Friday, March 26, 2010

West End Eco-Fishing Camp Association - Making a difference with the youth

Linda Barry-Cooper demonstrating CPR techniques along with Camper Shylock Edwards, age 14 yrs

WEST END, Grand Bahama – The West End Eco-Fishing Camp Association is pleased to announce that the Ginn West End Foundation is a major sponsor of the 2010 program. Now in its second year the association will be able to provide more equipment, fun activities and nutritious lunch at the end of each session held on Saturdays from 9A to 1P through May 29, 2010.

Comprised of a group of volunteers from the Royal Bahamas Police Force, West End community and friends from Freeport, and 8 Mile Rock they are dedicated to ensure that the camp is well run and the kids engage in learning practical lessons on a variety of ecological and ocean related subjects. Linda Barry-Cooper, Chairman of the camp noted, “With the support of the Ginn West End Foundation the children of West End can now experience camp life right in their neighborhood. One of our future goals is to have the top 10 outstanding campers visit Nassau and one of the Family Islands to learn more about the Bahamas diverse environment and tourism related business opportunities. We are grateful for their contributions and look forward to building on our relationship with Ginn.”

The 13 week camp is filled with a variety of activities – from classes on first aid and boating safety to swimming lessons and fly fishing instruction – there is never a dull moment during the sessions. Some of the camp volunteer instructors include First Responders, BASRA and environmental experts who provide an entry-level understanding of life changing courses for boys and girls ranging from ages 8 to 15.
The West End Eco-Fishing Camp volunteers work along side the Royal Bahamas Police Force who created this community program to provide alternative activities to steer kids away from crime. The running theme of the campers is “Esprit de Corp” or group spirit that encourages a team effort in each of the planned activities. Sergeant Terry Barry from the West End Police Station added, “There is a sense of pride in each child who attends the camp. A high spirited “SIR YES SIR!” cheer is required from the group when responding to specific questions that require an affirmative answer. Discipline, respect and honesty is a must and good behavior is constantly re-enforced.”

Janet Albury, Distribution Committee Member of the Ginn West End Foundation states, “This is a great program for the children of West End and we are delighted to make a contribution to the success of the efforts started by the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the community volunteers.”

A key element of the eco-fishing camp is to make certain the kids are tested about the information provided by the expert presenters and camp instructors. Having a way to measure what the children are learning is an important aspect of the requirements required for the kids to advance to the next level and become future camp leaders.

The West End Eco-Fishing Camp Association in conjunction with the Royal Bahamas Police Force is pleased to offer this unique ecology, fishing, boating and swimming program to members of the West Grand Bahama community. To learn more about the program visit us on FACEBOOK – just enter WEST END ECO FISHING CAMP in the search box.

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