Sunday, March 22, 2009

Port Lucaya

There's always a spot in every city or town that sparkles, that attracts tourists & locals alike. Somewhere that has live entertainment, stores, restaurants, bars and various activities. In Freeport this spot is Port Lucaya.
Port Lucaya is just a short half-day trip from South Florida for most motor-cruisers. A mere 70 miles from the Florida coast. For others that are visting via air or Cruise ship, Port Lucaya is located in the Lucaya area which is South East of Freeport. There is a Marina there for docking vessels.
During the day you can lounge at numerous bars like Rum Runners, The Corner Bar & Sparky's or head to Sabor Restaurant & Bar (which is a favorite of mine) for cool cocktails whilst listening to House music- Very South beach!
East Asian Restaurant is on the 1st floor of the Pusser building & serves up delicious Asian inspired treats like sushi, sashimi & other mouthwatering dishes.
Agave Latin restaurant & Shennanigans Irish Pub are on the western side of buildings & give vistors a wide range of culinary choices.
Look out for individual reviews of the restaurants in the following weeks.

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