Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bahamian Olympic Snowboarder Korath Wright Visits Grand Bahama

In May 2009, The Bahamas weekly News team( Which I work for) had a media day with a young Bahamian Olympic Snowboarder- THAT'S RIGHT, Snowboarder. Kory is the FIRST Bahamian to ever compete in The winter Olympics taking place in 2010, in the snowboarding category.

Watch an overview of our blissful day with Korath Wright and his entourage as The Bahamas Weekly News Team took them on a tour Of Grand Bahama Island with the gracious assistance of Sky Bahamas, Pelican Bay Hotel & Brice Limo Service( 242 441 3268).

" Amidst a busy schedule, Bahamian snowboarder, Korath Wright, who will compete in the February 2010 Winter Olympics took some time back in his home country to meet with the media, share his story, and seek sponsorship to cover his training costs up to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada.

Korath is a Bahamian first! He is the first Bahamian to compete in a Winter Olympics, and definitely all eyes will be on him when he hits the halfpipe (his event) in hopes of a Gold medal for The Bahamas.

Korath was born in Nassau and moved to Canada at the age of one with his mother. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta. He took up snowboarding at a very young age.

Preparing for the Olympics is no easy task and much travel and expense is necessary. Businesses or persons interested in helping make history for The Bahamas by supporting Korath can contact him at

The above video and link to photo slideshow of Korath's recent trip in May 2009 to The Bahamas were produced by Alex Neun who often travels with Korath.

We thank also ZNS, COOL96, Love 97 & Tony Macaroni:)

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