Friday, September 11, 2009

Garelle Hudson-Miss GB resigns

While organizers of the Miss Grand Bahama pageant remained tight-lipped yesterday on the reasons behind the resignation of title holder Garelle Hudson, they are expected to crown a new queen at the end of the week.

An invitation sent out to media houses yesterday indicated that Nikki Severe will be officially named the new Miss Grand Bahama during a press conference at the Garden of the Groves on Friday.

On Monday, Hudson revealed that she had stepped down as Miss Grand Bahama, due to differences with the organizers.

As of September 6th, 2009, I have officially relinquished my title as Miss Grand Bahama 2009/2010. The reasons for my withdrawal are many and varied and are by no means due to a lack of interest/commitment to my community and country. Those who knew of my relinquishment are aware that this is by no means an eternal retirement. It is of great importance that I stress that I was by no means “stripped” or “dethroned” as stated by other parties. There were several insurmountable differences between the committee and I in reference to management (or a lack thereof). I pledge to continue and to increase by involvement with the youth of Grand Bahama and the community at large.

My relinquishment will affect the following:
• I am no longer active on mailing lists or message forums relative to the Miss Grand Bahama Organization. However, my future events, pageants (nationally and internationally) and community involvements can be followed on Facebook by adding the “GARELLE ANTONETTE HUDSON” Page.
• I will no longer be able to make appearances under the title “Miss Grand Bahama”. However, I will always remain willing and available individually to make speeches, presentations and contributions to events, youth groups, clubs and organizations, church and school meetings and the like.

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