate area nabbing runners attempting to score.
* Orville Saint looked impressive in his return to the playing centerfield where he showed that he still had it, as did Eugene Thompson, Leslie Minus, Lorrie Pratt, Edney Sherman, Dennis Curry, Charlie Johnson, and Steve Burrows.

Others participating were Charlie Bain, Reggie Dean, and Freddie Cash.
 KICKIN’ UP A LITTLE DUST. ISF Hall of Famer Churchill Tener-Knowles tries hitting from the left side and was able to kick-up a little dust during this time at bat.

“This event was designed to assist our softball youth programme,” said Ms. Lockhart, who noted that this summer some 20-24 players from the Legacy girls softball programme are expected to travel to a week long softball camp in Lakeland, Florida sponsored by Nike.

“We’re pleased that these softball legends took the time to come out and participate and at the same time assist the youngsters who will travel to the camp this summer,” she said.

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