Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shark Free Marinas - Old Bahama Bay Marina

I came across a post this morning on Shark Divers.blogspot which was a great read. I have some friends on the Island who are trying their best to get certain restaurants on the Island to stop serving Shark on their menus. Seeing as we just had a Coastal cleanup day, and we are encouraging everyone to keep our waters clean and free from debris & litter and free of Lionfish, I thought I'd repost this.

"The Old Bahama Bay Marina, located at the West End of Grand Bahama, originally signed on the campaign in March, but made it official on Sept 10, 2009.

Management wanted to wait for all the right people to be there for the hanging of the signs. Nathan Moody( Director of operations) , Jackie Carroll ( General manager) , Sharon Whymms ( Marina attendant) and Luther Ferguson ( Director of transportation) joined regional associates Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake in hanging 2 signs at the marina.

GM Jackie Carroll was very excited about the movement and anxious to learn more about what she can do to help these magnificent animals.

This marina is also the location where most diving operations clear customs before they head to Tiger Beach, so their joining the campaign is a huge victory for sharks and for shark diving.

Thanks to Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake for their terrific efforts in Bahamas. If you are interested in working as a Shark-Free Marina Regional Ambassador like them check out this page. -LT"

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  1. The Shark Free Marinas concept was born in the Bahamas after the sport take of two 14' pregnant Tigers.

    The animals were brought back to local marinas, gutter and de-jawed, all for some pictures and the jaws.

    We're proud to see forward thinking marinas in the Bahamas join the SFMI to help protect Bahamas sharks.

    All help is welcomed at