Sunday, December 20, 2009


As a lot our readers may know, I'm always trying to post interesting events & openings here on our beautiful island of Grand Bahama- So When I got an email alert telling me a Fabulous new resort- NANDANA- had opened in The West End, I was pleased and a little surprised that I hadn't heard of it before. But never the less, in my eagerness to spread the word and possibly attract more visitors here, I posted it up.
However, I received an email from the House manager clarifing details about NANDANA.
Firstly Nandana is NOT a resort. It is a private house, A vacation villa. There is not a group of villas. Rather there are five bedrooms. In one big house. Secondly, the house is not yet open for rental to anyone, It currently is only being used by the owner.
The Manager has promised that "If and when the house becomes available for rental clients I will let you know." So People, stay tuned as hopefully we will have the scoop when it opens, as it looks to be a welcomed haven(heaven?) right here in Grand Bahama.
So please STOP CALLING because he says, "I have gotten a few calls from people asking about hotel reservations and I have had to explain to them, that Nandana is a private estate, not a hotel and that only one group of people can be here at a time. I also had to explain that we are not open for rentals yet.
Once again, to the folks at NANDANA, I have taken down the article so as not to lead more traffic to your site, And can't wait till it's open, the best of luck & Happy holidays!


  1. It is open ...for business

  2. check their website

  3. they are fraud ...Nandana Villa already with problem with immigration several time -Patrick salisbury the owner is always ready to break Bahamian laws ..

  4. nandana sits on one or two of the Old Bahama Bay Lots?

  5. whats your problem with salisbury? he rip you off?