Tuesday, December 22, 2009

They have the power!!! (and all my money!)

The Power company annoys me, The monopoloy they hold on this Island, is one till this day I'm still finding hard to reconcile, especially in the year 2009. I cannot say I have ever had a pleasent experience there, afterall who would smile after being robbed. But I digress, Here's an update on what The Grand Bahama Power Company are planning for the new year- incase you're interested- We are hoping that lower bills will be part of this schedule.

By Scott Armstrong ~ Guardian Business Editor
Freeport, Grand Bahama- Completing a "historic" $12 million contract and investing nearly $4 million promises an energetic start to 2010 for the Grand Bahama Power Company Limited, its new president and CEO has said.

In his first interview since moving to the island for his new post, Alan Kelley outlined a number of projects which were expected to come to fruition next year, enhancing the company's performance and making life better for its 19,500 customers

These included:

*Moving to the company's new $2 million headquarters in downtown Freeport in mid-February 2010.

*Completing the $1.8 million creation of a 69,000 volt transmission loop which will mean improved reliability for customers.

*Completion in the second quarter of 2010 of the $12 million contract to provide a new power supply to the $4.9 billion Ginn Sur Mer development.

*Exploring the feasibility of wind power with data to be examined next year.

Kelley said: "Essentially the plan for 2010 is more of what we have done in 2009, which has been to take what has been a substandard service and turn it into one that is reliable and of a high-quality.

"Our new $2 million headquarters serves a number of purposes. It will improve the efficiency of our product for the customers as all our services will be centralized in one location. This is not only beneficial from a business standpoint but in our efforts to become good corporate citizens, it was the right thing to do.

"We have taken what was an eyesore for the downtown area and transformed it into a something Freeport can be proud of."

That new headquarters is the transformation of the former Gulf Union Bank building after 15 years of sitting derelict in the heart of downtown Freeport, located on the corner of Pioneers Way and East Mall.

Space currently rented from The Grand Bahama Port Authority for the downtown payment centre and administrative offices in the Lucayan Building will be used to accommodate the consolidation of The Grand Bahama Port Authority.

Last November, Grand Bahama Power Company Limited and Ginn Sur Mer signed the historic $12 million dollar contract for the twenty two mile 69 kv transmission line.

The $4.9 billion Ginn resort includes 4,400 condominium and hotel units centered around an18 story icon tower, residential homes, bungalows and the western hemisphere's largest man made mega-yacht marina.

Kelley said: "We expect the Ginn line to be complete by the second quarter in the year, maybe as soon as April, and that will be a milestone for us. That has been a major undertaking and already the infrastructure for 1,000 new homes is in place, and it will provide for all the homes when the project is finished.

"That will also make life so much better for customers in the Eight Mile Rock constituency which will benefit from a more reliable service."

The new line has seen new tubular steel and spun fiberglass poles installed and built to withstand 150 mph hurricane strength winds.

The company has also entered into a partnership with Emera Inc. on a wind data project for the Grand Bahama Island. In all, important

data about wind energy will be collected from five sites, East EndMcleans Town; Dover Sound; GBPC Communications Tower at High Rock; GBPC Communications Tower at Holmes Rock and Freeport Container Port.

Some of the results from the 12 to 18 months project will be known next year, and the power company is also in discussions about turning methane gas emissions back into power.
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